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At Safetots, we stock a wide range of BabyDan products including a leading range of BabyDan Stair Gates, BabyDan Bed Guards, BabyDan Fire Guards, High Chairs and many other home safety essentials including cooker guards and BabyDan window and door locks to help you keep your children protected from hazards in the home.

BabyDan is a Danish company that has been in operation for over 60 years. They specialise in helping parents create a safe environment in and around the home for young children between the ages of 0-5. BabyDan are a world leader in child safety and have achieved recognition with various prizes and awards for their products both nationally and internationally.

The company is committed to providing superior safety solutions and a great amount of care and attention to detail is placed in BabyDan’s product development down to the choice of materials used and even the shape of their products. Their careful approach to health and safety has been coined ‘Eyes for Safety’ and is a method that has one goal – to ensure your little ones can get around safely and securely both inside and outside the home.

BabyDan is known for its considered approach when developing safety products such as safety gates and play pens and have a wide range suitable for various points in the home including stairways and wide door frames with both screw fitted and pressure fitted gates available.

BabyDan is ISO 14001 environmentally certified and is a member of the Global Safety Cooperation.