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BabyDan Home Safety Range

  1. BabyDan Adhesive Cupboard and Drawer Lock
    The BabyDan Adhesive Cupboard and Drawer Lock helps to prevent your child from opening cupboards or drawers Learn More
  2. BabyDan Magnetic Drawer and Cupboard Lock
    The BabyDan Adhesive Magnetic Drawer Lock helps to ensure that your child cannot access open your drawers. This item is for the lock only, and does NOT include the key. Learn More
  3. BabyDan Sliding Door Lock
    The BabyDan Sliding Door Lock locks automatically when closing doors and keeps sliding doors closed. The lock is easy to switch on and off by an adult if needed. Learn More
  4. BabyDan Anti Tip TV Strap
    Helps to prevent flat screen televisions from tipping over. Easy and versatile installation. Offers the flexibility of securing a TV to a wall or furniture. Learn More
  5. BabyDan Corner Cushion Shells Clear
    BabyDan Corner Cushions come in packs of 4 and will protect your child from sharp corners Learn More
  6. BabyDan Key Guard
    The BabyDan Key Guard prevents children from unlocking doors or locking themselves inside a room. The key guard can be used with most types of cylinder and household keys and is designed to not draw attention, suiting any home. Learn More
  7. BabyDan Double Cabinet Lock
    The BabyDan Double Cabinet Lock secures the handles of two adjacent cabinet doors to restrict your child gaining access to the cabinets Learn More
  8. BabyDan Multi Type Window Lock
    The BabyDan Multi Type Window Lock fits all types of window and will restrict the space the window can open to prevent accidents whilst still providing ventilation. It is a specially designed window lock to fit window frames of different materials Learn More
  9. BabyDan On Off Appliance Lock
    The BabyDan On-Off Appliance Lock is a top of the range child safety lock designed for all types of kitchen appliances, including ovens. Learn More
  10. BabyDan Under Door Stop
    The BabyDan Under Door Stop helps to secure doors so that they remain open in a safe position. With an open halfway and easy to release mechanism it allows the door to be safely positioned without slamming back on children. Learn More