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Essential Baby Safety Equipment For The Car



Here at Safetots, we offer a wide range of car safety equipment and useful car travel items that will keep children of all ages safe, entertained and comfortable whilst travelling by car.




Here are car travel toddler and baby car safety items and tips you might want to consider to ensure the maximum safety and comfort of your child when travelling by car:


Car Seat Protection Mats – Investing in a car seat protector will help prevent your infant car seat from slipping.  Car protection mats protect your car upholstery from dirt and damage and sometimes have handy storage pockets for your toddler to place treats and toys.


Food & Drinks – Be careful what food and drinks you leave your toddler to eat and drink during journeys.  Food that they might potentially choke on such as grapes and crisps, should be kept for car stop breaks.  Make regular car stops and offer drinks and food at break times to prevent your child from choking whilst travelling.


Baby Back Seat Car MirrorsInfant car mirrors are ideal for being able to see and check on your child in the backseat while driving. Most baby car mirrors fit with a strap around the head rest of back car seat, enabling you to check on your baby whilst they are in a rear facing car seat.  Car mirrors for children enable you to glance behind and see if they are sleeping, or awake and if they are ok and well.  Infant car mirrors provide parents with reassurance whilst driving and are ideal for those long journeys.  Some car mirrors such as The Diono Easy View Backseat Mirror, rotate to 360 degrees and pivot on a ball and socket enabling you to achieve the perfect angle to keep an eye on your child, without having to adjust your rear-view mirror.


Baby On Board Signs – A baby on board sign notifies other drivers that you have a baby or toddler with you in the car.  It encourages other drivers to be more patient and understanding, knowing that you have a baby or toddler on board.





Car Seat Organisers and Car Toy HoldersCar seat organisers and car toy storage boxes enable infants to keep their activities, snacks, drinks and toys in order and carefully stored throughout the journey.


Car seat organisers come in various styles and designs.  Some children’s car seat organisers such as the Diono Stow n Go Backseat Organiser fasten securely to the back of a front car seat and come with plenty of easy to access pockets. The Diono Stow n Go Backseat Organiser is ideal for keeping everything in place and easy to find when you need it.  Alternative designs such as The Babydan Car Caddy Organiser, fits and fastens between seats in the back of the car preventing bottles, cups, toys and other treats from rolling around in the back of your car.  Car tidy organisers are ideal for keeping the car free from clutter, keeping kids entertained as they can access all their favourite things with ease.





Car Sun Shades - You can browse and choose from a variety of car window sun shades. It’s important to protect children from the sun and keep the car at a comfortable temperature. Car sun shades will block most of the heat and glare of the sun and help keep the car cool.  Sunshades for back car windows and car shades for side windows are designed to enable parents to still see through the window taking up only a percentage of the window.


Neck Pillows - For the ultimate comfortable trip, neck supports and neck pillows for toddlers are ideal.  We have all witnessed our child’s head flopping into what appears to be the most uncomfortable position as they fall off to sleep in the car and spend endless minutes trying to find something to prop up their head.  Infant neck supports safely encase and cushion their head enabling them to sleep soundly and comfortably without waking up to a painful neck.  Toddler neck supports also help to keep your child in a more upright, safer position for travelling.


See our colourful and fun range of Infant neck supports by Clevamama, Clippasafe and LittleLife.


Baby body supports Baby body supports are ideal for keeping young babies warm or cool in their baby car seat or pushchair.  Some baby body supports are suitable and compatible with baby car seats and help younger babies to fit safely and snuggly in their seat.  If you have a very young baby, a baby body support will help to keep your baby’s head in place and in a more upright, comfortable position whilst travelling.





Ensure a safe trip for you and your children with car safety equipment for babies and toddlers from Safetots. You can browse many child safety products on our website. If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT US and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also contact us by email at: info@safetots.co.uk or phone: +44 (0)1438 728888


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A play pen is one of the most useful baby safe items designed to keep babies and toddlers safe inside or outside of the home. Ideal for popping baby in at a moments notice, when the doorbell rings, the cooker calls, or quite simply as a safe and secure play zone for your baby. 



Choosing whether or not to buy a play pen for your baby or toddler is completely personal choice.  For some parents safety gates and room dividers provide enough safety for their child to play safe at home without the need for a play pen.  Other families like the flexibility and freedom a play pen provides, particularly lightweight fabric play pens that can be transferred from room to room with ease.  Play pens provide an instant safe zone for your baby or toddler, they can be formed of solid, metal or wooden bars or made of foldable lightweight fabric for ease of travelling (taking to the grandparents or on holiday) and ease of mobility around the home.



Choosing the best play pen for you and your child will depend on how and where you intend to use it.  If you want a playpen that is simple and sturdy, contemporary in design, lightweight and portable and takes up minimal space once packaged up, then the Safetots Deluxe Fabric Round Playpen or the Safetots Deluxe Fabric Hexagon Playpen are perfect solutions.  If you want a play pen that is solid in structure then there are many styles available in wood and metal with compatible play mats, designed to provide additional safety and comfort for babies and toddlers.  Multifunctional play pens benefit from providing more than one function in the home, they can continue to be useful way beyond the toddler, playpen days.


For an even greater insight into the different types of playpens keep reading: 



Multi functional play pens



Playpens that are made up of individual panels that connect together are one of the best baby safety investments and ultimately one of the best playpens.  Having more than one function, ensures your playpen can be put to full use, saving you money and storage.  When there is no longer the need for a play pen, Safetots multifunctional play pens can be converted to a safety gate, room divider, hearth gate or a pet pen.  Panels come a range of sizes enabling you to add panels and remove panels as desired for secondary use.  Multi use play pens are available in white metal, black metal and wood.  To convert a multi-panel play pen into a room divide or a stair gate, you simply need to purchase a wall mounting kit.





fabric play pen


Fabric play pens are the lightweight, minimal option, ideal for taking with you on holiday, taking to the grandparents or a comfort option for the home.  The Safetots Deluxe Fabric playpens are made from strong and durable fabric yet provide a soft, comfortable play safe zone for infants.  Being the lighter weight option, these fabric playpens feature suction cups at the base of the play pen, ensuring the ultimate stability and safety if used on a solid wood or tiled floor.  There are no sharp edges with these fabric play pens, they provide the most comfortable and safe play zone particularly for very young children.





A play pen is ideal for use indoors and out.  Popping up a play pen in the garden enables you and your child to enjoy the summer months safely.  Creating an area your child can play, filled with favourite toys enables you to enjoy the garden or work through those garden chores in the comfort of knowing your child is safe.  Play pens enable your young child to be with you safely indoors and out, they are particularly great for mischievous toddlers that find it impossible to stay still for even one moment, or a crawling baby who has just discovered there’s a much bigger world out there to explore.



A child should never be left for long periods of time unsupervised in a play pen.  For your child’s safety it is recommended that you check them frequently to ensure their well-being. 

Make sure any toys and books are safe and avoid putting in items they can potentially climb onto and hurt themselves.


All Safetots Play Pens have been tried and tested to ensure they meet todays required safety standards.





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Which Fire Guard


A fireguard is a heat resistant metal or wood surround that is SCREW FITTED into the wall to prevent young children and pets from coming into contact with a hot, wood stove, open fire or even a gas fire. A fire guard provides the safest and most secure solution for keeping infants safe around fire, preventing them from coming into contact with flames and hot log burners. Fire guards are heat resistant, strong, sturdy, steel structures that should be screw fitted in place to ensure the ultimate safety should a young child come into contact with the guard. We advise that a fire guard, wood or metal is installed approximately 70cm away from the fire.


The most versatile, solid and sturdy fire guard is the ‘Safetots Flex, multi panel fire guard’. The multi panel fire guard can be adapted to suit most open fires, hearths and log burners with panels available to order in four sizes: 20cm, 33cm, 46cm and 72cm enabling you to create a fireguard to suit your own bespoke space. Opening gate panels are standard and measure 72cm, they can be positioned to the side or front of any multi panel fire guard configuration. Each fire guard panel connects together as desired to create a length and depth to suit your space.


Our range of Steel, mesh fireguards are particularly popular with parents of young children, the strong and secure metal structure with an encased top not only stops children from making contact with fire but prevents children from throwing items into the fire.



A fire screen surrounds an open fire and protects hot, flying embers from burning carpets or wood floors. Fire screens are not screw fitted into place and do not provide the same level of safety as a fire guard. A fire sceen may discourage a child from making contact with an open fire but as there is no secure locking system in place there is still a danger present. A fire screen in some homes is simply used as a decorative item.



Installing a fire guard as apose to stand free fire screen is completely personal choice, however, do bare in mind that it only takes a second for a child to fall into or touch a fire and the consequences can be irreversible and unbearable. A fireguard is the ultimate, screw fitted, solid and secure safety item for keeping children safe in the home during the long winter months when an open fire or wood burning stove is frequently in use.





When choosing the best fire guard for your home and space, always ensure the fireguard can be securely fixed to the surrounding wall. A fire guard that is fitted correctly, following the instructions and safely screw fitted in place will prevent it from collapsing into the fire should a young child fall into the fire guard or apply pressure in any way to the fire guard.



There is no ‘best fire guard’, it’s simply personal choice as to which fire guard works best with your fire and fire surround and which fireguard works best in your home.


The Safetots multi panel fire guard and the Babydan flex hearth gates are very popular with parents. Flex hearth gates and multi panel surrounds are contemporary, powder coated steel fireguards that are designed to be functional yet look clean and minimal in today’s modern home. Safetots multi panel fire surrounds and Babydan flex hearth gates are the most versatile of fireguards. Babydan flex hearth gates and Safetots multipanel fire surrounds provide further versatility in that they can be angled to suit most unique spaces around or on a hearth.


Steel mesh fireguards such as the Safetots original fire guard and Safetots designer fire guard are more traditional and more suited to bigger fireplaces and hearths. Mesh, steel fireguards ensure the maximum stability and security and provide the ultimate in fire safety with the additional top casing. Fireguard extensions are available for both the original and designer fire guards allowing you to extend the fireguard further if needed.



Make sure you have enough space to allow your fire guard to be positioned a minimum of 70cm away from your fire. Measure your depth and your length. If you are ordering a multi panel surround bare in mind that the wall mounting brackets will add a further 5cm to your depth.


To work out which is the most suitable fire guard for your space, firstly measure the space intended for use before you order. Fire guard extensions are available for all Safetots fire guards and fire guard extension panels are available in various sizes. If you are unsure about whether or not you need a fire guard extension, Safetots can advise and recommend fireguard panels that will work for your space. Multi panel fireguard extensions and flex hearth gate extensions are simple to connect together and can be fitted either side of any existing fireguard panel to achieve the size required.



Many people think that a fire guard is only necessary for an open fire, however they are recommended and advised for all fires, especially in homes where a young child may come into contact with a fire. Installing a fire guard around a log burner is just as important as a log burner can gain considerable heat inside and out and can be particularly hot to the touch. Fire guards are the best solution to keeping children safe around open fires, wood burners and gas fires.



Once your fireguard is securely fitted, it is a good idea to check the stability of the guard by applying pressure to ensure there is little or no movement.



If storage is an issue in your home and you want to dismantle and store your fireguard during the summer months, consider a fireguard with panels that fold for ease of storage. As the Safetots multipanel fireguard and the Babydan flex hearth gate have interconnecting, individual panels that can be easily dismantled when not in use they are ideal space saving fireguards that can be packed away when not needed.



If you have a particularly large fireplace or fire hearth you may want to consider a steel mesh fire screen. Safetots steel mesh fireguards are designed to suit the larger hearth. If you have an awkward space or unusual shape hearth then a flexi fireguard or a multipanel fire guard would be most suitable. With the ability to create the size for the space needed, these versatile fireguards are ideal.


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Confused on which safety gate to buy? Check out our expert reviews on some of the different styles of gates  available. To help you choose the best safety gate for your baby and home, we asked our customers, real mums on what they thought and put some of our different types of stair gates to the TEST.


Here’s what we found:


Stair gates are still one of the most popular and most frequently bought baby safety items.  Parents buy stair gates for various doorways in their home and for use at the top and bottom of their stairs.  Stair gates are also frequently bought for homes that do not have any stairs, parents will use a safety guard to create a room divide and to prevent their infant from entering various areas of the home deemed unsafe.  All the safety gates we assessed had different benefits and features, from wooden and metal gates through to auto close gates and gates that can be installed in irregular spaces.  Take a look at the different types of stair gates available, from pressure fit and screw fit gates through to retractable gates and room dividers.  Find out what makes each type of safety gate different and where and how best to install them, plus what special features makes each stair gate unique.


All our safety gates have been tried and tested and conform to safety standards. Find out what our customers thought and what results we discovered through our own assessment and testing.







The Safetots Self Closing gate is a pressure fit safety gate so there is no need for screwing or drilling in place.  It comes in three sizes, extra narrow (61cm-66.5cm), narrow (68.5cm-75cm) and standard (75cm-82cm), and will fit spaces as small as 61cm up to 161cm with extensions.  It comes with lots of great features including a two-way opening door, an automatic close function and a one handed operation.  It has a bottom bar which presents a risk of tripping, so not recommended at the top of the stairs.Safetots Self Closing Gate


Material:                                 White powder coated steel
Extensions available:            YES in four sizes: 7.2cm, 36cm, 14.4cm, 79.2cm
Gate type:                               Pressure fit
Colour:                                    White



-  Auto close: Automatically closes behind you.
-  Competitively priced, good value for money.
-  Extensions in various sizes can be bought separately.
-  Can be closed manually for a quieter close shut.
-  No wall damage from drilling or screwing.
-  Y spindle can be used on rounded bannisters to aid installation.



-  The gate is built within a U frame, the bottom bar can present a trip hazard.
-  Not recommended for the top of stairs (trip hazard).
-  Not the quietest auto close.
-  Adhesive wall pads need to be removed with care.



-  Do not cut the cable tie before installing.
-  Ensure the hand wheel is positioned correctly as per instructions.
-  Apply adhesive strips to the wall surface to prevent the gate from slipping and to protect walls and bannisters from lasting damage.
-  Slot any extensions into the side of the gate to provide a strong, extended safety barrier.



-  Suitable for doorways, hallways and the bottom of stairs.
-  Not recommended for the top of the stairs.



-  Very easy to install and operate.



-  Safety tested to withstand 10kg on impact. 
-  Withstands frequent toddler impact with toys, baby walkers, toy prams etc.
-  If the gate is frequently slammed shut via older siblings in the family, the pressure will be compromised and the gate will need regular tightening weekly to ensure pressure isn’t lost. 






The Bettacare child n pet gate is an EXTRA TALL (104cm) PRESSURE FITTED gate. This gate is best suited to hallways, doorways and the bottom of the stairs, but can be safely installed on the 2nd step from the top of the stairs due to the extra height.  The trip bar is safely tucked in the ridge of the stairs and the additional height prevents infants from toppling over.  Fits a minimum space of 75cm and a maximum of 147cm with extensions. Top features include the double locking mechanism, one handed operation, the additional HEIGHT (104cm) and the ability to add EXTENSIONS, available in three sizes (6.4cm, 12.9cm, 32.4cm).  Most popular with families with young children and pets.Bettacare Child and Pet Gate

Material:                                White powder coated steel
Extensions available:           YES in three sizes: 6.4cm, 12.9cm, 32.4cm
Gate type:                              Pressure fit
Colour:                                   White



- HEIGHT: The Height of 104cm gives extra security to dog owners with young children.
- Fits a variety of stair widths.
- Extensions in various sizes can be bought separately.
- Can be installed on the 1st step down from the top of stairs.
- No wall damage from drilling or screwing.
- Perfect for children and pets.
- Steam removable adhesive wall pads.
- Y spindle can be used on bannisters to aid installation.



- The gate is built within a U frame, the bottom bar can present a trip hazard.
- Not recommended for the very top of stairs (trip hazard).
- One way opening (although not really a negative) two way opening is more versatile.



- One of a few pressure fitted stair gates that can be SAFELY used at the top of stairs if installed ONLY on the 1ST STEP DOWN from the top. This ensures the trip bar is safely tucked within the stairwell and not exposed on the top step posing a trip hazard.  An extra tall (104cm) gate installed in this way provides the required height for ensuring safety from toppling over at the top of stairs.
- Do not cut the cable tie before installing.
- Ensure the hand wheel is positioned correctly as per instructions.
- Apply adhesive strips to the wall surface to prevent the gate from slipping and to protect walls and bannisters from lasting damage.
- Slot extensions into the side of the gate to provide a strong, extended safety barrier.



- Suitable for doorways, hallways and the bottom of stairs- Can be used on the 1ST STEP DOWN from the top stair.  Not recommended for the very top of the stairs.



- Easy to install and operate.



- Safety tested to withstand 10kg on impact. 
- Withstands frequent toddler impact with toys, baby walkers, toy prams etc.
- If the gate is frequently slammed shut via older siblings in the family, the pressure will be compromised and the gate will need regular tightening weekly to ensure pressure isn’t lost.





The Safetots Advanced Retractable Gate is SCREW FITTED, works on internal and external doorways and fits openings narrow and wide from 60cm to 120cm.  Top features include the advanced locking system, unlike other gates of this type, you can walk through this gate without fully retracting.  The mesh is almost invisible once retracted. A timer indicates red or green (open/close) during use.



Material:                                Mesh
Extensions available:           No
Gate type:                             Retractable
Colour:                                   Black / White



- Lightweight and sturdy
- Versatile – fits doorways outside, inside, narrow, wide and diagonal
- No trip bar
- Can walk through without fully retracting
- Almost invisible once retracted
- Space efficient
- Green and red indicator for ease of open and close
- Locks in place when open to prevent children from playing with it



- Will take a few uses to feel comfortable with the opening mechanism
- Doesn’t always feel as strong and secure as a metal or wooden gate, however gate has passed impact testing of EN1930:2011 Standards.
- Slightly more expensive.



- Easy to install
- Brackets screw fit in place either side of the doorframe to enable you to install the mesh gate.



- Suitable for doorways internal and external and fits irregular spaces.  Suitable for the top of the stairs as there is no trip bar.



- Can be a bit tricky to operate, there is a click down switch on one side of the gate linked to a timer for opening and closing which indicates red or green in use.  There is a switch on the opposite side of the gate that slides down, enabling you to lift the gate open.  Our experts noted it took a few uses before they felt comfortable with the mechanism.



- Made of strong mesh, this gate creates a screen between two areas unlike metal and wooden gates which provide a more solid room divide.





The Safetots Diagonal Fit Stair Gate is a SCREW FIT, two way opening gate, suitable for spaces where a conventional gate may not fit.  It fits spaces 67cm to 105cm.  This powder coated, steel gate has no trip bar and is fixed into place with screws, making it a good option for use on stairs.  Unique features include the 180 degree rotation of the gate fittings which allow the gate to be mounted on the outside of door frames or where fitting points are NOT opposite each other. The double locking mechanism makes this gate extra safe and secure.



- Irregular space compatibility, 180 degree rotating fittings allow the gate to be installed inside and outside of door frames.
- Fits at diagonal fixing points if you don’t have fixing points next to each other.
- Gate opens in both directions (two way opening).
- Double locking mechanism makes this gate extra safe and secure.



- Difficult to install.  Leave yourself 20 minutes of quiet time to follow instructions.


Material                                 White Powder Coated Steel
Extensions available            No
Gate type:                             Screw fitted
Colour:                                   White





The Babydan Configure Gate is the most versatile SCREW FIT safety gate.  Individual metal panels in black or white come in four sizes, 20cm, 33cm, 46cm and 72cm, plus a 72cm opening gate.  Configure gates fit straight or angled walls in spaces large, small and irregular and panels can be added or taken away to achieve the desired size.  It has multi use as a safety gate, hearth gate, room divider and play pen.  Opening gate panels can be fitted anywhere within the configuration and more than one opening gate can be added.  Panels should be angled at 10 degree increments, zig zagged to achieve maximum stability. 


Material:                                 Metal
Extensions available:            YES: in four sizes 20cm, 33cm, 46cm and 72cm
Gate type:                               Screw fitted
Colour:                                    Black / White



- Often the solution when there is no other.
- Fits almost any size doorway, stairwell or hearth.
- Many uses: safety gate, hearth gate, room divide, playpen
- Extensions in many sizes allow for a wide range of configurations.
- Fits openings small and large from 72cm up to 360cm.
- Can be installed on straight or angled walls.
- The gate opens in both directions.
- Panels disconnect for ease of storage.


- The gate is built within a U frame, the bottom bar can present a trip hazard.
- Not recommended for the very top of stairs (trip hazard).
- Expensive.



- Easy to fit, screw fit, wall mounted brackets are required.
- Quick release wall fittings, enable panels to be removed with ease.



- Multi functional, can be used almost anywhere indoors and out, in stairwells, hallways, doorways, as a fire guard or infants play pen.
- Not recommended for the top of stairs due to the base bar posing a potential trip hazard. 



- Easy to use thanks to the one handed operation and two way opening.
- The extra wide door section allows for easy access.



- Made from metal panels, this gate is strong, robust and heat resistant.





A True Pressure Fit Safety Gate made from beechwood and metal. This PRESSURE FITTED gate is designed within an L shaped metal frame, opens in both directions and can be operated using one hand.  Fits spaces from 69cm and up to 95.6cm with extensions.  Special features include the built in safety indicator which shows invisible white (correctly mounted) or visible red (incorrectly mounted) making it super easy to install. The unique indicator and the double locking mechanism provide extra safety measures.  Wall cups aren’t required but may be required if the red indicator is still visible.



Material:                                 Metal / Beechwood
Extensions available:            YES: in three sizes 6.5cm, 13.5cm and 20.5cm
Gate type:                               Pressure fitted
Colour:                                    Natural wood and silver



- Super easy to install.
- Safety indicator which shows correct and incorrect installation.
- L shaped frame creates a wider walkthrough
- The gate opens in both directions.
- Fits narrow openings due to its L shaped metal frame.
- Can be installed without wall cups.
- No lasting damage to walls and banisters.



- The gate is built within an L frame which may become dislodged after prolonged or robust use.  The indicator will alert you, but worth noting.
- The extension kit needs building, relatively straightforward, but not pre-assembled like other extension kits.



- Very easy to install
- If the indicator shows:
White: Your safety gate is installed correctly.
Red: Tighten the nuts. If the indicator is still visible on the closed gate add wall cups. If adding wall cups does not help you cannot mount the gate safely in this opening. Choose a screw mounted gate instead. 



Best suited at the foot of a stairwell and at doorways throughout the home.  Not recommended for the top of stairs due to the trip bar and the L frame.



- Easy to use thanks to the one handed operation and two way opening.
- Pressure can frequently be lost and the gate can come away from the wall easily making it frustrating to use at times.



- Built within a metal frame with beechwood poles, this gate is made of good quality materials designed to stand the test of time.


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Once your child reaches toddler age, life can get pretty busy.  You’ll want to make sure you baby-proof the home before your child starts crawling, toddling and exploring.  Here we take a look at the kitchen area and recommend the best babyproofing products for the kitchen, from cooker guards and socket covers to fire safety equipment, everything you need to know for keeping young children safer in todays’ modern kitchen.  Here’s a quick guide to useful babyproofing products that will keep your active baby or toddler safe in and around the kitchen and make your life as a parent easier.




In todays’ modern, open plan kitchens concertina doors are becoming increasingly popular.  Heavy, robust, hinged doors which can be lethal should a child’s tiny fingers get caught up in them.  Doors that open from the kitchen into the garden where young children may be in and out of frequently can be made safer with a few simple steps.  An under door gripper such as the Clippasafe under door gripper prevents doors from being slammed shut and can be used on a wide range of floor surfaces.  Door stoppers are ideal for popping on to a single door edge.  A door stopper to prevent a door being slammed shut is a low budget item that can be popped with ease onto any door and can save tiny fingers from injury.   Finger trap protection strips are the best way of protecting your child’s fingers from doors.  The Safetots front and rear door finger protection strips and the Clippasafe finger trap protection strips provide full protection to the hinge side of a door preventing fingers from being able to enter this lethal area of a door.




Some of the most popular and best kitchen safety products are kitchen cupboard and drawer locks.  By installing a few locks to kitchen drawers containing sharp utensils or cupboards containing cleaning goods, infants are prevented from accessing these areas and kept safe from coming into contact with potential dangerous kitchen items.  Magnetic kitchen drawer locks such as the Safetots magnetic cupboard and drawer lock are becoming increasingly popular with parents as they are installed with adhesive pads and there is no lasting damage to kitchen furniture. Locks for kitchen units can either be installed internally or externally depending on the type of lock purchased.




Scolding oven hobs, hot oven doors, boiling kettles, exposed sockets, leads and potential wet, slippery surfaces are just a few of the potential dangers infants face when entering the kitchen.  As parents we are wired to instinctively know what we need to do to protect our children and keep them safe, however, it’s not always possible to have that watchful eye over them at all times around the clock.  Babyproofing products for the kitchen enable you to child proof cooker hobs, oven doors, sockets and generally keep children safer in a potentially hazardous zone of the home.




Hob guards and hob screens, are clear glass screens that clip onto a stove and prevent infants from reaching up and touching a hot hob.  Before ordering a hob cover, make sure it is compatible with your style and brand of oven.  Hob guards protect infants from burn injuries caused by contact with a hot stove.  Cooker guards often have a dual function and rotate downwards to cover the knobs on an oven, preventing children from switching the oven on and off and potentially leaving gas running.  Clippasafe Oven and stove knob guards are separate fixtures that fix to the dials, suitable for stove and oven knobs.




The external door of an oven can reach considerably hot temperatures and it’s very easy at toddler height to come into direct contact with the oven.  Oven door guards fit over the glass front of an oven door and protect children from the hot temperatures should they come into contact with the door.  The Safetots oven door guard is adjustable between 40cm and 60cm.




Young children can sometimes find fascination with plug sockets, poking their tiny fingers into the holes or better still squashing objects or food into the sockets.  By Fitting socket covers to unused sockets, children are kept safe and the cost of replacing a socket due to damage is avoided.  Ensure any sockets in use have leads that are safely tucked away, tied back or sealed beneath cable ties to avoid any accidents from being caught up with a cable.   




In any kitchen where gas and electric is present there is always a risk of fire breaking out.  Be prepared in the event of a fire breaking out in the kitchen by keeping a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher close to hand.  Keep a small extinguisher in an accessible area of the kitchen, in either a cupboard, under the sink or better still, fixed to a wall.  A first alert fire blanket will extinguish small fires immediately when the fire is smothered by a blanket.  The first alert multi purpose fire extinguisher will enable you to extinguish or control a small fire in the home. 




The key to baby safety is prevention.  By installing a safety gate at your kitchen door, your child will be prevented from entering the kitchen unless supervised by an adult.  Safety gates can be pressure fitted or screw fitted and come in a range of sizes and styles to match various interiors in todays’ modern homes.  Install a baby gate to the entrance of your kitchen and take comfort in the knowledge that your child cannot enter the kitchen without you.




Make sure that any hot pans in use and recently boiled kettles are out of your infants reach.  Many accidents in the kitchen occur from infants, reaching and grabbing hot pans and boiling kettles. Easy to avoid incidents with just a bit more thought.




Be sure to mop up any spills from kitchen surfaces and floor tiles as quickly as possible.  A wet tiled floor surface can lead to slips and falls and dreadful injuries. 


For further advice on childproofing your kitchen for your active baby or toddler, call Safetots on 01438 728888 or email us at info@safetots.couk.








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Step 1: MEASURE YOUR MATTRESS: Take a tape measure and measure the LENGTH and DEPTH of your mattress.

Step 2: HEIGHT: Take the depth of your mattress and MINUS this figure from the height of the bed rail you are looking to order.  The bed rail must be a minimum of 16cm above the mattress.  EXAMPLE: if your mattress measures a depth of 20cm you will need a bed rail that has a minimum height of 36cm.

Step 3: LENGTH: For safety reasons, when you install a bed rail you will need to ensure there is a gap of 25cm between the bed frame and bed rail at each end of the bed.  You will therefore need to order a bed rail that enables you to achieve a total space of 50cm.  EXAMPLE: if you order a bed rail of 100cm in length, you will need to ensure your mattress length is a minimum of 150cm.   




I HAVE A DEEP MATTRESS: if you have a deep mattress, you will need an extra tall bed guard.

I HAVE A LONG MATTRESS: if you have a long mattress, you will need an extra wide bed guard.

I HAVE A LIGHT WEIGHT, THIN MATTRESS: if you have a slim, light weight mattress which is often the case with cot beds and toddler beds, make sure that the mattress is substantial enough to hold a bed rail in place.  Consider a smaller bed rail such as a standard mesh bed rail.




Toddler bed rails are designed to keep infants safe from falling out of bed whilst they sleep, and help young children to progress from a cot to a bed with ease.  Bed rails for toddlers make the transition from a cot to a bed much easier on both parents and children, providing a familiar, secure sleep environment for children and reassurance to parents that their child is unable to fall out of bed.


Choosing the best bed rail and a compatible bed rail for your childs cot bed, toddler bed, double bed etc can be a daunting task! With so many sizes and styles to choose from, making an informed choice will ensure your bed guard fits your mattress and bed perfectly and ultimately is safe for your child to sleep alongside.


To help you choose the best toddler bed rail for your child’s bed, Safetots have put together a list of things to consider before buying a bed rail, plus useful facts on the different types of bed guards available, the pros and cons of each plus the benefits of using a toddler bed rail.




Bed guards for toddlers are recommended between the ages of 18 months to 5 years.  As your baby naturally progresses, the need for moving from a cot to a bed is inevitable and for some parents the sudden lack of ‘cot bars’ can seem a bit frightening.  Suddenly your child can climb out of bed at any time or topple out of bed whilst they sleep.  Installing a bed guard to an infant’s first bed can take away these fears, enabling toddlers to sleep safer without the risk of falling out of bed, yet providing them with their first steps to independent sleeping.


Although the recommended age for use of a bed rail is 18 months to 5 years, as a parent you may instinctively know when your child is ready to progress from a cot to a bed (with a bed rail fitted) and they may be slightly younger or older than the recommended age.  You may also choose to remove your childs bed guard before the age of 5 years or beyond the age of 5 years.




Although many wooden bed rails and mesh bed rails are compatible with double beds, Extra wide bed rails or extra wide and extra tall bed rails are most suitable.  Large bed guards are generally longer, (covering a greater length of the bed), and taller, (reaching a greater height above the mattress).  It is advised that you measure the depth of your mattress and establish the compatibility of a bed guard with your type of bed before ordering.


If you have a deeper mattress, an extra tall bed rail will be the best option.  The additional height of an extra tall bed rail ensures the bed rail covers a greater height above the mattress.  A minimum of 16cm above the mattress is required for your child’s safety.  It is further advised, for safety reasons that a gap of 25cm is left at either end of the bed rail.




Bed guards vary in price and generally range between £20 through to £80.  Wooden bed guards tend to be a higher price than mesh bed guards and can cost between £28 up to £79.  Mesh bed rails start at a slightly lower price of £22 up to £56.  Inflatable bed guards are a great solution to keeping children safely sleeping during holidays and nights away from home and can cost between £21 and £35.




There is no ‘best bed guard’, however some bed rails are more compatible with different styles of beds than others.  For toddler beds and cot beds, make sure you purchase a smaller, lightweight bed rail.  For double beds and king size beds, look for an extra tall and extra wide bed rail. 


Best bed guards for double beds:


The Safetots Extra Tall Extra Wide Mesh Bed Rail of the Safetots Extra Wide Wooden Bed Rail would be most suited for use on a double bed.  Designed with additional height and length to ensure children are safe in adult beds.


Best bed guards for cot beds:


There are several bed guards that will work with a cot bed, however, the depth of the mattress is key to ensuring there is enough weight to hold the cot bed rail in place safely.  Ensure you have a good mattress that will hold the bed rail in place.  Smaller bed rails such as the Safetots bed rail (mesh) is a  small, light-weight bed rail that would be suitable.  The Safetots bed rail is available in a range of colours, blue, pink, white, natural to match home interiors and toddler bedrooms.  The standard size Safetots Wooden Bedrail is also suitable, a heavier option and more suited to a more substantial mattress.


Best bed guards for toddler beds & single beds:


Many bed guards are compatible with toddler beds and single beds.  Before ordering a bed rail it’s important to ensure the mattress will retain the weight of the bed rail.  Often toddler beds have a smaller, light weight mattress and not all bed rails will be suitable.  For toddler beds with a smaller mattress consider Safetots mesh bed rails, they are light weight and smaller in size or choose Safetots wooden bed rails, again smaller in size but heavier than mesh.  For single beds with a standard mattress most mesh bed rails and wooden bed rails will be compatible.


Bed guards for a wooden bed with slatted base and sunken mattress:


Safetots mesh bed rails are suitable for a bed with a mattress sunken in to the frame and for beds with a wooden slatted base.  Safetots wooden bed rails are suitable for wooden beds with a slatted base and also beds with a sunken mattress.  If you have a sunken mattress it’s important to choose a bed rail without bulky hinges which may prevent the bed rail from fitting between the mattress and the bed frame.




Yes! Most mesh bed rails and wooden bed rails are compatible with slatted beds.  Bed rails have a large base frame that simply slips beneath the mattress and the weight of the mattress holds the frame in place.  Some toddler bed guards have additional straps that slide under the mattress to secure the bed rail further.  It’s important to install the base of the bed rail along the wooden slats and not in the gaps, to ensure the bed rail is safe for use.  Always test the bed rail for stability before allowing your child to sleep alongside it.




Bed rails can be wooden, mesh or inflatable available in a range of sizes to suit different beds and a range of colours to match home interiors.  Take a look at our points below for an insight each of the different types of bed rails to help you choose the best bed rail for your child.




Wooden bed rails provide a contemporary look and feel in any home.  They come in a range of great colours in blue, grey, pink, white and natural wood enabling you to match home interiors.   


1. Wooden bed rails for toddlers provide the most solid and sturdy structure for keeping children safe whilst they sleep.

2. Simple to install and there is no lasting damage to your bed once installed.

3. Compatible with divan beds and slatted beds.

4. Wooden bed rails do not fold down, there is no rotation.

5. Wooden bed rails are less suited for travelling, they are heavier than mesh bed rails and not the best option for taking with you on holiday.

6. Wooden bed rails tend to me more expensive than mesh bed rails or inflatable bed rails.




Mesh bed rails are light weight and suitable for home or travel and some come complete with their own travel bag.  Mesh bed rails are made from a metal, outer frame encased with a strong, breathable mesh. 


1. Lightweight and versatile, mesh bedrails are easy to move between rooms or easy to transport for holidays or stop overs with the grandparents.

2. Although unable to fold down fully, mesh bed rails fold down to an angle of 90 degrees enabling you to access the bed with ease.

3. Compatible with divan beds and slatted beds.




Inflatable bed rails are ideal for holidays, for packing with ease in the car or for popping on a plane.  Lightweight and space saving, they are the best bed rail for travelling. 


1. Inflatable bed rails are simple to fit and easy to transport.

2. Versatile, can be used in the home or away.

3. Slim designs that once inflated simply fits under the bedsheet.

4. Comes complete with a carry bag for ease of transportation.




There are several things to consider when choosing a toddler bed rail:


1. The size of your mattress.  Measure the depth of your mattress and ensure the toddler bed rail will reach a minimum of 16cm above the mattress. 

2. Mattress weight: if you have a particularly light weight, slim mattress on your childs bed, the weight of the mattress may not retain the weight of the bed rail.  Check you have a substantial mattress that will hold a bed rail in place safely and securely.

3. Measure the length of your child’s bed and make sure you can achieve a 25cm gap at either end of the bed rail once installed.  Both mesh and wooden bed rails are available in a range of different lengths and heights.

4. Is the bed rail compatible with your style of bed? Not all bed rails are compatible with sunken beds for example.

5. Will you be needing to take the bed rail to the grandparents? If YES you may want to consider a mesh bed rail as apose to a wooden bed rail as they are easier to transport.

6. Is your toddler bed in the middle of the room? If YES you may need to invest in two bed rails.

7. Do you need the bed rail to fold down? If YES you may need to opt for a mesh bed rail that rotates at a 90 degree angle as wooden bed guards do not rotate.




Bed rails can be purchased from most Child Safety retailers.  At Safetots.co.uk we stock a wide range of mesh bed rails, wooden bed rails and inflatable bed rails suitable for children age 18 months to 5 years.  Take a look at our Safetots bedrail finder to narrow down your search.





A toddler bed rail is the ultimate baby safety item for making the progression from a cot to a bed effortless.  Installing a toddler bed rail prevents your child from falling out of bed as they make the transition from a cot to a bed, providing a temporary solution to keeping children safe whilst they sleep during their younger years.  A bed rail creates the security of a cot yet teaches first steps of independence, enabling toddlers to climb in and out of bed independantly whilst sleeping safely in a grown up bed. Toddler bed guards are simple to install and remove and there is no lasting damage to furniture.  They can be used for a short time or for as many years as required depending on the development stage of your child.  Should your child’s bed be positioned in the centre of a room, a bed rail can be used at either side of a bed.




No! It is not advised that you install a bed rail to the foot or head of the bed.  Bed guards should be installed across the sides of a bed only.  




Bed guards are ideal temporary solutions to keeping your child safe whilst they sleep. Installing a bed rail provides no lasting damage to beds or other furniture as no drilling or screwing is necessary. A bed rail folds out to a 90 degree angle and the base frame simply slides beneath the mattress and the weight of the mattress ensures the bed rail is kept securely in place.  Some bed rails have additional straps which slip beneath the mattress for further security.  It is important upon installing a bed rail that you check the stability before allowing you child to sleep alongside it.


Click here to view our full range of toddler bed rails.  Or for more expert advice on buying a toddler bed rail contact the Safetots customer service team on 01438 728888 or email info@safetots.co.uk


Follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook for expert advice on babyproofing the home and for up to the minute news on the latest baby products.



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With so many stair gates on the market, choosing the best stair gate for your baby and home can prove challenging.  To help you make the right choice, Safetots have come up with a guide to the different types of stair gates available, providing an insight into the benefits, pros and cons of each type of gate.  From pressure fitted gates, screw fitted gates, retractable gates  and gates for dogs, we highlight the features and differences to help you reach the right decision.


Stair gates are still one of the most popular baby safety items purchased for babyproofing the home.  Given the name ‘stair gates’ many parents who live in houses without stairs still install ‘safety gates’ in various doorways to keep their little ones safe from dangers in kitchens, bathrooms or simply to create safe play zones for their children to play.  Safety gates can be used in external doorways to prevent infants and pets from venturing outside and enable doors to be open during the summer months.  Safety gates are versatile and provide the ultimate safety for infants in the home. 




Installing a baby gate in doorways and stairwells is one of the first steps many parents take to baby proofing the home once their child shows signs of crawling or shuffling.  It’s best to think ahead and fit stair gates ahead of your baby crawling as once they find their legs, it’s simply a case of gaining speed and before you know it they will be into everything.  Babies generally start crawling from the age of 8 months, however some babies are earlier some slightly later.  When your child reaches the age of 5 months, take a look around the home to establish areas where a safety gate might be needed.




Stair gates vary in price, and depending on the size and style you want the price will differ.  Today we are spoilt for choice and you can buy mesh gates, black metal gates, white metal gates and wooden gates and a wooden and metal mix to match your home interiors.  You can spend as little as £20 on a stair gate or over £100 for much larger safety gates with quality features.  Use our unique Safetots stairgate finder to view our range of stair gates for a tight budget through to our range of high end stair gates.




Choosing the right stair gate can be challenging, here we have put together a guide to all the different types of stair gates and what to consider when buying a gate.  Different stair gates have different features and sometimes buying the most expensive gate doesn’t always provide you with the ‘best stair gate’. 


Popular brands include Bettacare, BabyDan, Dreambaby, Lindam and Safetots.  Different types of stair gates are suited to different areas of the home. 


Screw fit stair gates are recommended for the top of stairs as they have no trip bar, plus they have added stability thanks to the screw fit feature. For additional safety make sure the gate opens towards you if installed at the top of the stairs. 


Retractable gates are great space saving solutions and can be installed with ease in many areas of the home.  They virtually disappear once retracted and provide a great deterrent when in use.  Although made from strong mesh, retractable gates do not provide the same barrier as metal safety gates and wooden safety gates.  Retractable gates are ideal for small spaces or areas where a permanently fitted gate is not required.


Consider how the gate opens and closes, two way opening stair gates are the most versatile option but may not be suited to all spaces.  Automatic closing gates shut automatically once you have walked through, ideal for children with siblings who may not always remember to close the gate.  Manual closing gates have to be physically closed behind you, often featuring a slide and lift mechanism to open.




Screw fit stair gate are the strongest most sturdy stair gates and recommended for the top of the stairs as they have no trip bar.  Wall mounting brackets are featured at either corner of the gate and drilling into walls or bannisters is required for installation.



As screw fit stair gates are drilled into place, they provide the strongest, most secure barrier.  Screw fit stair gates have no base trip bar making them the safest option for the top of stairs.


Screw fitted stair gates such as the BabyDan Configure Gate and the Safetots Flex Gate are made up of individual panels that range in size enabling you to create a gate configuration for your own unique space.



As screw fitted stair gates are physically screwed in place, once the gate is removed the holes will remain in place, however these can easily filled with the right materials.


Extensions are not available for many screw fit gates, it’s therefore important to ensure you have the correct measurements before purchasing.  Consider any skirting boards when measuring as this may be different to your wall to wall measurement.




Pressure fitted safety gates are versatile, they can be moved easily from one doorway to another by simply releasing the pressure at the four spindles and re-installing at another doorway or stairwell.  There is no lasting damage to walls or bannisters with pressure fitted stair gates as they are installed using pressure only and no drilling or screwing into place is required.



Fitted by pressure with 4 spindles and wall cups there is no lasting damage to surrounding walls and bannisters once removed.

Pressure gates are versatile, they can be easily moved to doorways and stairwells measuring the same width.

Most pressure fitted gates are compatible with extensions. Extensions for stair gates come in a range of sizes enabling you to make a gate configuration to suit your space.



Pressure fit stair gates are designed within a U frame.  The base of the u frame forms a bar that can potentially be tripped over.  Pressure fit stair gates are therefore not recommended for the top of the stairs and more suited to the bottom of stairs and doorways.




Fabric gates that retract back fully are generally made of a strong mesh that fully retracts into the frame when not in use.  Retractable stair gates are installed using wall mounting brackets that are screwed into place, they can be fitted to the outside wall around a door entrance or within the door frame itself. 


Retractable stair gates are a deterrent for children or pets, providing an instant screening, however they do not provide the same strength as a more permanent fixed stair gate such as metal stair gates and wooden stair gates. 



The benefits of gates that retract is that they can be fully retracted into the wall mounted bracket when not in use. 

Retractable gates are ideal gates for small spaces or awkward spaces as they can be fitted inside or outside of door frames.

Mesh gates are discreet when not in use and provide an instant temporary room divide when needed.

Retractable gates have no base bar so there is no risk from tripping over.

Retractable gates are a popular choice for external doorways.

Retractable gate brackets can be practically fitted anywhere.



Retractable gates are not generally recommended for use with dogs as if chewed, damage to the fabric may occur.

Retractable gates are not as strong as wooden gates or metal gates and create less of a permanent divide.

Not suited to extra wide spaces.




The type of stair gate you choose to prevent your dog from entering various rooms in the home, or for keeping your dog safe in the home will depend on the size and breed of your dog.




If you have a large dog which has considerable strength you may want to consider an extra tall screw fit stair gate.  A screw fitted gate is stronger than a pressure fitted gate and more suited to retaining larger, stronger pets.


For smaller dogs most pressure fitted gates or screw fitted gates will be suitable.  For pet owners whos dogs may be prone to chewing, a metal stair gate may be a more suitable choice over wood.


Pet gates with a cat flap are ideal for dog owners who also have a cat.  The pet gate creates zones for dogs yet enables a cat to enter and exit areas of the home not suited to a dog.  Dog gates with a cat flap are generally taller than standard size gates, making them suitable for larger dogs, smaller dogs and cats.




To help you find a stair gate for your doorway or stair well try our Safetots stair gate finder.  Our unique stair gate finder enables you to key in your measurements and a list of compatible stair gates, pressure fitted, screw fitted and retractable will be shown.  The stair gate finder further enables you to narrow down your search by selecting ‘pressure fitted gates’ or ‘screw fitted gates’ with a further option to select colour and brand.


Visit Safetots.co.uk to find the perfect stairgate for your home, or for a more personal service, contact our Safetots Customer Service Team on 01438 728888 who will be more than happy to help and advise, or email us at info@safetots.co.uk



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Happy New Year and welcome to 2018!  To help you keep your little ones safe throughout 2018, Safetots have come up with top tips for child proofing the home and the best time to child proof.  Thinking ahead and being prepared and proactive can prevent all kinds of incidents from happening with your crawling baby or inquisitive toddler.  Most babies begin to crawl around the age of 8 months but some are younger.  It’s a good idea to have everything in place ahead of your baby exploring the home to enable them to explore their surroundings safely.


So how can you baby proof your home and where do you start?






From the age of 6 months your baby may be sitting up unaided or showing signs of sitting up unaided, and it won’t be long before they are frustrated with sitting still, they have found their little legs and the rest of the home becomes a whole new ‘play zone’.




Up until now your home has felt perfectly safe with no potential risks to any family members, but once your little one starts to crawl, the home can very quickly become a hazardous playground.  Take a good look around your home to see where there may be potential risks to your child. 




Be quick to fasten and secure any large items to the wall such as the TV, little ones love to pull themselves up on anything in reaching distance and fitting simple TV straps such as the Babydan anti tip TV strap can prevent the TV from toppling over.  Take a look around and identify all your heavy furniture such as wardrobes, drawers, bookshelves and any units that if potentially grabbed by tiny hands or climbed into or onto, could quickly topple and cause great harm.  Fixing furniture to the wall with furniture straps is one of the most simple, low cost yet one of the most important ways you can baby proof the home.  Furniture fastenings or furniture straps are designed to prevent infants from pulling heavy, unbalanced furniture on top of themselves.






Keep any cables out of reach or keep them tidy with a ‘cable tidy’ unit or wrap them up with suitable tape to prevent access.  Install plug socket covers to any open sockets, babies can be fascinated with open sockets and may find fun in poking their tiny fingers into the exposed holes or filling them with food or quite simply enjoy playing with them.  Plug socket covers are inexpensive and can be fitted quickly throughout the home, basic baby proofing equipment that can prevent endless toddler injuries or electrical problems.   




Fit table corner guards and table edge guards to tables and units with sharp edges and sharp corners.  Babies are inclined to pull themselves up on tables and units and unsteady toddlers are inclined to topple and fall as they learn to walk.  Take a look around each room in your home for any furniture with sharp edges that your child may come onto contact with should they trip, stumble or fall.  If any of these furniture items are at a level that could lead to injuries particularly to your infants head or eyes, it may be wise to fit table edges and corner guards.




Window & cupboard locks


Cupboard locks, drawer locks, kitchen locks and bathroom locks are invaluable little items that can prevent big problems.  Locks and latches for drawers and cupboards enable you to lock up any dangerous cleaning products, medicines, electrical items or sharp objects that could be harmful to infants.  Magnetic locks or adhesive locks enable you to secure your furniture without leaving any permanent damage.  Window locks enable you to have windows open without being open to a dangerous level where a child may topple out.  Window locks prevent young children from opening windows independantly and should they manage to open a window, it won’t open fully. 






Top on our list for keeping your toddler safe in the home are ‘Stair gates’, fitting a safety gate to the bottom and top of your stairs prevents children from climbing the stairs or falling down the stairs. Learning how to use the stairs safely takes time in the early days of crawling and toddling and it’s not always possible to be there at all times to help and ensure your child is safe around the stairs.  Installing baby gates enables your child to have freedom in the home, upstairs and downstairs without the risk of injuries from stairs.  Once a child has progressed from a cot to a bed, many parents choose to install a safety gate across their child’s bedroom door, keeping them from roaming around the house should they choose to climb out of bed unannounced.  Safety gates can be used throughout the home to create safe play zones for children to play or to prevent them from entering kitchens and bathrooms when your back is turned.  Consider fitting safety gates throughout the home when your child is showing first signs of crawling or toddling and if possible, don’t leave it until they are on the move.




To keep young children safe around open fires, log burners and even gas fires consider installing a fire guard.  Unlike a fire screen which is a stand free guard, a fireguard is fitted around a fire and securely screw fitted in place.  A fireguard prevents children from having any contact with fire, and as they are screw fitted in place they provide the ultimate safety for children around fire.  If you have an unusual size fire place consider choosing a flex fire guardFlex guards are made up of individual panels from as small as 20cm through to 72cm in a range of sizes in-between, enabling you to connect fire panels of various sizes to make your own bespoke configuration. 


If you have radiators that get particularly hot, consider fitting a radiator coverFabric radiator covers enable you to cover radiators with ease without eating into the space in your room.  The dual mesh fabric is lightly padded and heat resistant preventing bumps and burns should your little one come into contact with a radiator.       




Something many new parents often overlook are the gaps between the spindles on a bannister.  Some gaps are quite large and tiny bodies with flexible soft bones are able to squeeze through.  If your little one is able to squeeze through, a fall from a height onto a wooden surface below could prove to be fatal.  Not all bannisters have wide spindles, but if you do have a young baby who is on the move, take note of your bannister railings and ensure they are safe for a baby to be near.  If in any doubt, consider fitting a bannister guard.  Bannister guards consist of a clear, unobtrusive film that encases the spindles preventing infants from putting limbs through or throwing items through.  Bannister guards and simple to fit and remove when no longer needed, leaving no lasting damage to furniture. 


MORE TIPS.......


Cut that BLIND cord


Childproofing the home can seem like an endless task and often when your baby starts to crawl you will suddenly find potential dangers in so many items and areas in the home once deemed perfectly safe.  Have you checked your blind cord or blind chain is fixed to the wall, OR at a height unreachable by your toddler? Make sure they are unable to climb on to near bye furniture and fall into a blind cord.  Blind cords should be cut short, out of reach and/or securely fastened to the surrounding wall.




Keep infants safe around hot stoves and kettles.  Ensure kettles are out of reach and there is no easy access to hot taps and hot kettles.  Install cooker guards to prevent toddlers from reaching up and pulling hot pans onto themselves.  Keep them safe from scalds and life-long scars by a cooker guard or ensure pans are placed to the back of the hob with handles out of reach.  Some ovens can get exceptionally hot and by simply fitting an oven guard, should your child come into contact with the oven surface they will be kept safe from burns.


Child proofing the home is all about being vigilant and attentive.  Take note of potential dangers in each room and make the necessary changes to make each room a safe haven for your child, or simple close off areas with Safetots child safety gates.


For all the best baby safety items for home and away visit Safetots.co.uk

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