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Breast Feeding


Deciding to breastfeed your newborn baby provides many benefits as well as assisting in creating a physical and emotional bond between a mother and baby.

Health benefits to breastfeeding includes providing the much needed vitamins and nutrients your baby requires as well as protection against chest and ear infections and diseases.  They also help reduce the risk of diarrhoea, vomiting and constipation.  It also helps with preventing future health problems such as developing obesity, type 2 diabetes and eczema.  There are also health benefits for mothers too such as lowering your risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer and naturally losing up to 500 calories a day.  

Breast milk is also readily available without having to measure formula, heating water and worrying about the correct temperature of the baby milk.  You will also save money by breastfeeding as you will not need to buy formula, sterilising equipment and bottles. 

It is recommended that mothers should breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months so babies can get the much needed vitamins and nutrients they require and then to start introducing foods alongside the breast milk afterwards.

Safetots provides a range of accessories from nursing pillows to breast pads to help mothers breastfeed comfortably and with ease.