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Dreambaby Home Safety

  1. Dreambaby EZY Check Multi Latch
    The Dreambaby� EZY-Check� Multi Use Latch is designed to make home safety simpler than ever, with a quick glance, the indicator tells you if the lock or latch is locked or disengaged. The latches are adjustable as well as flexible with a length of 21cm. This latch is suitable for use on gloss and laminated furniture, toilets, mirror cabinets, varnished wood, timber veneer, metal cabinets, refrigerators, freezers and many more. Learn More
  2. Dreambaby Appliance Latch
    This Velcro appliance latch prevents exploring children opening cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. This external safety latch is easily installed with adhesive and has a simple pull system to open latch. Apply the latch high enough so your baby or toddler cannot reach it. Learn More
  3. Dreambaby Cord Shortener
    The Dreambaby Cord Shortener keeps long dangling electrical cords from household appliances out of reach from children. With an easy twist system to wind the cord into the cord shortener, it prevents the risk of electric shock and strangulation to your child. Learn More
  4. Dreambaby Secure-A-Lock
    The Secure-A-Lock by Dreambaby is perfect to fit round mushroom shaped door knobs or D-shaped handles on cupboards or drawers that you dont want prying little hands entering. The two button press mechanism will allow parents to easily open cupboards but make it difficult for children to. Learn More
  5. Dreambaby Adjustable Strap Latch
    The Dreambaby Adjustable Strap Latch keeps appliances in your home secure from exploring children. With easy installation and no need for screws or tools and a heavy-duty buckle, it is suitable for gloss & laminated furniture, glass & mirror cabinets, varnished wood and refrigerators. Learn More
  6. Dreambaby Stove Top Guard
    Dreambaby Stove Top Guard puts a barrier between children and stove top dangers. Made from sturdy, heat-resistant plastic, this guard can protect your children from spills and spits from the stove. It is easily installed with adhesive tape and can be adjusted between 50.5cm ? 96cm (20in ? 38in). Learn More
  7. Dreambaby EZY-Check Multi Use Latch
    The Dreambaby EZY-Check Multi Use Latch is great to keep furniture, cabinets, appliances and even toilets closed to stop those inquisitive children getting hurt. The EZY-Check indicates if the latch is locked or unlocked and is adjustable and flexible to fit laminated, wood or metal furniture. Learn More
  8. Dreambaby Static Cling Safety Decals
    These transparent safety decals by Dreambaby are great to stick on closed sliding glass doors or windows to stop children from running into them, therefore preventing injury. These decals come in six strips and are visible from both sides of the door, helping children realise the doors are closed. Learn More
  9. Dreambaby Pop-Up Children Playing Warning Sign
    This pop-up warning sign increases drivers awareness of children playing in the garden or street, creating a safer environment for children to play in. This brightly coloured pop up sign easily unfolds and pops up in seconds and can be used in driveways, gardens or play areas. Learn More
  10. Dreambaby Adhesive Mag Lock Key
    The Dreambaby Adhesive Mag Lock Key is compatible with the Adhesive Mag Lock. The Mag Lock allows you to open secure drawers and cabinets around the home. When the locks have been activated, keep the mag key in a safe place and out of reach from children, stopping them from opening off-limit drawers. Learn More