Bettacare Advanced Retractable Pet Gate Black

40.00cm - 120.0cm
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Brand Bettacare
Fitting Type Screw
Height Standard
Gate Opening Direction Two Way
Gate Material Mesh
Max Width With Extensions N/A
Width Of Walkthrough Full width of space
Height When Installed 90cm
Depth Of Frame N/A
Width Between Bars N/A
Auto Close No
Fits openings up to 120cm
Screw fitted black mesh barrier with steel frame
One-handed operation
Retractable gate that fully retracts when not in use
No need to fully retract each time you walk through gate
Perfect for the top of stairs as there is no trip bar
*Gate must be 15cm away from top step if installing at the top of stairs
Fittings and Installation guide included for easy installation
Fit to inside walls, outside frames on doorways or diagonally
Height of gate 90cm
This stylish Bettacare Advanced Retractable Pet Gate features an advanced locking system that allows you to walk through the gate without retracting each time as well as being able to fully retract it to stay out of the way when not in use. This safety gate fits narrower as well as wider spaces up to 120cm and can be fitted anywhere in the home. Although the gate is recommended for indoor use, it is possible to also use it outdoors, however we recommend removing the gate from its fittings in periods of prolonged bad weather. The retractable feature makes this stair gate space efficient and the wall mounting brackets keeps this lightweight yet sturdy gate in place to stop pets from accessing unwanted areas. These gates fit between walls, interior or exterior door frames. This discreet look is perfect for those pet owners who dont fancy the traditional pet gate which could dominate your home. Bettacare recommends the use of pet deterrent spray on the mesh to avoid any chewing for those pets in training. With a height of 90cm this gate would deter your pet from attempting the high jump and getting into trouble. Customer feedback regarding this product has highlighted that as pets cannot look through the mesh fabric; unlike traditional stair gate bars; their pets are less inclined to attempt to jump over or against the barrier. Unlike most other pet gates, The Bettacare Advanced Retractable Gate has undergone the most rigorous durability and impact testing to ensure it will withstand the attention of the most spirited of pets. The gate has passed the EN1930:2011 Safety Standard, ensuring it is suitable for families with small children as well as pets.