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Holiday Changing



Baby changing whilst you are away on holiday or simply out and about is made easier with Safetots.  Whether you are potty training your toddler or in the early stages of ‘nappies’ we have travel change mats, travel potties and other essentials for making ‘baby changing’ easier when you are away from home.


No parent in the throes of ‘potty training’ should ever leave the house without a portable potty or travel potty, they provide the ultimate security should your toddler need the toilet at a moments’ notice, and for parents with younger babies a changing mat that you can fold up and pop in your bag easily is an essential baby changing item for any new mum on the move. 


Baby changing on holiday has never been so simple, with such a great choice in products that make travelling with babies easier and more comfortable. Holidays with babies are no longer quite the effort they once were. With so many baby items now designed specifically for active families, today we can venture on holiday with a much lighter suitcase thanks to such a  great range of travel baby mats, travel potties and other baby travel items made compact and portable available to us today.