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Baby Humidifier

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Keep the air in your baby’s bedroom fresh, clear and healthy with an baby humidifier or an air purifier. Air humidifiers release natural levels of moisture into the air and help prevent babies and children from getting sore throats and dry nasal passages which can be caused by central heating.

‘Humidifiers’ are ideal for babies who suffer from congestion and a good air humidifier will work effectively in keeping a healthy level of moisture in the air and stop a young child’s skin from getting too dry. Air humidifiers are ideal for exthma suffers, where skin irritations can become problematic due to dry air conditions.

For asthma and hayfever suffers, air purifiers are a good investment as air purifiers do exactly as the description states, they purify the air, removing airborne contamination and impurities enabling your child to breath in air that is pure. Further action for keeping baby safe while they sleep, is to keep (where possible) their bedroom temperature to the recommended 18-20 degrees. Room thermometers are designed to indicate the temperature of a room enabling you to cool it down or heat it up where necessary. Nursery thermometers are ideal for keeping a close eye on the temperature of your childs bedroom. It’s advisable to keep a regular note of the room temperature where your baby sleeps to ensure your child does not become too hot or too cold.