Bettacare Foldaway Pet Gate Black 60cm - 125.5cm

60.00cm - 125.5cm
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Brand Bettacare
Fitting Type Screw
Height Extra Tall
Gate Opening Direction Set To Either
Gate Material Metal
Max Width With Extensions N/A
Width Of Walkthrough Full width of space
Height When Installed 94cm
Depth Of Frame 2cm
Width Between Bars 6cm
Auto Close No
Adjusts to fit openings between 60cm to 125.5cm for inside walls, or 60cm to 120cm if installed outside of openings
Height: 94cm
Can be opened from either side with option to fold back against wall
One handed opening and closing operation
Manual closing system
Screw fitted at 4 corner points, lower fittings designed to be installed above any skirting boards
Can fit diagonally and at multi angles
Easy storage and space saving
Passed EN1930:2011 Safety Standards
Unlike traditional Dog Gates, the Bettacare Foldaway Pet gate consists of two interlocking panels which move and rotates on wheels. This unique feature enables the gate to be fit at a variety of angles and opened from either side. The simple open and glide mechanism makes this gate extremely easy and safe to use. The Bettacare Foldaway Pet gate is a unique and versatile, space saving dog gate, designed to keep even the most adventurous of pets out of trouble. This is a multi- fit safety gate, designed to fit openings between 60cm and 125.5cm if used inside walls. The gate also benefits from fittings which can be used on the outside of walls to fit openings of 60cm to 120cm. The Foldaway gate is perfect for wider spaces such as hallways and landings. At its smallest size the foldaway gate will be angled, at its largest the gate will be straight, the size of your space will determine the amount of angling required. The gate can be fit diagonally and at multi angles. This foldaway pet gate benefits from many exceptional features, most conventional puppy gates lack. In addition to the smooth operation of the glide on wheels feature, the versatile design of this gate enables you to open and close the gate at both sides as well as fold the gate back flat against the wall on each side leaving a neat open space when the gate is not required to be in use. The Foldaway gate can be opened simultaneously on both sides to simply remove and store, ideal if you only need the pet barrier installed for temporary periods. When installed the gate measures 94cm in height, ideal to deter even the most adventurous of dogs. Hinged at 4 points, the gate simply lifts into the wall mounted hinged points (to close) and a press and lift one handed operation enables the gate to be opened. The gate is designed to be installed easily, with the lower fittings conveniently positioned to be installed above any skirting boards. The ability to open the gate at either hinged end provides for easy access and flexibility. The space saving foldaway feature allows for puppy gate to neatly fully fold open at either side as desired, with both panels neatly folded to create a clear and safe walkthrough. Unlike most other dog gates on the market, the Bettacare Foldaway Pet gate has passed the EN1930:2011 Safety Testing which ensures it will not become dislodged even under extreme impact.