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Travelling with an infant this Christmas to visit family and friends? Be sure to pack a few key items to ensure your stay is a relaxing and enjoyable one.  Take some of the stress and worry away and keep your baby safe as you stop with friends and relatives who may not have given a second thought to ‘childproofing’ their home.  Portable baby goods are today more readily available to buy than ever before, innovative products designed to enable your baby or toddler to have a safe night sleep or play safely away from the comfort of their own home.  From mesh bed rails that fold neatly and come complete with their own carry bag to inflatable bed rails and inflatable beds to travel safety gates and other useful packable items for keeping baby safe on your travels.   

Safetots have come up with a few top portable products for keeping you and your family safe, comfortable and rested, away from home this Christmas.





MESH BED RAILS (with carry bag)


If your child has advanced to sleeping in cot to a toddler bed, with a built in bed rail or progressed to having the cot rail lowered at home, providing the same security whilst your child sleeps away from home, without reverting back to a cot can be challenging.

There are many toddler bed rails on the market for keeping children safer whilst they sleep, however it’s not always practical to pack your large wooden bed rail as they may get damaged in transit, add extra weight and take up a great deal of space in the car.

Mesh bed rails are lightweight and come complete with a carry bag for ease of transporting.  Made from a light weight yet strong, durable mesh, built within a metal frame they make for the perfect solution in preventing your child from toppling out of bed whilst staying with the grandparents or for holidays away from home.  Toddler travel bed rails are simple to install and leave no lasting damage to the bed it’s fitted too.  They are versatile, lightweight and easy to pack up and pop in the car.  





Inflatable toddler bed rails are perfect for popping under your child’s mattress and keeping them safe whilst they sleep.  Kids inflatable bed rails pack up small for travelling, are quick to inflate and provide a soft, cushioned guard should your child roll on to it.  Inflatable bed rails are innovative child safety items that make travelling with children less stressful.  These bed rails for toddlers work perfectly with single, double and kingsize beds, they come complete with a handy carry bag and lightweight foot pump for a quick 30 second installation.   





Kids snuggle pods are great travel sleep solutions for infants.  Snuggle pods come in cute designs that appeal to young children, sleeping bags with a built in mattress that provide an instant comfortable base for sleeping, complete with the warmth of the sleeping bag.  Snuggle pods are lightweight and can be packed in the car in minutes.  These innovative travel sleep pods for children are ideal for children age 18months to 4 years.  





Travel safety gates are fold up gates that pop out and pop up quickly, fitting in doorways to keep children safe whilst they play.  Travel baby gates such as the Lindam Flexiguard are generally made of mesh within a metal frame, pressure fitted for simple and quick installation that leaves no lasting damage to the walls and furniture in the homes of friends and families.  Pop up baby gates are ideal for families who enjoy travelling with their children.


Safetots have a wide range of products to make travelling with your baby or toddler simple and stress free.   From travelling in the car to sleeping soundly and playing safely.


Visit www.safetots.co.uk for news and top tips for keeping your baby safe in the home and for a chance to enter our weekly competitions to win great, innovative products’




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Bed Rails Nov 29 ,2017




Stair railings or bannisters are one of the areas of the home often overlooked when it comes to childproofing the home for a young infant.  Most parents are often aware of the potential hazards a stair case presents and are quick to install child safety gates to the bottom and top of the stairs and in doorways leading to kitchens and bathrooms yet often overlook the potential dangers of bannister railings.


Bannister spindles if widely spaced can be hazardous to slight, small, inquisitive children, particularly at the top of the stairs on an open landing with a sheer drop beneath.  Homes with wooden floors and stairwells provide further potential danger as should a toddler, fall, slip or trip, their landing will be less cushioned.


Stair railings can also quickly become a form of entertainment to children once they discover the fun of throwing toys and other objects through the gaps to see them drop to the floor below, often damaging the floor or furniture or potentially hurting a parent of sibling in passing. 


By following a few simple steps, Safetots can help keep your crawling baby or toddler safe around your stairs and landing in the home. 





Unfortunately houses are not designed with child safety in mind and as parents of young children it’s our job to ensure the stair case and landing are safe.  Each year tens of thousands of children are hurt from stair related injuries, thankfully many result in treatable bumps and bruises but other injuries are less treatable and sometimes fatal. 


Bannister guards are designed to keep infants safe around stair railings with wider gaps between the spindles.  Bannister guards fit across the length of the bannister covering all gaps and spindles and prevent infants from putting their arms through, throwing objects through or even squeezing their tiny bodies through.  If in any doubt about the space between your spindles being safe for your child, install a bannister guard. 


The KidKusion Bannister Guard is a clear plastic, simple yet strong solution to closing off the wide gaps of bannister posts along the staircase and landing.  Made from plastic the KidKusion guard is the most robust option to fabric/net alternatives which are more prone to shredding and tearing.  The KidKusion bannister guard comes complete with tie straps enabling you to secure the strong plastic sheeting to the bannister.


The KidKusion bannister guard further benefits from being clear and unobtrusive in the home.  The clear plastic enables you to see through to the bannister as apose to creating a solid block screen that fully covers the bannister railings.


Bannister guards are a safety essential for any households that have wide gaps on bannister posts.  They prevent falls and objects falling from landings to the area below. 



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Childproofing Nov 20 ,2017




Being prepared in the event of an unexpected fire breaking out in your home is key to giving you and your family the best chance of escape and survival should the worst happen. 


What do we do if a fire breaks out in the home? How do we escape? How do we get the children to safety? These are just a few of the questions that many of us mull over yet often put to the backs of our minds thinking ‘it won’t happen to us’ or ‘I’ll think about it later’ or ‘I must buy one of those escape ladders just in case’ but never seem to get round to it.


Every year children of all ages start around 35,000 fires.  A fire can start quickly without warning and progress into an inferno in a matter of minutes.  Being prepared, knowing your escape routes in the home, making all family members familiar with the right steps and actions to take in the event of a fire and investing in a few ‘fire evacuation products’ could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.


So how can you safely evacuate your home in the event of a fire?



For families living in a two storey or three storey home, consider keeping one or more fire escape ladders in accessible locations throughout the home.  Ensure all family members know how they work and where they are kept for ease of access should a fire break out.  Fire escape ladders hook on to window sills and retract for easy and compact storage.  A fire escape ladder will carry weight up to 510kg enabling more than one family member to be on the ladder at any one time.



The baby rescue rapid evacuation carrier, invented by a firefighter provides an easy solution for safe evacuations of infants and small children.  Designed to enable families to lower their baby up to 75lbs from up to 5 stories.  The Baby rescue rapid exacuation device gives parents peace of mind and comfort in knowing in the event of a fire they have a fast and easy way to get their babies to safety.



Ultimately if you find your clothing on fire, you may find your natural reaction is to run.  Running with clothes encased in flames simply encourages flames to spread and not distinguish.  A fire blanket can be used on clothing, a chip pan, waste bin, bbq, and many items in the home to quickly and safely distinguish a fire.  A fire blanket is ideal for keeping close to hand in the kitchen, near an open fire or close to the barbeque.  A fire blanket can be thrown over open flames in an instant and can quickly distinguish small fires or clothing in flames quickly.  



Small 1kg fire extinguishers are ideal for placing around the home.  Although not capable of putting out large fires, the First Alert Multi Purpose 1kg Fire Extinguiser fights small gas, oil and electrical fires, plus wood and paper.  If you do install a fire extinguisher, make sure you read the instructions for use and make yourself familiar about how to operate the extinguisher.


The ultimate fear of any fire breaking out in the home is being trapped and unable to escape, particularly if you are on an upper floor with young children.  Being prepared with fire escape ladders and baby rescue carriers arms you with the best chance of escape should a fire break out on an upper floor.


Install a smoke alarm and frequently check it’s in working order.  If a fire breaks out in your home during the night, a smoke alarm may be the first indication that you are in trouble.  For best use, install an alarm downstairs and upstairs in the home on landings and hallways.


Keep your family safe and install a few fire evacuation items throughout the home.  Visit credible fire safety websites for expert advice on the best actions to take if a fire breaks out in the home, from checking for smoke under the doors (before opening) to crawling as apose to walking to your escape exit to limit the inhalation of smoke.  There is a great deal of expert advice available on what to do in the event of a fire, take the time to familiarise yourself with the best course of action to take should a fire break out in your home and educate all members of the family.


Safetots have a range of fire safety equipment available to purchase with next day delivery available on all items, from fire blankets and baby rescue carriers through to fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.  Providing comfort, safety and peace of mind for all the family.  

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Childproofing Nov 08 ,2017




A night light enables many children to feel safe and secure as they drift off to sleep on darker nights.  Many children struggle with the dark and fear can often creep in once lights are ‘switched out for the day’.  A night light provides a soft, low glow in a child’s bedroom, taking away the ‘pitch black’ that can often be quite frightening for many infants.  A night light is also ideal for children who may get up in the night to go to the toilet, or for early rising toddlers who are up before the sun rises.


Some baby night lights such as the Little Chick London Bed Time Soother Plush Star Projector, have a built in projector that creates an instant gorgeous starry night in a baby’s bedroom, plus an integrated music box that plays baby lullabies, helping baby to drift off to sleep and sleep soundly.  These multi-functional adorable night lights are ideal for new borns through to toddlers and beyond.  They have a great life span and loved by children of all ages.


Other popular night lights have built in sensors, switching on automatically once the dark sets in and switching off once daylight returns.  Childrens night lights such as the Pabobo automatic sensor nightlight are simple in their design, they glow gently and enable you to check on your children without waking them up.  Suitable from birth this is a great solution to keeping infants calm and comfortable during those darker evenings.


If you are looking for an infant night light that rotates and enables you to focus the light in a range of directions then look no further than the Dreambaby Swivel Light Auto-Sensor.  This versatile night light rotates 360 degrees and casts a soft light anywhere in the room you require, prevents stumbles in the night and enables little ones to see where they are going should they climb out of bed in the night.  It’s neat and compact design is ideal for bedrooms, stairways and nurseries.


When choosing the best night light for your baby, make sure you are buying from a reputable company where products have been safety tested for use around children.  Be sure they meet todays required safety standards and particularly with electrical items ensure they have been tried and tested.


All Safetots night lights have been designed for use with babies and infants, all have been safety tested and meet the required safety standards.  Create a safe and soothing sleep environment for your child during these wintery, dark nights with a Safetots night light from as little as £3.45, or install a night light on your landing or stairwell to enable wandering tots to stay stafe from stumbles and trips.


For advice or for more information on any of our child safety products, contact our Safetots customer service team on 01438 728888 or email info@safetots.co.uk.   

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Childproofing Nov 07 ,2017