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KiddieRail Adjustable Toddler Handrail

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  • Brand: Cardea Solutions

Introducing KiddieRail, the award-winning solution designed to enhance safety and provide peace of mind for both children and parents. This adjustable handrail is fitted below a standard handrail at a height specifically tailored for young children. From the moment your little one takes their first steps to the age of 5, KiddieRail ensures safety and security when navigating stairs, meaning parents and childminders can rest easy. KiddieRail goes beyond safety, it serves as a valuable training aid, teaching children the importance of stair usage from an early age. With a handrail positioned at a natural height, children can develop proper stair-handling skills under parental guidance. Installation is straightforward, and its exceptional durability means we offer a complimentary 2-year warranty. It is available in 3 different configurations. Prioritize the safety and development of your child with KiddieRail, the trusted choice for adjustable handrails. Experience the award-winning solution that brings security, ease of use, and peace of mind to your stairway.

Award-Winning Safety: Introducing KiddieRail, an adjustable handrail enhancing child safety and parental peace of mind.
Tailored Height: Positioned below standard handrails, KiddieRail is designed for children aged 1 to 5 for secure stair navigation.
Early Training Aid: Beyond safety, KiddieRail teaches stair usage, fostering proper skills under parental guidance.
Simple Installation: Easy setup with exceptional durability and a complimentary 2-year warranty.
Versatile Options: Available in 3 configurations, KiddieRail prioritizes child safety and development, providing security and ease of use.
The product includes KiddieRail components, a Spirit Level, and a 4-meter length of String.
12 months manufacturer�s warranty.