BabyDan Travel Cot Extra Thick Deep Padded Mattress

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  • Brand: BabyDan
Babydans new travel cot mattress is extra thick yet still able to fold down to take with you on your travels. The mattress measures 120cm in length, 60cm in width and 5cm in depth, therefore is compatible with the BabyDan travel cot, and also a variety of other brand travel costs with measurements of 120cm L x 60cm W. With extra deep padding the babydan travel cot mattress is 5cm deep providing extra support for your baby ensuring a much more comfortable sleep time. The mattress folds down into its own carry case measuring 40cm x 60cm x 14cm making it idea for easy, lightweight transporting.
Super 5cm deep travel cot mattress for larger travel cots measuring 60cm x 120cm or regular cot size travel cots
The mattress is 5cm deep whilst still being able to fold down unlike other travel cot mattress options
Complies to all uk safety requirements
Wipe clean surface
Comes complete with its own personal carrier bag and folds down to 40cm x 60cm x 14cm
Fabric type: Polyester; Material composition: Polyester