Safetots Self Closing Gate White Standard 75cm - 82cm
Safetots Self Closing Gate White Standard 75cm - 82cm
Safetots Self Closing Gate White Standard 75cm - 82cm

Safetots Self Closing Gate White Standard 75cm - 82cm

The Safetots Self Closing Gate White Standard 75cm - 82cm is a pressure fitted gate with a self closing mechanism, allowing you the reassurance that the gate will always be closed and your child will not be able to reach anywhere dangerous.

Product Code: S-STSC01

Can be extended, please see below


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Use our Gate Finder to find the extensions you need

Enter the width of your space Measure from Skirting board to skirting board (if applicable), and also wall to wall. Enter lowest width in gate finder and make sure both widths fall in parameters of gate in results
Tick the box if you want to mount your stair gate against a rounded or angled bannister
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  • Pressure Fitted
  • White Metal
  • Self Closing - Gate closes slowly behind you
  • Two Way Opening (Widget on bottom bar can be adjusted to set gate opening towards or from user)
  • Irregular Space Compatibility
  • Compatible with Extensions (Extensions are sold separately)
  • Standard Width: 75cm - 82cm
  • Height: 75.5cm
  • Recommended maximum width with extensions: 161.2cm



Extension Guide:

Additional extensions can be added to this gate which will allow you to fit this gate in a wider space.


How to measure for your gate:

To ensure you buy the right gate and extension combination, you will need to take two measurements.


1. Floor level - Measure the space to be filled at floor level.

This may be wall to wall, skirting board to skirting board etc


2. Top of Gate - Measure the space to be filled 75cm above floor level.


Both of the measurements taken (Floor Level to Top of Gate), must fit within the same width range. Make sure you enter the narrowest width in the gate finder above and check that both your measurements fit within the width range given.


Extensions are available in the following sizes:

1 bar (7.2cm)

2 bar (14.4cm)

5 bar (36cm)

11 bar (79.2cm)


Width of opening                       No. of extensions required                                       

75cm - 82cm                               Standard Width

82.2cm - 89.2cm                          One 7.2cm extension required

89.4cm - 96.4cm                          One 14.4cm extension required

96.6cm - 103.6cm                        One 7.2cm and One 14.4cm extension required

103.8cm - 110.8cm                       Two 14.4cm extensions required

111cm - 118cm                            One 36cm extension required

118.2cm - 125.2cm                       One 7.2cm and One 36cm extension required

125.4cm - 132.4cm                       One 14.4cm and One 36cm extension required

132.6cm - 139.6cm                       One 7.2cm, One 14.4cm and One 36cm extension required

139.8cm - 146.8cm                        Two 14.4cm and One 36cm extensions required 

147cm - 154cm                             Two 36cm extensions required

154.2cm - 161.2cm                        One 79.2cm extension required



Pressure Fitted: Pressure fitting stair gates are very popular amongst parents. These safety gates are very easy to install. The spindles at the top and bottom of each side of the gate are twisted outwards until the fit is secured. Pressure fit gates offer the benefit of being portable, in that they can be easily moved between openings. Pressure fitting gates do come with wall cups which can be fixed by adhesive pads or screws to the wall or bannister and offer further peace of mind. For increased safety all manufacturers recommend the use of wall cups with their pressure fitting baby gates. Due to the potential trip hazard of the bottom bar which is required for pressure fit, pressure fitting safety gates must not be fitted at the top of the stairs.


Two Way Opening: This stair gate can be opened both towards you and away from you. The Safetots Self Closing has a widget on the bottom bar which can be set and changed to allow the gate to open either towards or away from you as required.


Self Closing: The Self Closing Gate will automatically close behind you as you walk through and locks itself. Therefore, there is no need to turn and close the gate yourself. Furthermore, this eliminates the danger of a gate left open.


Compatible with Extensions: Additional extensions can be added to this safety gate, which will enable to fit a wider space than the standard width shown. Please see Extension Guide or call Safetots on 01438 728 888 for more information.


Designed for children up to 24 months: All stair gates will be advertised to be suitable for children up to 24 months. This guidance should be monitored against your child's own development. Many people may continue to use stair gates well into children's third and even forth years. Often this is unavoidable with older siblings. However, Safetots advise constantly checking your own child's development as individual children's skills do develop at different ages.



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I actually bought this gate after a recommendation from a friend. The Safetots gate is easy to install and very strong when it is up. A good recommendation which I am happy to pass on to others. Great service too from Safetots. Id never heard of Safetots before but will use them again
Rating: 5
by: John Symonds
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