BabyDan Flexi Fit Wood with Silver Fittings

The BabyDan Flexi Fit Gate is a screw fitted gate which can be mounted at an angle for when you don’t have fixing points directly opposite each other.

Product Code: BD-55012-5700-10



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  • Screw Fitted  
  • Fittings can be rotated 180 degrees to allow gate to be mounted diagonally if required                   
  • Wood Gate                        
  • Two Way Opening
  • Double Locking Mechanism
  • Irregular Space Compatibility
  • Self Expandable
  • Standard Width: 69-106.5 cm
  • The Flexi Fit gate complies with the new EN1930-2011 European Safety Standards

Product Codes:  101131



Screw Fitted: 

Screw Fitted Stair Gates should be fitted at the top of a flight of stairs and can also be fitted in other openings.  The main benefits of a screw fitted gate are that it doesn't have a bottom bar which can be a potential trip hazard.  Furthermore, a correctly installed screw fitted gate offers the peace of mind of being a more permanent fixture than a pressure fitted gate.  Screw fitted gates are fairly easy to install, but will require the use of a drill.  All fittings required are included with the gate, and a template is provided to ensure the fittings are fixed at the correct height.

Diagonal Mounting Option

The flexi fit gates are the only gates available in the UK which can be mounted with fittings which are not opposite each other.  The fittings can rotate 180 degrees and be pointed at each other from different positions (Same height) on a wall.  As long as the total distance between the fittings is within the parameters of the gate width, and there are no obstacles between the two points, the gate can be installed.

Two Way Opening:

This stair gate can be opened both towards you and away from you. 

Double Locking Mechanism:

For additional child safety, helping to prevent inquisitive toddlers opening the gate, this gate has the benefit of double locking mechanism.



Height of gate panel: 73cm plus fittings


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