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The Safetots brand of safety products are designed and produced to make young children as safe as possible. “We are obsessed with Safety. When we are selecting a safety product to be included in our range, our sole focus is safety. First, we must be satisfied the product meets our own safety criteria and has passed all relevant British and European Safety standards. Then and only then do we consider the other design elements. We fully understand parent’s needs in relation to child and baby proofing. Parent’s do not want their home to suddenly look like a prison, and all toddlers need the freedom to be able to explore to learn. With that in mind, we further ensure our products can match the interior of a modern home, as well as being practical; often hidden; solutions to potential danger.”

Safetots is a family ran business dedicated to providing a high-quality, consumer focussed shopping destination for the leading brands in baby and child safety products such as stair gates, bed rails and fire guards. All Safetots staff have been rigorously trained and have in-depth knowledge of all products and our customer services team are available 5 days a week to offer expert knowledge and advice on all things child safety. “Our staff are specifically trained to listen to our customers. It may sound simple; however, we believe it is the key to outstanding customer service. We understand that not many parents have prepared themselves to baby-proof their homes. We are more than happy to take the time to guide people through the process.”

Safetots are widely seen in the Baby Industry as the leading brand of Baby Safety products and the brand has grown so rapidly with overwhelming popularity, that Safetots have now expanded across several retail platforms both in the UK and abroad.