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Dreambaby Bathroom Range

  1. Dreambaby Bath Mat
    The Dreambaby Bath Mat helps prevent accidental slips and falls in the tub, while making bath time easier. This product is suitable for use in a regular bath tub, baby bath or shower. Learn More
  2. Dreambaby Pelican Bathtub Play Pouch
    Dreambaby Peli's Play Pouch is an adorable tub toy storage solution. This organizer makes toy pick-up fun! This fits over the side of the tub to stay put. Learn More
  3. Dreambaby Potty Seat With Handles Animal Print

    This comfortable, padded potty seat is just the right size for children and perfect for making the transition to the toilet.� With easy to grip handles and removeable, easy to clean cushion and splash guard to limit mess, makes toilet transition easier. Fits most toilet seats and has animal design for fun.

    Learn More
  4. Dreambaby Non-Slip Suction Mini Bath Mats Pack of 6
    These textured mini bath mats by Dreambaby stick to the base of your bath and prevents baby or toddler from slipping or falling during bath time. Suitable for use in a regular bath, baby bath tub or shower, making baby bathing easier and worry-free for both parents and baby. Learn More
  5. Dreambaby Anti-Slip Bath Mats Pack of 10
    The Dreambaby Anti-Slip Bath Mats come in a range of fun and colourful sea animals to ensure no slips or falls at bath time. Each bath mat has an anti-slip adhesive texture to prevent baby from slipping in the tub. Each mat can be placed on the base of the bath or shower with the strong adhesion as well as being easily removed once no longer needed. The anti-slip bath mats come in cute sea animal shapes so baby can have fun during bath time. Learn More
  6. Dreambaby Anti-Slip Translucent Bath Tub Strips Pack of 14
    The Dreambaby Anti-Slip Translucent Bath Tub Strips Pack of 14 helps prevent accidental slips and falls in the tub. Learn More