Bottom of Stairs Flex Panel 33cm White

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  • Brand: Safetots
  • Compatible Gate: Safetots Bottom Of Stairs
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The bottom of the stair's make your own configuration metal panels have been designed to provide optimum quality, versatility and safety. This configuration would be an ideal solution for the bottom of stairs where you have an unusual shaped banister rail or curved stair cases. The range is available in black or white powder coated steel. The gate opening panel for the configuration measures 72cm in width. Additional metal extension panels can be added and are available in 20cm, 33cm, 46cm and 72cm. A wall mounting kit is required to install the configuration and this will provide an additional 5cm to the configuration from both fitting points. Each panel can be angled as required, allowing maximum flexibility in installation. Each panel; including the door opening panel; can be added anywhere in the configuration. The wall mounting kit measures 44cm in height, and can be installed at any height from the floor upto the top of the connecting panel which is 72cm in height.
Adds 33cm to the width of the Configuration
Each panel can be angled as required to make custom fit stair gate configurations
Easy to install with easy release fittings to ensure panels can be easily added and removed
The wall mounting adds an additional 5cm to both side panels
Comes in both black and white steel panels to compliment all home interiors
Additional extensions are available in 20cm, 33cm, 46cm, and 72cm to fit wider widths if required
Extra Wide Door Section for Easy Access to the stairs, with simple slide and lift opening mechanism
Height of panels is 72cm.
Configuration complies to EN1930:2011 Safety Standards
A minimum of one angle must be created in the configuration