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Feeding Pillows

  1. Little Chick London 4 in 1 Maternity Support Pillow, Bamboo
    The 4 in 1 Support Pillow gently supports the tummy, back and hips whilst you are sleeping on your side to help provide a better night's sleep. It can also be used to support the back when seated. The Support Pillow has a 100% bamboo removable cover which is naturally antibacterial whilst being soft, strong and durable. The fabric is naturally breathable and wicks moisture away. It is machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius and is quick drying. Continue to use the pillow long after baby is born as a support for breastfeeding. Learn More
  2. Little Chick London Spare Cover for 4 in 1 Support Pillow
    This Spare Cover is for use with the Little Chick London 4 in 1 Support Pillow. The cover is 100% bamboo which is naturally anti-bacterial, soft, strong and durable. The cover is machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius and quick drying. Learn More
  3. Clevamama ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Blue
    The Clevamama ClevaCushion 10 in 1 is the ultimate support pillow for baby. Made using ClevaFoam, the ClevaCushion is designed to support and provide comfort for baby and can be used in many different ways throughout the day. The ClevaCushion helps prevent flat head syndrome by reducing pressure on baby head by 50% and increases support by 80% during supine rest. The ClevaCushion can be used from maternity as back support for mum, a feeding pillow including a waist strap to feel secure during feeding time, a pillow for baby to enjoy tummy time, support in a car seat, pram, bouncer and in a highchair. Learn More

Maternity pillows that double up as nursing pillows provide ‘mum’ with additional comfort during pregnancy, particularly in the later stages, they also enable a mother to nurse her baby more comfortably upon baby’s arrival.

Thanks to the carefully crafted moon shape, a breastfeeding pillow allows a mother to effectively feed her baby while providing support and comfort. Other maternity pillows are specifically designed to support and mould to a pregnant tummy during sleep, helping mothers to sleep more soundly during the later stages of pregnancy. A maternity pillow can serve all kinds of functions to aid in the comfort of mother and baby pre and post pregnancy.