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The reason children need to be protected from the harmful effects of the sun is that a child’s skin is simply thinner the younger they are. A child’s skin only needs 10 minutes in strong sunlight to suffer potentially severe burns.  Recent research has discovered that skin cancer suffered by adults can be directly linked to regular sun burn experienced as a child. It is vitally important to keep all areas of your young child’s skin protected from the sun, both with specialised sun cream for children and UV protective clothing.


  • Whenever possible keep children out of direct sunlight. Protect them with natural shade such as trees, and specialised UV Tents and encourage them to wear hats, shirts and other UV protective clothing.
  • Pay special attention to usually forgotten areas, such as: ears, necks, and feet
  • Purchase sun cream specially designed for babies and toddlers. Adult sun cream will not be suitable and may be harmful to your child’s skin. Read the instructions of the sun cream bottle carefully, and reapply as instructed. .It is all too easy to think just because we have covered our children with sun cream on the beach that the walk back to the hotel will be fine. If in any doubt, reapply the cream!!
  • Pay special attention to your child as they are playing in water. Again reapply sun cream to all unexposed areas, even if it is water resistant. Make sure your child has special UV protective sun suits for playing in and around water.
  • Do not purchase novelty children’s sunglasses without checking they are compliant with the BS:EN 1836:2005 sunglasses standard. Your child’s eyes are incredibly vulnerable to bright sun light, and only specialised UV protective sun glasses should be worn

Product Recommendations:

  • UV Travel TentsAvailable in sizes from 0-2 years and from 2-5 years, the UV travel tents offer protection for your little ones to the equivalent of SPF50+. The tents pop up ready for use in seconds, and are easily folded away to be carrier in a simple holdall. Not only do they become a safe play place for your child, they are also ideal for nap time
  • Sun HatsBaby and Toddler sun hats should now all come with back and side flaps to protect your child’s ears and side of the neck which are particularly susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays
  • Baby and Toddler Sun creamSpecially designed to protect sensitive skin, whilst also containing less of the usual ingredients in adult sun cream which may irritate your child’s skin. Sun factor of 50+ and water resistant, it is essential to have ample supplies if holidaying in the sun.
  • UV Sun SuitsThe UV sun suits are designed to provide additional protection to your child’s upper body, shoulders, arms and thighs. They are made from light weight material and designed to dry quickly, so your child can comfortably keep them on all day when playing in and out of water or just the back garden.
  • Baby Banz SunglassesDesigned to fit children from 0-2 and from 2-5, the Baby Banz range is widely recognised as the leading manufacturer of children’s sunglasses. The UV400/category 3 polycarbonate lenses protect the child’s vulnerable eyes from harmful UV radiation, and the moulded polycarbonate frames ensure a secure yet comfortable fit on the child’s face.
  • Protector SocksDesigned to provide UV protection for the delicate skin on feet, the protector socks also serve the purpose of preventing your child scalding their feet on hot sand.
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