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UV Tents

  1. Safetots Kids Sun Shelter - UV Protection Beach and Garden Tent
    The Safetots childrens sun shelter has been specifically designed to not compromise on quality, whilst offering all the features requested by our customers. The tent can be erected and dismantled easily, without any danger of bent or distorted poles in the dismantling process. The tent incorporates strong bindings and durable glass fibre poles to ensure stability when raised. The tent has an UPF factor of 30, suitable for protecting younger children from ultraviolet rays. This spacious shelter offers 210cm of width, 115cm height and 115cm depth, to ensure space for all the family. The shelter comes complete with a handy storage bag, measuring a tiny: 55cm in length, 14cm width and 5cm depth when packed, ideal for easily packing away in a suitcase for foreign travel. This tent is durable and robust when mounted and comes with ground pegs and built in pockets for filling with sand on the beach, enabling the tent to be extra secure when mounted in windy weather. Learn More

To keep your tot safe from over-exposure to the sun, a UV tent is the ideal safety product. For use in the garden or at the beach, a baby UV tent is quick to assemble and easily stored. Pop up UV tents offer the perfect portability when you need a UV beach tent.