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Potty Training


Children are ready for toilet training at different ages but most parents start think about starting this between 18 to 24 months old.  Children are able to control their bladders and bowels when they are physically ready and when they want to be clean and dry though it takes children longer to learn to stay dry during the night.  You shouldn’t force your child to start toilet training as they can only learn when they are ready themselves but in time they won’t want to go to school with a nappy on and they will want to be clean and dry but it helps to encourage the behaviour.  If they have accidents, you should clean it up and try again but if it’s proving difficult your child may be having a tough time and it’s best to start again in a few weeks.  It is best to start toilet training over a period of time when there are no major disruptions or changes to your family routine.  It is also handy to do it over the summer because there are fewer clothes that need to be taken off and they dry much quicker.  Children learn to control their bowls quicker than their bladder but there are signs that your child is learning bladder control when they know they have a wet or dirty nappy, they start to know when they are passing urine and they may tell you about it or tell you in advance. 

We have a range of toilet trainer seats and potties with different features from standard, musical and portable.  We also stock step stools that can be used alongside the trainer seat and teaches your child to be independent by using the stool to sit up on the toilet and get back down by themselves.