BabyDan MultiDan Gate Beechwood Gate 60.5cm - 102cm

60.50cm - 102.0cm
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  • Brand: BabyDan
  • Fitting Type: Screw
  • Height: Standard
  • Gate Material: Wood
  • Width Of Walkthrough: Full width of space
  • Height When Installed: 72cm
  • Depth Of Frame: 3cm
  • Width Between Bars: 6cm
  • Auto Close: No
  • Stay Open Technology: No
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The BabyDan MultiDan Wooden Gate allows you to prevent access to your child from potentially dangerous areas of your home. These versatile gates come in either white or black and will fit any gaps between 60.5 and 102cm. The gate arrives as two interlocking panels, which are connected at the desired width and then screw fitted into any wall or doorframe. These gates can be opened either way and operated with one hand, ensuring ease of use for parents. The robust screw fitting design is easily installed, but once in place makes a solid barrier which will withstand any impact from the most energetic of children. An additional advantage for the screw fitted gate is that the panels will swing open fully from the gate hinges without any trip bar on the base, allowing a full walk through area. The height of the panels is 68cm, however the gate comes with a template for ease of installation and when mounted in the correct position will be 72cm off the floor. The BabyDan Wooden Gate has undergone the most rigorous durability and impact testing. The gate has passed the EN1930:2011 Safety Standard, ensuring it is suitable for families with small children as well as pets.
Fits openings from 60.5cm to 102cm
Screw fitted beechwood gate with silver fittings
One-handed operation
Two way opening with double locking mechanism
Self-extending gate panels
Allow 80cm in height when fitting to bannister post to accommodate height of wall fittings
Height of gate 68cm and height of gate with wall fittings 80cm
Template for correct positioning of fittings provided
Complies to EN1930:2011 Safety Standards