Bettacare Wide Walkthrough Wooden Gate 75.4cm - 82.6cm

75.40cm - 82.60cm
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Brand Bettacare
Fitting Type Pressure
Height Standard
Gate Opening Direction Two Way
Gate Material Wood
Max Width With Extensions 95.6cm
Width Of Walkthrough 59cm
Height When Installed 72cm
Depth Of Frame 2cm
Width Between Bars 6cm
Auto Close No
Gate plus extension fit openings from 75.4cm to 82.6cm
Item includes 1x gate and 1x 6.5cm extension
Gate can also be used without extensions to fit openings from 69.1 to 75.8cm
Pressure fitted natural wooden gate
One-handed operation
Two way opening with double locking mechanism
Pressure Indicator ensures gate is installed correctly
L-shaped frame for a wider walkthrough section
Gate must be installed with wall cups included
Height of gate 72cm
The Bettacare Wide Walkthrough Wooden Pet Gate is pressure fitting gate that is specially designed so that most of the frame is the door due to the L shaped frame, making the most of a limited space. The gate features a double locking system and two way opening as well as self testing pressure indicator to let you know when the gate is mounted correctly. This listing includes all extension options to fit a maximum width of 82.6cm.