BabyDan True Pressure Avantgarde Gate Silver Beech Range 71.3cm - 117.1cm

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  • Brand: BabyDan
  • Fitting Type: Pressure
  • Height: Standard
  • Gate Material: Wood, Metal
  • Max Width With Extensions: 117.1cm
  • Width Of Walkthrough: 55cm
  • Height When Installed: 72cm
  • Depth Of Frame: 2cm
  • Width Between Bars: 5.5cm
  • Auto Close: No
  • Stay Open Technology: No
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The BabyDan True Pressure Avantgarde Gate Silver Beech is a true pressure fitted gate, meaning the gate can be fitted without the use of wall cups, therefore no screws or adhesive strips required. The gate can be opened in either direction and adults can open it with one hand. The gate is FSC® certified (FSC-C130052). When you buy wooden safety gates that are FSC-labeled, it means that you contribute to ensuring proper conditions for all parties in the process from forest to safety gate. In other words, you are helping to ensure the consideration for plant and animal life and that no more trees are felled than the forest can handle. At the same time, it is ensured that all the people involved in tree felling, transport, and production of the wood are guaranteed a proper wage and good working conditions. The range of gates fits from 71.3cm to a maximum of 117.1cm. For all gates wider than the 71.3cm - 77.6cm, the gate will come with additional extensions which will be included in the packaging.
Gate can also be used without extensions to fit openings from 71.3 to 77.6cm
Pressure fitted beechwood gate with powder-coated steel frame
One-handed operation
Two way opening with double locking mechanism
Pressure Indicator ensures gate is installed correctly
Height of gate 72cm
The Gate Complies with EN 1930:2011 Safety Standards
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