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Safetots Bathing

  1. Safetots Waterproof Anti Slip Bath Strips
    The Safetots Waterproof Anti Slip Bath Strips can be used in bath tubs and showers to prevent slipping. The strips are transparent and water resistant, making them also perfect for other parts of the house. The tape comes in one length of 225cm and should be cut down to desired length. Learn More
  2. Safetots Large Anti-Slip Bath Mat
    This large anti-slip rubber bath mat is great to place in the bath or shower to prevent any accidental slips. The underside of the bathmat has lots of safety sucker pads so it firmly and securely stays in place and has a textured surface to help stop your little one from slipping over. Learn More
  3. Safetots Princess and Pony Supabath
    The Safetots Supabath is designed to fit securely on to the top of your own full-sized bath giving you full access to washing baby at a comfortable height and with ease. The contoured shape offers optimum support for baby and will fit most standard sized European baths. Featuring two holding trays for soap and mitt and comes with an integral plug to easily drain bath water without tipping or lifting. Designed with a contrasting pink outer shell and cute princess and pony print on the underside, it is a unique and great bath for baby bath time! Learn More
  4. Safetots Princess and Pony Baby Bath with Pink Removable Support
    The Safetots Baby Bath gives baby full support and makes bath time more enjoyable for both parent and baby. The removable support is designed to make newborn babies comfortable when being bathed and when the support is removed it provides additional space for playtime as baby grows. Featuring a pebbled non-slip groove interior, sturdy base and integral plug to easily drain water without tipping or lifting. The support is designed in a contrasting pink colour and comes with a cute princess and pony print on the side. Learn More