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Innovative Ideas

  1. BabyDan Travel Cot Black
    The BabyDan Travel Cot provides a comfortable place for baby to rest, sleep and play at home or for those trips away. This stylish yet practical travel cot features padded bumper rails and a padded mattress for complete protection and is designed to be assembled and dismantled in a few simple steps. The two large mesh windows allow you to keep an eye on baby at all times with a handy storage pocket on the front to store those baby essentials, plus the two lockable wheels are for easy transportation and security. Learn More
  2. KidKusion Clearly Safe Door Stop
    This KidKusion Clearly Safe Door Stop is made from non-toxic material, is also latex free, BPA Free and non-phthalate. Simply place the wedge (toes first) under the door to hold it open. A great little door stop designed for professional and home use. Learn More
  3. Bettacare Gate with Lockable Cat Flap
    The Bettacare Pet Safety Gate with Lockable Cat Flap is ideal for pet owners. At 104cm in height it is an ideal solution to restict pets access to areas of your home. This gate has not been safety tested for use with children. Learn More
  4. Dreambaby Blind Cord Wraps Transparent Pack of 4
    The Dreambaby Blind Cord Wraps Transparent Pack of 4 helps to keep harmful lengths of cords out of reach of children to avoid strangulation and other injuries. Learn More
  5. Clippasafe Oven and Stove Knob Guards
    The Clippasafe Oven and Stove Knob Guards help to prevent your child from accessing the knobs on the appliances, which can be dangerous. Learn More
  6. Dreambaby Swivel Light Auto-Sensor

    Dreambaby Auto-Sensor Swivel Night Lights automatically turn on in the dark and off in the light. The 360 rotating swivel head means you can cast a soft light in any direction you like making them ideal for the nursery, bedroom or stairways or anywhere else.

    Learn More
  7. InHealth Dual Mode Infrared Thermometer
    A multi-tasking medical thermometer designed to accurately and quickly detect the body temperature using infrared technology via the forehead and the ear. The Dual-Mode Thermometer provides two temperature modes, �C and �F. Learn More
  8. Baby Rescue Emergency Rapid Evacuation Device
    Half of children killed in fires are under age 5. Designed by two firefighters, Baby Rescue is a bag with a tether created to give your young child a better chance of surviving a fire in a building with multiple stories. Currently people trapped by a fire in buildings with multiple floors have no easy way to get their young children to safety. And because of smoke and heat, parents are all too often forced to make horrifying decisions. Baby Rescue allows you to get your kids out of the window and lower them down outside the building to safety. The bag itself folds up into a small pouch for easy storage and is made of flame retardant ballistic nylon and PVC coated netting to allow for a free flow of fresh air. The nylon draw string (made with reflective thread) closes the bag in a way that prevents the child from opening it up from the inside. Recommended for children up to 75 pounds, tested up to 150 pounds. Maximum use height: 5 stories. You wouldn't go without a smoke detector, car seat or fire extinguisher. Don't be without Baby Rescue. Learn More