BabyDan Configure Gate Door Section Black 72cm

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  • Brand: BabyDan
  • Compatible Gate: BabyDan Configure
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The BabyDan Configure Gate 72cm Door Section is ONLY compatible with the range of new BabyDan Configure Gates; Medium, Large, Extra Large and XXL and the BabyDan Flex Hearth Gates and BabyDan XXL Room Divider. This gate opening panel is designed to allow you to have an extra door opening and will add an additional 72cm onto the width of your gate. This extra gate panel can be fitted anywhere in your configuration and the fire surround will fit a variety of doorways, hearths and large living areas. Please note that the older Babydan panels of 60cm in width stopped being made in 2011. This panel is a NEW panel and will not be compatible with any of the older style panels.
72cm door section
Compatible with BabyDan Configure Gate
Compatible with BabyDan XXL Room Divider
Compatible with BabyDan Flex Hearth Gate
Compatible with BabyDan Park-a-Kid Play Pen
Compatible with BabyDan Park-a-Pet Pen
Can position extra-wide door panel anywhere for easy access
Wall Mounting Kit is required (sold separately) if creating own configuration