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Must have items when travelling with Children

When travelling with your little one there are so many things that you need to consider just to travel, whether it be in a car, plane or train.  Below we have suggestions on products that will make your child comfortable and less fussy whilst you travel.


Car seat neck supports

We stock car seat supports for your baby, to make them extra comfortable and allowing them to sleep better and let you concentrate on your journey. We have a Red Castle soft 2-in-1 head hugger which provides baby with a more comfortable ride when seated in the car seat. The head hugger reduces the size of the car seat so baby can sit more relaxed and their head and neck is more supported. After a few months and baby grows bigger, the inner cushion can be removed to continue to provide a comfortable and supportive ride.  There are slots for the harness straps and is machine washable.


Red Castle 2-in-1 Head Hugger We also have the Babymoov fresh anatomical cushion which is a universal and ergonomic headrest that provides support to baby's head and gives optimal comfort for newborn babies. The cushion is made with visco-elastic memory foam that avoids pressure on baby's head and the jersey and honeycombed micro air permeable materials constantly provides perfect temperature regulation. The padded edges maintain the dorsal position and this anatomical cushion can be used on a baby bouncer, swing, car seat or carry cot, making it versatile and handy so that you do not have to carry different cushions and blankets.



Babymoov Fresh Anatomical Cushion Snack Catchers Snack catchers are handy containers to put your child's snack in when travelling and are specially designed so that the snack does not fall out so you don't need to worry when your child is having snack time in the car or anywhere else.  These are great for children learning to eat independently and they can be filled with their favourite snack. The munchkin snack catchers are available in different colours and feature soft flaps on the lid for easy access with special 'finger cleaning' bumpsMunchkin Snack Catcher The Oxo Tot snack disc features a curved shape, low profile, and non-slip base.  The 180 ml snack disk is designed for little hands and keeps snacks contained whilst they eat.




Oxo Tot Snack Disc Neck Pillows These are great for young children to support their neck on long journeys.  When children fall asleep whilst sitting down, their neck tends to loll forward or to the side, with a neck pillow they can sleep comfortably and without leaning on anyone or getting neck cramps. Skip Hops neck rests are made of soft, plush velour and come in a variety of different animal designs.



Skip Hop Neck Rest The Dreambaby inflatable neck cushion is made of soft, polar fleece and can be inflated to two sizes, making this perfect for babies and toddlers.



Diono Car Shades Car shades protect your little ones from annoying glares from the sun which in turn upsets your child and turns the car ride into a nightmare.  They also protect the kids from harmful UV rays and are very easy to attach. Dreambaby adjustable car shades come in different sizes and in cute designs with tigers and zebras.  The length is adjustable and can be rolled up when you don't need it.


Dreambaby Adjustable Car Shade Clippasafe also do car shades which are easy to put up and can also be taken off and folded and stored in a bag provided.  They come in cute designs of cartoon dogs.


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