BabyDan Premier True Pressure Fit Gate Silver 79.6cm - 86.5cm

79.60cm - 86.50cm
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  • Brand: BabyDan
  • Fitting Type: Pressure
  • Height: Standard
  • Gate Material: Metal
  • Width Of Walkthrough: 58cm
  • Height When Installed: 72cm
  • Depth Of Frame: 2cm
  • Width Between Bars: 5.5cm
  • Auto Close: No
  • Stay Open Technology: No
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The BabyDan Premier True Pressure Fit Gate Silver is from the BabyDan premier range of pressure fitted gates, which are the only true pressure fitted gates. The pressure is applied from the handle of the gate and therefore the gate does not require wall cups for installation.
Gate plus extension fit openings from 79.6cm to 86.5cm
Item includes 1x gate and 1x 6.5cm extension
Gate can also be used without extensions to fit openings from 73.5 to 79.6cm
Pressure fitted silver powder-coated steel gate
One-handed operation
Two way opening with double locking mechanism
Pressure Indicator ensures gate is installed correctly
Height of gate 72cm