Korbell Plus Nappy Bin 26L

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Brand Korbell
Clean and simple design converts to traditional bin.
Height: 52cm.
Holds up to 30 nappies.
Childproof bag cutter and childproof trap door.
Odour free double sealing system for max odour protection.
Hygienic hands-free.
Eco-friendly bio-degradable liners.
Easy to operate hands free pedal.
Economic - Liners last longer.
Odour free double sealing system for max odour protection.
The Korbell Nappy Disposal system is an indispensable item for your nursery. Once you have one of these you will wonder how on earth you managed without it. The hands free step and drop system with the childproof trap door ensures the best possible hygiene standards in your home, but also has the additional benefit of being odour free. Emptying the bin is easy. When the bin is full you simply open the door, pull the bag out and cut the full bag on child-proof bag cutter, dispose of the contents and then tie a knot at the bottom of the liner to create a new bag and close the door. This way the nappy bin liners are very economical to use as there is no waste. As a bonus it comes with the first refill already installed. This unique bin can be converted into a standard pedal bin once your child has grown out of nappies. With its sleek look, it will never look out of place in your home