Bettacare Extra Tall Pressure Installed Premium Dog Gate White 94.3cm - 101.9cm

94.30cm - 101.9cm
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Brand Bettacare
Fitting Type Pressure
Height Extra Tall
Gate Opening Direction Set To Either
Gate Material Metal
Max Width With Extensions 147.5cm
Width Of Walkthrough 47cm
Height When Installed 104cm
Depth Of Frame 1.5cm
Width Between Bars 6cm
Auto Close No
Gate plus extensions fit openings from 95.3cm to 102.9cm
Item includes 1x gate, 1x 6.4cm extension and 1x 12.9cm extension
Gate can also be used without extensions to fit openings from 75 to 83cm
Pressure fitted white powder-coated steel gate
One-handed operation
One way opening
Perfect for pets
Height of gate 104cm
Height of gate 104cm
The Bettacare Extra Tall Pet Gate is pressure fitted which can fit the measurements between 95.3cm - 102.9cm, which includes the gate plus a 6.4cm and 12.9cm extension. This white gate has a gloss finish which complements modern homes and modern day living. Unique features include the extra secure double locking mechanism, one handed operation and the additional height, perfect for keeping pets away from certain parts of the house. These gates can be set to open in the desired direction by simply adjusting the widget on the base bar. Once in place these gates make a solid barrier to prevent access to areas of your home from adventurous pups and will withstand the impact from even the most spirited of pets. This gate measures 104cm in height making it a perfect solution for pet owners.