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Top Child Safety Products To Take On Holiday



Holidays are an exciting for families, a time to escape the daily routine, experience new countries and new places and a time for spending quality time together, it’s also a time for parents to ensure the ultimate safety of their children particularly when travelling to hotter climates or unfamiliar environments.


Venturing on holiday can create an air of excitement and a feeling of freedom and a parents’ guard can quickly be let down.  Whist it’s only natural to relax the minute that seat belts on and the cars fully packed as you prepare to set off on holiday, its important not to forget those simple, basic steps you can take in the lead up to your holiday and during your holiday to ensure your child’s safety.


Whilst it’s unlikely your child will come to any harm during your time away, accidents and incidents are more likely to happen in the hot sun, in swimming pools, on balconies and in rooms that are not child friendly.


By following a few simple steps and packing a few basic items, your holiday can be fun and more relaxing in the comfort of knowing your children are safe.




Before you leave for your summer holiday, consider packing a few basic items:




  1. Medical first aid kit – Be prepared at all times for minor injuries whilst out and about with a medical first aid kit, complete with every parents essentials, antiseptic wipes and creams and an abundance of plasters.  
  2. Beach tents – Ideal for keeping kids shaded from the hot sun during peak hours. UV beach tents provide instant shade on the beach, park or perfect for popping up in the garden.
  3. UV swimwear UV swim suits keep babies and children fully protected from the suns harmful rays.  UV suits prevent the need for applying and re-applying sun screen frequently and enable families to relax in the sun knowing their children are playing safely.
  4. Sun screen – The ultimate in skin protection for the whole family.  Sunscreen should be applied frequently to all parts of the body exposed to the sun.  Keeping skin protected can prevent numerous harmful, sometimes deadly skin conditions.
  5. ID Bands – Pack ID bands for your children to wear.  Simple, comfortable wrist straps that enable you to add contact details should your child become lost.  Some ID bands come complete with reflective strips, ideal for nights out and about with your child.
  6. Harness reins & wrist links – Ideal for keeping toddlers and children prone to wandering, close to you.  Harness reins and wrist links for children allow children to walk freely yet limit the distance they can go.
  7. High visibility jackets – Ideal for popping in your bag for days out that quickly turn into darker evenings.  High visibility clothing enables cars, pedestrians and parents to spot infants quickly on darker evenings.
  8. Float suits – Keep children safe in the water with float suits and float aids.  Young children learning to swim benefit from float suits and float aids and are kept safer in open waters and swimming pools.





The sun’s harmful rays can be dangerous and sun damage to the skin could potentially develop into skin cancer.  With the right protection, the source of vitamin D from the sunshine is beneficial, keeping bones strong and skin glowing.  To protect your child from over-exposure to the sun, use child safety products such as UV sun tents. A tent is ideal for use in the garden, beach or park.  Water resistant sun cream with a high UV star rating or UV Protective sun wear inclusive of a UV sun hat with side and back flaps are the best solutions in protecting children from over exposure to the sun.




Guarantee the best child safety whilst your infant plays in the water with Safetots child safety productsSwimming aids enable you to worry less about the dangers water can present to children and child safety products such as float suits and UV sun suits and wet suits for children can take the pressure off parents needing to constantly having to monitor their childs whereabouts and actions playing in the open water.





  1. Travel safety gates – Versatile and suitable for many doorways of various sizes.  Ideal for preventing children from entering kitchens, bathrooms and unsafe outdoor areas.
  2. Bed rails – Inflatable bed rails or travel bed rails enable you to keep your child from falling out of bed onto hard floors.  Some European countries such as Spain and France are known for having tiled floors throughout their accommodation.  Installing a bed rail can prevent children who wake suddenly in the night from falling out of bed onto a hard, cold, tiled floor. 
  3. Temporary door locks and slam stoppers - Door slam stoppers are ideal for popping in the suitcase and taking with you on holiday.  They prevent little hands and fingers from coming to harm in a doorway if shut suddenly.  Temporary door locks and cupboard locks are ideal for fixing to units without causing any lasting damage and keep children safe in and around the holiday home.




Browse online for the top child safety products and have a nice holiday.

For more information please e-mail customerservice@safetots.co.uk or call +44 1438 728 888


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Child Safety when out and about



Summers here, the days are longer and children simply love to be outdoors playing in parks, swimming in the local outdoor pool, being outdoors on their bikes, and for parents too, the summer welcomes many more outdoor family social activities.  Older children are more inclined to walk to and from school and there are more opportunities for younger children to become lost in the crowd. Children break up from nursery and school, families go camping, flights are booked, holidays are planned and the crazy summer days begin.  Summer is a time of sunshine and laughter and a time when as a parent your guard may be relaxed and down more than normal.  Enabling your child to experience the freedom to explore whilst keeping them safe can be challenging.  Take a look at our very best top tips for keeping children of all ages safe whilst out and about during these wonderful summer months.





Popular with many parents who have an inquisitive, wandering toddler are toddler reins, or a child safety harnessToddler reins are fitted to the body of a toddler, and the long straps enable parents to allow their child to wander to a certain distance, giving them the feeling of independence yet enabling parents to pull their child back close to them instantly.  Most child safety harnesses have a restrictive distance in which a child can travel, they enable parents to let their child walk close to them with the reassurance they cannot run onto a road or any other form of danger, thanks to the close fitting harness and reins.


There are various baby harnesses and reins from which to choose.  Many parents choose the more traditional toddler reins such as the Clippasafe Leather Harness and Rein, or the Diono Sure Steps Security Harness, a standard child safety harness with the ultimate function of keeping toddlers close.  Others opt for the more multifunctional kids reins, such as toddler backpacks with reins.  Toddler backpacks with reins such as the Littlelife Toddler Daysacks in the fun Tigger and Minnie Mouse designs are ideal for taking toddlers to and from nursery safely.  Simply pack all their snacks and drinks for the day into these cute toddler backpacks and keep your little one close to you on route too and from nursery with the detachable safety rein.  These gorgeous kids Littlelife rucksacks also feature a grab handle enabling you to stop your child in their tracks at a moments notice.


Wrist links are an alternative to baby reins but ultimately designed to keep children close in the same way as a baby harness.  Toddler wrist links simply fasten to a childs wrist, forming part of a fully adjustable connecting rein.  Wrist links fit to a parent’s wrist and a second link fits to a childs wrist.  Wrist links keep children close to a parents side and enable parents to have greater control of their movements whilst also allowing their child independence.





Perfect for darker evenings, for summer days quickly turning into darker nights and camping holidays with kids, are high visibility jackets for childrenHigh visibility vests for kids and high visibility backpacks are designed to keep young children visible and safe whilst they are out and about cycling, walking to and from school, crossing busy roads or simply keeping them visible to traffic and passers bye on dark evenings when you are venturing home from a friends barbeque or summer party. 


High visibility vests with reflective panels are great for families who enjoy camping with children.  Camping holidays are a time when families allow their young children to play with their friends in the outdoors for longer, and as the summer evenings can quickly draw in, a parent’s panic of where their children are can suddenly and quickly set in.  High visibility jackets enable parents to identify their child quickly and enable them to relax knowing that as the night closes in their child is still visible to any oncoming traffic as they head back for the night to the tent.  Hi-Vis backpacks are another great solution to keeping kids visible whilst out and about.  The Littlelife Hi-Vis Kids backpacks in the Dinosaur and Butterfly designs are ideal for active, adventurous children.  These kids backpacks have high visibility fabric, making it easy to be seen in a low light and benefit also from a grab handle, enabling parents to pull them back and grab hold immediately.


High visibility vests for children are also ideal for keeping in the car for unexpected break downs.






Kids ID bands are designed to wrap around a child’s wrist and contain insert cards which are stored safely inside the wrist band.  The insert cards enable parents to fill in information they would like adults to find should a child become lost and in their care, details such as contact numbers or any medical information.  Childrens ID straps are ideal for outdoor birthday parties, school trips, music festivals, active holidays or for general use whilst out and about on family day trips.  ID straps are ideal for days out in a busy environment where a child may potentially wander off and become lost in the crowd.  Childrens ID wristbands enable adults to quickly identify the child and contact the parents accordingly.


ID bands come in a range of colours, styles and sizes to suit any child.  ID bands with reflective strips such as the IDME Kids Safety reflective ID Wristband are designed for children who may be out in the dark, making them instantly more visible to adults.  If a child is a natural wanderer, ID bands can take some of the stress away, reuniting children with their parents quickly after the panic of being lost.


ID bands for children are also great for taking with you on holiday in the UK or abroad.  If your family are visiting a country where the first language is not English, your child may benefit further by carrying with them a contact number within their wristband.





Keeping children safe, whilst allowing them to become independent little people, without over protecting and restricting them can be challenging.  ID bands, Hi Vis vests, Wrist Links and Hi Vis Backpacks, enable children to play freely and safely and give parents a little more reassurance that their child can be spotted quickly in the dark and identified quickly if lost.  Safetots supply great solutions to keeping children safe whilst out and about, take a look at our wide range of child safety products designed to keep kids safe in the home, on holiday or for days out and about.





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Leisure Jul 19 ,2017

Bathroom Safety For Babies



When bathing your baby it is vital to ensure the water temperature is suitable and at the recommended temperature for your baby.  Water thermometers indicate if the water temperature is too hot and unsuitable for your baby and provide the ideal solution in checking the temperature of your bath water before bathing your baby.  Most water thermometers will indicate the recommended temperature which is 37 degrees to 38 degrees C, around body temperature.  The Safetots Clippasafe floating dolphin bath temperature indicator has 3 settings indicating when water is too hot, cold or just right for your baby.  Safetots Munchkin white hot safety bath ducky temperature indicator doubles up as a bath toy and temperature indicator, highlighting when the bath is too hot and when it is suitable to place your baby in the water.  It’s important to use a baby bath thermometer at all times prior to bathing your baby or toddler.


For older babies and toddlers, bath tap covers and tap guards are also useful bathroom safety items.  Tap covers simply pop over the taps, protecting your child should they fall onto the tap from potential head bangs and scalding.  Toilet locks and bathroom cupboard locks keep toddlers safe from toppling head first into a toilet and potentially drowning.  At such a young age, older babies and young toddlers don’t have the body weight and strength to lift their heads out of the toilet.  Toilet locks are an invaluable item for keeping little ones safe in the bathroom.  Cabinet locks and cupboard locks are great solutions to keeping toiletries and medicines locked away out of reach of tiny hands.


Anti-slip mats provide a safe non-slip surface for older babies and toddlers to sit safely whilst they bathe.  A non-slip bath mat prevents children from sliding and falling on a slippery bath surface, they help prevent injuries from bumps and falls and even life threatening incidents such as drowning.  Baby bath mats are an invaluable bathroom safety item for families with young children.


Bath thermometers, toilet locks, socket covers, tap covers and non-slip bath mats provide the basics in bathroom Safety, however a young child should never be left unattended in the bathroom at any time.  Adult supervision at all times is the key prevention to incidents and accidents occurring in the bathroom. 





  1. Never leave your baby unattended in the bathroom, ensure an adult is present and supervising at all times.
  2. Make sure the water temperature is suitable for your baby.  Bath thermometers and water thermometers are recommended for checking the temperature. 
  3. Ensure the floor area is dry before entering the bathroom.  Slipping whilst holding your baby could prove fatal.
  4. Invest in toilet locks, cabinet locks and a good baby bath mat.  Safetots have a wide range of non-slip baby bath mats to prevent your young baby from slipping whilst you bathe them or for keeping older babies sitting upright safely.
  5. Ensure any electrical items, cosmetics, medicines and sharp objects such as razors are stored or locked away out of a babies reach. 




Non-slip bath mats, toilet locks, cupboard locks, bath thermometers and tap covers provide the basics in bathroom safety for toddlers.  In addition to the various bathroom safety items it is strongly advised to never leave a toddler unattended without adult supervision in the bathroom at any time.  When your child reaches the toddler age, they are at their most inquisitive so now is the time to child proof your bathroom to prevent slips and falls and to ensure potential dangerous items are out of reach.  Ensure medical and toiletry items and any sharp objects such as razors are stored or locked carefully away out of reach of your toddler.  Be careful to store them at an inaccessible height to your young child.  Toddlers are inclined to grab and explore any accessible bathroom items the second your back is turned, by keeping dangerous items locked away potential hazards can be prevented. 


Lock up any electrical appliances, from hairdryers and hair straighteners to shaving equipment.  Prevent toddlers from reaching for electrical appliances and finding fun in the water with them.  Whilst bathing your toddler, seat them on a non-slip bath mat to prevent potential slips and falls from occurring and ensure boiling hot taps are out of reach or covered with compatible tap covers.  Fit a toilet lock to prevent your child from lifting the toilet lid and potentially toppling head first into the toilet and drowning, at such a young age a child does not have the strength and capability to lift themselves from out of the toilet.  A toilet lock prevents children from accessing the toilet, from touching areas harbouring germs and keeps them safe from falling in.





Safetots.co.uk supply a range of bathroom safety equipment such as baby bath thermometers, non-slip bath mats, toilet locks, bathroom cupboard locks and tap covers designed to keep babies and toddlers safe in a bathroom environment.  In addition to bathroom safety items, Safetots also supply a wide range of bath organisers for keeping toys tidy and to enable ventilation of wet toys and shampoo shields for protecting young eyes from soapy water as you wash their hair.  Safetots have many safety items for keeping babies and toddlers safe and comfortable in the bathroom plus other great bathroom goods for children. 





Bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms in the home where most incidents occur amongst children, by installing a few simple bathroom safety and kitchen safety items and following a few simple procedures, a number of potential hazards can be prevented.  The ultimate solution to keeping young children safe in the home is to make the bathroom inaccessible to your child.  If there is no way of making the bathroom inaccessible then ensure you assess and make safe the room before exposing to a baby or toddler.  Bathrooms pose potential dangers to young children, by keeping toiletries, medicines and sharp objects out of reach, cabinets locked, ensuring hot taps are covered, toilet lids locked and floor surfaces dry, the risks of any harm coming to your child are vastly reduced. 





Keeping infants safe in the bathroom is less challenging than babies and toddlers.  However, infants are still at the inquisitive age and still likely to poke fingers in sockets, attempt to open medicines and toiletries, find fun with your razor and grab anything within their reach.  As with bathroom safety with babies and toddlers, bathroom safety for infants is still vital.  Ensure toilet lids are kept closed by fitting a toilet lock, cabinets and cupboards securely locked keeping medicines and toiletries out of reach of tiny hands.  Keep electrical appliances securely stowed away and install socket covers to prevent infants from poking tiny fingers inside.  Keep surfaces dry to prevent slips and falls and supervise young children at all times.  Never leave an infant without adult supervision and unattended in the bathroom at any time.  Adult supervision is the ultimate solution in keeping children safe in the family bathroom.



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Bathroom Safety Jul 20 ,2017

Child Safety Products Before Your Child Crawls



The joy of seeing your baby making those first moves is immeasurable, but along with it comes numerous potential safety issues and concerns. 


Once your baby starts crawling, shuffling or toddling, it’s also the start of your child being ‘everywhere’ and often ‘everywhere’ you don’t want them to be.  For your baby there is now a whole new world for them to explore, cupboards to open, stairs to climb and doors to wander out of.  Progressing from a baby that once sat still on one spot playing contently to a baby crawling and exploring the home is a natural transition of a child’s mental and physical development, but moving into this next phase can be daunting for parents and can suddenly open up many new questions.  How can I keep my baby safe in the home?  How can I stop my child from opening kitchen and bathroom cupboards? How can I prevent my baby from falling down the stairs? and many more…..


Potential hazards in the home are visible everywhere for inquisitive babies and toddlers on the move and it only takes a few small, inexpensive steps to childproofing the home before your baby makes that first move.  Once your baby begins to travel, pull and wiggle their way through the house, be sure to be on watch and ten steps ahead of them at all times. 


To help you child proof your home and enable your baby to explore, learn and grow in a safe environment, Safetots have compiled a check list for ‘baby proofing the home’ ahead of your little one crawling.  A check list of child safety products and safety equipment from stair gates, fire guards, window locks and cupboard locks and many more child safety items to help your baby live freely in their own home in a safe and sound environment.






Once your baby is on the move, one of their first discoveries will be the stairs.  Fitting a stair gate to the bottom and top of the stairs will prevent a child from climbing up and down the stairs unattended.  Although it’s important to teach a child how to use the stairs safely, by installing a stair gate, parents can take comfort in knowing their children are playing safely whilst out of sight.  Stair gates can be pressure fitted, retractable of screw fitted.




Take a look around the kitchen and take note of all the potential hazards.  Keep dangerous cleaning liquids out of a child’s reach or lock them away with kitchen cupboard locks Kitchen locks enable parents to open cupboards with ease yet prevent children from opening them and accessing harmful items.  Fit a cooker guard.  Toddlers are inclined to reach up and grab pan handles that could potentially lead to life changing burns and scolds.  Cooker hob locks, cooker guards and oven door guards are ideal for keeping toddlers safe around hot ovens.





Keep floors dry and prevent children and yourself from slipping.  Fit a lock to the toilet lid to prevent a particularly young infant from topping head first into the toilet.  Babies do not have the body weight or strength to lift themselves out of a toilet should they topple in head first.  Install bathroom cabinet locks and ensure razors and other potentially harmful items are locked in the cabinet out of reach.  Fit bath tap covers to prevent babies from coming into contact with boiling taps, bath mats to prevent babies slipping in the bath and always use a water thermometer to ensure the bath temperature is suitable before bathing baby.






Living rooms present more potential hazards for young children than parents often notice until it’s too late.  Protect side tables and coffee tables with furniture edge guards and corner guardsTable edge guards and table corner guards shield children from sharp edges and corners, keeping them safe should they slip, trip and fall into the table.  Install locks to any units you’d prefer your toddler not to enter, cover radiators with radiator covers and ensure TVs are safe and securely fitted to walls or units to prevent flat screen TVs from tipping over.  Fit a fire guard around your fire.  Fire guards are suitable for gas, electric and coal fires and keep children safe from potential life changing burns.  There is a pre-conception that a fire guard is only for use around a coal fire, yet fire guards are designed to protect children from fires gas, electric and coal.  Keep cables out of reach with cable covers and sockets safe with socket coversSocket covers prevent little ones from poking their tiny fingers into dangerous socket holes.





For older babies making the transition from a cot to a bed, install a bed guardBed guards prevent babies and toddlers from rolling out of bed and keep them safe from bumps and bruises.  Install window locks to any windows children can potentially reach up to.  Ensure furniture is away from windows to prevent climbing and children from being able to access windows with ease.  Window safety is particularly important in Victorian homes where windows are lower and easier for young children to access.





If you are looking for reliable child safety products, then Safetots, specialist suppliers of a wide range of child safety equipment have everything you will need. 


We stock products from some of the best brands in child safety equipment and we are confident about the quality, durability and functionality of all Safetots products.  Our range of child safety equipment includes stair gatesfire guards, high chairs, play pens, bed guards and many other vital items for keeping young children safe in the home.  All of our products are made from superior, quality materials and offer good value for money.  They come with tried and tested safety features and are free from any harmful chemicals that may prove hazardous to your child.  Many of our child safety products come in a range of designs and finishes, which means they not only provide safety in the home, but they will also complement the furniture of today’s contemporary home.


For child safety products that will make life easier for you and safer for your child contact Safetots at Unit 7, The Orbital Centre, Gunnels Wood Road Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2NB United Kingdom, Telephone:+44 (0)1438 728888, email:info@safetots.co.uk


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Jul 24 ,2017

Balance Bikes

The art of riding any bike is ultimately learning how to ‘balance’. A balance bike is quite simply a ‘bike without pedals’, it looks very much like a regular bike and sometimes without the breaks. A balance bike is a great first bike for toddlers and young children taking their first steps into learning to ride a bike, where they can learn to not only balance but steer. Balance bikes come in different materials such as wood or metal and in many different designs such as three wheelers and two wheelers. They are ideal first bikes for toddlers as they are designed with young children in mind with simple structures to allow for safe, fun play as they learn to ride their first bike and build the confidence and independence to move onto a bicycle. Children are masters at learning and this is strengthened by letting them ride, move and steer a balance bike by themselves. The Safetots Ultimate Balance Bike trains the sense of balance, stimulates child’s development and gives them confidence and independence. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to the height of the child so they feel as comfortable as possible when riding.   



Adjust the height of the saddle so that your child can easily touch the ground with the complete soles of their feet with slightly angled knees. The handlebar should be at a height that allows the arms to be held roughly horizontally. Check that your child feels comfortable in this position. If not, then adjust accordingly.


As soon as your child is able to pick up the balance bike from the ground, it means they are able to ride it too! Let your child try and ride it and see what happens. Children are masters at learning and you strengthen this by letting them try new things out. Normally, they find out rather quickly how the bike can be moved and steered.


Push forward off the ground with the feet, alternating between left and right. The smoother the feet roll off from toes to heel, the easier and faster your child will go.


The easiest way to steer the balance bike is with back and bottom. The balance bike trains the sense of balance, stimulates the physical and mental development, strengthens the back and makes your child like movements all in all more secure and sportive.


Let your child sit on the balance bike with their hands on the handlebar ends and move the bike’s frame from left to right. Your child will feel the new kind of movement and replicate it independently soon afterwards.


The safetots ramge of balance bikes have all been specifically designed with safety in mind.  

From the ever popular Batman and Superman bikes:

Batman Bike

To the multi colour options from the Safetots Ultimate Balance Bike range:

Balance Bike Red

Safetots have a full range of premium quality balance bikes, ideal for safely developing the skills young children will require to ride pedal bikes.

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Leisure Sep 29 ,2016

Stair Gates for Your Three Storey House



Buying a stair gate for any home is an important decision and a key child safety product for ensuring a young child’s safety in the home.  With larger homes such as a three storey home there are more stairwells to make safe and more doorways that need to be child proofed and your investment is larger.  It’s important to ensure you have the right stair gate fitted and with such a wide range to choose , from roller stair gates, wooden stair gates, metal stair gates, extra tall baby gates and screw fitted and pressure fitted gates, deciding on the best stair gate for your home can be daunting.




Stair gates whatever their design, brand and material are designed and built with the ultimate function of dividing a room, creating safe zones for children to sleep and play safely and blocking access to doorways and stairwells.  It’s vital in a three storey home to install stair gates at all levels as more opportunities are present for potential accidents and incidents than there would be in a standard one storey home.


Larger homes with more storeys present greater risks to young children finding their feet, risks that can be prevented by installing stair gates throughout the home.  Fitting baby safety gates is crucial for your three storey house once your child has found their feet as babies from around the age of 6 months start crawling and exploring the wonders of their home and the risks of injury increase.  There are greater opportunities for children to hurt themselves from falls and bumps on the stairs once they start exploring their home environment.




Baby safety gates that can be screwed into walls or handrails (screw fitted gates) are highly recommended for the top of the stairs.  Screw fitted gates provide the strongest, safest solution for the top of the stairs above pressure fitted safety gatesScrew fit gates have no trip bar, they are installed with screws and not pressure and stay stable should your child lean and come into contact with the gate. 


Pressure fitted gates can be used at the top of the stairs if this is the only option, however as pressure can be come released over time if not frequently tested and as they have a potentially hazardous trip bar they are generally not recommended for the top of the stairs.  Pressure fit gates are versatile, ideal gates for most other doorways and stairwells in the home, they can be easily transferred around the home or can be taken with you on visits to grandparents.  These safety baby safety gates are popular baby safe items with many parents as no drilling or screwing is required for installation and there is no lasting damage to walls or door furniture.


Stair gates for awkward stairs can be purchased and there are many stair gate fixings and stair gate accessories to enable you to install gates to most awkward doorways, stairwells and spaces.  Y spindles enable you to fit pressure fit stair gates to round bannisters and bannister installation kits enable you to evenly install a stair gate to a wooden or metal bannister and no drilling or screwing is required.


There are a wide range of safety gate fixings and safety gate accessories to enable you to fix stair gates to awkward stairs and stair gates in awkward spaces.  Safetots have many solutions to making installing a stair gate possible in most spaces large, small and awkward.


Stair gates are the ultimate baby safety item for keeping young children safe in the home, they provide the highest security for keeping children contained in safe zones and preventing them from entering potentially hazardous areas such as the kitchen, top of stairs, a fire place, and the outdoors.  Most stair gates cannot be opened easily by little hands.


Extra tall safety gates are ideal for taller children or for families with pets as they further deter and prevent children and pets from climbing or jumping over the baby safety gate.





Stair gates are one of the best ways to prevent your baby accessing the stairs. All Safetots stair gates including Safetots safety gates, Bettacare safety gates, BabyDan gates, DreamBaby gates, Lascal gates and Lidam gates pressure fitted, screw fitted and retractable are delivered with detailed instructions enabling you to install the gates easily without causing any lasting damage to your walls.




Here at Safetots this is a question we get asked on numerous occasions.  What is the best stair gate? and one with no real answer.  The best stair gate for your home is a safety gate that fits your space perfectly, is the required height and has the required features.  Auto close gates for example will shut automatically once you have entered through the gate.  Most safety gates have a two way opening, ideal for kitchen doorways and room divides.  How a stair gate appears in the home is important to some people, and many parents prefer the look of a wooden stair gate to fit in with their contemporary furnishings.  To other parents and carers, how a stair gate looks in the home is less important and the functionality of a stair gate is top of the list.  A stair gate must fit well, but ultimately it is personal choice as to which gate you choose.  Extra tall safety gates are advised for families with pets, narrow stair gates are available for smaller spaces and room divides are ideal for safely creating zones in the home.


The key to choosing the best stair gate for your home is ensuring you have all your measurements correct.  Make sure you have measured both the top and bottom of the doorway and stairwell taking into account any skirting boards.  Decide if you want a pressure fitted or screw fitted gate and then let Safetots help you find the perfect stairgate for your home.  Take a look at our unique Safetots stair gate finder to help you find the most suitable and compatible stair gate for your home.




Please contact us at Telephone +44 1438 728 888 or CONTACT US and we will get back to your right away.

Or key in all your details with our SAFETOTS STAIR GATE FINDER and let us find the most suitable and compatible gate for you. 

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How To Securely Install A Safety Gate



Although on the outset, your home may seem like a safe haven for your children, with toddlers being very curious of their surroundings, sometimes it can present an unknown field of danger. With active little children who are often unaware of the potential consequences of their actions, and who don’t always think twice before attempting something, it is best to limit access (once your child is on the move) to more hazardous areas in the home such as the kitchen and stairs.

A simple solution to keeping young children safe in the home is to buy and install safety gates that restrict them from entering more potentially dangerous areas of the home.





Safety gates areavailable in various materials from wood, metal or mesh with varying heights from a standard 75cm gate, to extra tall gates measuring 105cm, there are narrow safety gates and wide walkthrough gates.  Child safety gates for the home can be pressure fitted, screw fitted or retractable and each comes with various functionalities and features from two way opening to auto close to gates that fit a diagonal space or an angled, awkward bannister.  There are a wide range of stair gates and safety gates available so considering their various features you should choose the one that is most appropriate for your home. The types of safety gates are:





1.           PRESSURE FIT STAIR GATES – this type of stair gate does not require any screws for installation and there is no need to drill into the walls.  Pressure fitted stair gates are ready to assemble and provide a very stable and secure barrier once installed correctly.  A pressure fitted gate is installed using exactly that – PRESSURE.  Pressure is applied to all 4 corner spindles of the gate and once all gate gaps have closed sufficiently and the gate feels snug and secure, your gate is then suitable for use.  It is recommended with the installation of any pressure fitted safety gates that once a week you check the pressure is still retained with all 4 spindles as over time pressure can be released and the gate can become loose.  Frequent checks will ensure your child safety gate is suitable and safe at all times.  The benefits of a pressure fitted gate is that you can buy safety gate extensions in various sizes which easily connect to the gate panels, enabling you to create a bespoke size safety gate for your unique space.  


2.            SCREW FIT STAIR GATES – this type of safety gate is mounted directly to the wall (with screws), therefore drilling of the wall or bannister is required.  Screw fit stair gates are recommended for the top of the stairs as they provide a more permanent, stronger barrier that isn’t compromised should a toddler lean against it or attempt to climb over it.  Unlike pressure fitted gates, screw fit safety gates have no base bar, making it a safer option for the top of the stairs as there are no trip hazards.  Screw fitted gates are installed with screws at each corner of the gate into the wall or bannister as required.  As with pressure fitted gates it is vital to ensure the gate is securely tightened in place and installed correctly for the ultimate safety of young children.


3.            RETRACTABLE STAIR GATES – this type of safety gate provides a visual barrier and deters children from entering areas of the home you don’t want them to go.  A retractable safety gate is installed using wall mounted brackets that are screwed into the wall or doorframe.  Retractable safety gates are made from a strong mesh material and although they are great room divides they do not provide quite the same strength as pressure fitted gates and screw fitted gates Roller stair gates are versatile in that they can quickly and easily be rolled back into their bracket when not needed and quickly pulled out when required.  Stair gates that are retractable are screw fitted, for parents looking for a gate that requires no drilling or screwing for installation, a pressure fitted gate is best.



Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly for best installation results.  Here at Safetots we recommend you always test the strength and durability of your child safety gate before allowing your child to come into contact with the gate.


With so many children still getting injured due to the lack of safety measures taken around their home, be sure to always be ten steps ahead of them and invest in simple home child security items to ensure their maximum safety at home.


Safetots security gates are available in different materials and sizes with various features to suit spaces wide, narrow and awkward and each gate can instantly make a difference to your children’s safety.  Contact our Safetots expert advisors who can suggest the best safety gate solution for your doorway or stairwell and help you to keep your young children safer in the comfort of your home.


For more information email info@safetots.co.uk or call 01438 728 888

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Stair Gates Jul 17 ,2017

Baby and Toddler Sleeping On Holiday



The first rule to helping your child to sleep on holiday is the same for a baby and a toddler; it is simply to make the environment as similar to their home environment as possible. It is natural for a very young child to feel anxious the first time they are away from their home environment especially at night time. By creating a similar environment to their home you can potentially maintain your child's sleeping patterns and enjoy a peaceful holiday.




  1. TIME ZONES: If travelling to a time zone which is a few hours behind (such as America), adjust your child’s sleeping times a little later for a few days before departing. If going east to Europe try bringing their sleep time forward to help them adjust prior to arriving.  Once you have arrived at your destination it’s advised to switch all family members to the local time zone instantly and when you return home switch them right back into local time.  Adapting to local time zones as quickly as possible will make the transition for your child easier and quicker.


  1. BED TIME: Continue with your child’s bed time routine where possible.  However, as you are on holiday it may not always be possible or necessary to keep to the same bed time routine, familiar items brought from home will enable them to sleep more comfortably in their unfamiliar surroundings.  Pack a favourite night time soft toy or cot mobile, the familiar sights to your child will prove comforting.  Take their sleep sack, blanket and comforter and if possible continue with their same bath time routine.


  1. BATH TIME: By continuing with the same bath songs at bath time and by bathing your child in their familiar bath tub your child may settle better at bed time.  Try bathing your infant in an inflatable bath tub or a travel baby bath tub prior to your holiday and then pack the baby bath tub and take with you on your travels.  If it’s not possible for you to bathe your baby then still endeavour to continue with the same bath time songs and continue with elements of their bath time routine.


  1. CUDDLE NESTS: If you are hiring a travel cot, take with you an unwashed cot sheet or cot bed sheet to provide the familiar smell of sleep time at home. Or for younger babies pack their favourite cuddle nest and place it in the cot.  Cuddle nests such as the Babydan cuddle nest are a multi-functional, portable baby bed which can be taken anywhere, instantly creating a home from home environment at sleep time. Cuddle nests are becoming increasingly popular with young parents in helping with sleep at home, however cuddle nests are soft, lightweight beds for young babies that can be easily transported to any destination.


  1. TRAVEL COTS: If travelling with a car, take with you a spacious, portable travel cot.  Some parents prefer to have the comfort of taking with them a travel cot that they know is clean and spacious and is more familiar to their child.  If space is an issue and you are happy to use the travel cot provided by your holiday home, then consider taking with you travel cot mattress so that you have the guarantee your child is sleeping on a comfortable and clean mattress.  Let your child sleep on the travel cot mattress in the lead up to the holiday to enable your child to become familiar with the mattress and to instill familiar, homely smells within the mattress.


  1. INFLATABLE BEDS: For older babies and toddlers, consider taking with you an inflatable travel bed and make sleep time fun.  Kids love to ‘camp out’ on inflatable beds and sleep time will become more of an adventure than chore.  Similar to a travel cot, allow your child to sleep on the blow up bed in the lead up to your holiday so they are familiar with bed.


  1. MUSIC: A great tip is to put your child to sleep with a soothing CD for a few days prior to leaving for your trip. By playing the same CD at night time on your holiday, your child will recognise it is time for sleep.


  1. SLEEP TENTS: If travelling abroad or taking a holiday in the sun, a light weight UV tent will serve the dual purpose of protecting your child from the sun, as well as providing a place for nap time. For young babies and children, the Nsauk Deluxe pop up UV Sun Tent is the perfect lightweight pop up tent ideal for playing and napping whilst out and about.


The key to enjoying your holiday with your children is to relax and not over stress about bed time routines and sleep times.  Children adapt quickly to their new environment and by taking a few home comforts with you, the transition from home to holiday home will be quicker and easier and your child will be happier.  Adapt to time zones the minute you land and encourage children to sleep from day one at the local time and wake at the local time.  Adapting quickly will help everyone to get the most out of their holiday.  Take with you travel cots and cuddle nests, sleep sacks, bed sheets and blankets and if possible inflatable bath tubs and inflatable beds for older babies and toddlers.  Travel light and pack clever, a happy child makes for a happy holiday.



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