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Non Spill Cups

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Spill proof drinking cups are designed for babies and toddlers to make the transition from a baby bottle to a ‘drinking cup’ easier and more manageable. Non spill cups have a surface tension that stops liquid from spilling even when the plastic cup is held upside down or being launched across the kitchen floor.

Sippy cups, cups with straws and beakers are popular first baby cups with many parents. A sippy cup has a firmly fitted lid that prevents drips from leaking and although the drinking spout may differ within various designs they all have one common feature in that they come complete with a surface tension mechanism. Cups for babies and cups for toddlers that are non-spill are available in all kinds of great shapes, designs and colours from some of the best names in baby products, from Tommee tippee, Munchkin, Oxt tot and Beaba.

Although sippy cups are a firm favourite with parents and their babies and many continue with a sippy cup from baby to toddler, some parents chose to progress to cups with lids and straws. Plastic cups with lids and straws are ideal for toddlers, they are easy to hold and provide an easy transition from bottle to cup. So when your baby is progressing from a bottle to a cup, and you are wondering ‘how do I wean my baby from the bottle’, choose from our carefully selected range of ‘cups’ designed for babies and toddlers, all selected to enable your child to move comfortably from a bottle to a cup with minimal upset and disruption.