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BabyDan Sheepskin

  1. BabyDan Lambskin Rug
    This lambskin rug is cosy, soft and durable, designed especially for the safety and comfort of babies as they sleep, rest or play. Made from real lambskin, this rug is ideal all year round as it is designed to keep baby warm in winter and cool in the Learn More
  2. BabyDan Lambskin for Stroller
    The Lambskin by BabyDan is of the highest quality. The Lambskin originates from Argentina and is carefully cleaned and prepared to the highest standards to meet BabyDan's stringent environmental ISO14001 requirements. No harmful chemicals are used during the process leaving a completely natural product. The Lambskin Liner will provide many years of use and will keep the baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Learn More