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Dreambaby Baby Care Range

  1. Dreambaby Medicine Set
    This Dreambaby Medicine Set allows parents to administer medicine to baby easily. The medicine set comes complete with a medicine dropper, medicine syringe and a medicine spoon. The medicine dropper and syringe allows you to measure out the exact dosage of medicine needed for baby and the medicine spoon has a wide pouring neck to administer medicine easier. Learn More
  2. Dreambaby Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush
    The Dreambaby Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush Slips onto adults finger and is designed for cleaning mouth cavity, gums, tooth rim and baby teeth. The Dreambaby Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush can also be used to massage and soothe gums during teething. Learn More
  3. Dreambaby Baby Safety Scissors
    These baby safety scissors by Dreambaby helps make trimming babys nails easier and safer. The end of the scissors have been rounded to ensure nails are cut safely and the ergonomic handles provides parents with comfort whilst cutting babys nails. Learn More
  4. Dreambaby Medicine Syringe
    Administering medicine to baby is easy with the Dreambaby Medicine Syringe. The syringe holds up to 1 teaspoon of medicine and with clear dosage markings on the side of the syringe, you can give baby the exact measurement of medicine needed. Learn More