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Baby allergies and sleeping problems

As we enter the warmer months, getting your baby/toddler off to sleep because pollen is triggering hay fever or because it's just too hot in their nursery can be a major headache for parents. If your infant is struggling to sleep, there is a great range of products available that can help. In this article, we look at baby allergies as well as ways to help get your little one off to sleep. What's an allergy? An allergy is a reaction by the body's immune system to substances it believes are attacking it. These substances, known as allergens, are typically things such as pollen, dust mites and animal fur that are to most people harmless. Allergens can be inhaled, ingested or touched and trigger a release of a chemical called histamine (as well as other chemicals) that causes symptoms such as congestion, blocked nasal cavities, itchy eyes and throat, rashes or diarrhea. How do I know if my baby has an allergy? Allergies are difficult to detect in babies as a slight wheeze may just indicate a cold and is something they are likely to grow out of doing as they get older. However, a persistent wheeze that continues up to the age of three and with no other symptoms could indicate asthma. Asthma, along with other common allergies such as hay fever and eczema can be easily diagnosed by your GP. Should you suspect an allergy or your baby is having trouble breathing visit your doctor immediately to get a professional diagnosis. Pollen and Hay Fever Babies, toddlers, children and adults can all develop an allergy to many different things and at any time in their life but the most common problems are with animal fur and pollen. Pollen is what triggers hay fever and around 20% of the population suffer with this condition typically between the months of March and August although some people have attacks in the autumn months. Pollen is a harmless substance but to a hay fever sufferer it triggers a release of histamine that creates a reaction of symptoms similar to a cold. If you live in a city, hay fever can be heightened as the pollen mixes with pollution from exhaust fumes. How do I treat my baby's allergy? Drug treatments such as antihistamines and steroids are occasionally used for infants with allergies but the best way is to identify and remove the cause of the allergic reaction. An allergen could be cigarette smoke, dust mites, pet hair, woollen blankets, feather pillows or pollen. Consider what's in your baby's environment to see what the probable cause is. A baby's stuffed toys for instance will attract dust mites so ensure you wash them frequently. If pollen is the cause of their reaction, keep them inside during heavy pollen alerts which are worse in the months of March to August and also on windy days when the pollen is likely to stirred up. If a pet is the cause, keep the animal restricted to certain parts of the house and make sure they are never allowed in your baby's nursery. Keeping your baby's room completely dust-free is near on impossible but frequent cleaning will help to keep the dust to a minimum ensuring dust mites (the cause of allergies) are controlled as much as possible. It is possible to improve the air in your home using air purifiers. These products help to remove airborne particles such as pollen, dust and pet dander improving the air your baby breathes. For smaller rooms such as baby's nursery, a small, quiet and discrete air purifier will filter the majority of particles in the air giving baby a better night's sleep Nursery air purifier Air Purifier For other larger areas of the home, a plasma air purifier uses a five-stage process of UV light and active carbon to filter and reduce house dust, pet hair, pollen, mould spores, viruses and bacteria. Baby sleeping problems Babies and toddlers can have difficulty falling to sleep for a variety of reasons and often a comforting word or hug from a parent will be sufficient to send them off. However, it's not always possible, or recommended, to attend to your child every time they cry when put to bed. It's worth considering the reasons your baby is not getting to sleep. Are they too hot? Is their nursery environment too warm? Is the air quality good enough? Do they need some reassurance? In the UK, our climate is changeable and we spend many months of the year either in a sealed environment with heating on or with the windows wide open because it's too hot. During the winter, central heating can draw moisture from the air meaning air quality is poor causing dry throats and skin. Moisture can be replaced using a humidifier. Maintaining good humidity in your home is a proven way to help with restless sleep as well as avoiding itchy eyes, dry skin and respiratory problems (particularly beneficial if your child has asthma). Nursery humidifier Keeping your child's room at the right temperature can be made a lot easier if you can monitor what a safe and comfortable temperature is. The ideal temperature for a safe sleeping environment is between 16-20°C and to make monitoring even easier the latest nursery thermometers glow different colours to indicate when the room is within the recommended guidelines. Nursery thermometer For some children, the position they naturally adopt during the night isn't ideal for a good night's sleep. Indigestion and reflux can all be made worse by sleeping in the wrong position. A sleep positioner is specifically designed to elevate your child into a position that will aid digestion and reduce reflux. Some positioners include a gentle pulsating artificial heart-beat that soothes baby to sleep. Baby sleep positioner Baby Sleep Positioner Many babies require reassurance to get off to sleep so consider buying a sleep assisting soft toy to make them feel safe and secure. These toys can play gentle soothing sounds, mimic heart beats or release natural aromas such as lavender which is proven to soothe babies into a gentle night's sleep. Soothing baby toy for sleep Slumber Bear

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Why Choose a Wooden High Chair?

Choosing a high chair can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, with so many different makes, models and features, establishing what exactly you need can be really difficult. When it comes to wooden high chairs, the decision is marginally easier as many of the features of wooden high chairs do not differ too greatly from model to model. The wooden high chair has a timeless look and a style that has been around for generations, despite this, wooden high chairs that you see around today have evolved to become more modern yet still as hardy and strong as their predecessors. One of the main benefits of choosing wooden high chairs over modern plastic high chairs is that they last longer. As wooden high chairs are more similar in appearance to dining chairs, they typically match dining room furniture and after removing the feeding tray can be used up to approximately 10 years of age.  The wooden high chairs stocked at Safetots comply with safety standard regulations and the majority of our wooden high chairs are fully adjustable, meaning that by simply adjusting the height of the base plate accommodates child growth easily. The one drawback of a wooden high chair is that some models do not fold down as small as some of its plastic competitors. Whilst this may cause a sticking point in some parents choice, for those who rarely need to fold down the high chair it causes no worry. You can find the full specifications on in the high chairs section of our website.


As wooden high chairs are more similar in appearance to dining chairs, they typically match dining room furniture and after removing the feeding tray can be used up to approximately 10 years of age.  All Safetots wooden high chairs comply with safety standard regulations and the majority of our high chairs are fully adjustable, meaning that by simply adjusting the height of the base plate accommodates child growth easily. The one drawback of a wooden high chair is that some models do not fold down as small as some of its plastic competitors. Whilst this may cause a sticking point in some parents choice, for those who rarely need to fold down the high chair it causes no worry. You can find the full specifications on each of the wooden high chairs stocked by Safetots in our safety essentials


The one drawback of a wooden high chair is that some models do not fold down as small as some of its plastic competitors. Whilst this may cause a sticking point in some parents choice, for those who rarely need to fold down the high chair it causes no worry. You can find the full specifications on each of the wooden high chairs stocked by Safetots in the baby essentials section of our website. You’ll find wooden high chairs in a range of colours and matching, wooden high chair accessories.

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High Chairs Jun 18 ,2017

Child safety tips from Safetots

Although the home is often considered to be the safest place for children, there are several dangers within it that are often overlooked. The dangers can be life threatening or cause severe injuries leading to permanent disabilities. Each year numerous children suffer from fatal injuries that could have been easily avoided by taking just a few simple measures. The most common cause of accidents leading to death and injury are fires and falls. The moment your children start to find delight in his hands and feet, it becomes extremely vital for you to start preparing to prevent him from deadly falls and potentially fatal fires, etc. Study has shown that every year about 390,000 children are taken to the hospital resulting from a fall.



The best place to go to for all safety solutions is Safetots. We are market leading specialists of child safety products and source our products from most sought after brands like BabyDan, Bettacare, Lindam, etc. All our products are rigorously tested and comply with all safety standards including EN 1930:2000. Child safety products are manufactured using superior quality materials and are extremely durable, functional and trendy.



Installing stair gates is the best way to prevent your baby from having dangerous falls. Safetots stocks an array of these safety gates that can suit any of your home decor. You can find both pressure and screw fitted gates, which come in various styles like extra tall, unique space, hands free and travel safety gates. Fireplaces are often attractive for children and can lead to potential hazards. The best solution to detour them will be to use fireguards from Safetots. Our fireguards are not only protective, but also make excellent decorative pieces.



To know more about our child safety products contact us at Safetots experts at Unit 7, The Orbital Centre, Gunnels Wood Road Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2NB United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 (0)1438 728888, email: info@safetots.co.uk

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Childproofing Jun 27 ,2017

Child proof ready for the summer



Sun protection is more important than ever, especially for young children as they are often exposed, for lengthy periods, to the sun’s rays during endless hours spent playing outdoors. Without the appropriate sun protection there can be some serious risks to a child’s health from spending extensive time in the sun. Aside from the visible dangers of sunburn, over exposure from the sun’s harmful rays can also affect a child’s eyes and immune system.


While this can be a worry, ‘prevention’ is the ultimate solution in protecting your children from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the hot summer months.


Safetots have a wide range of sun and swimwear for children designed to keep them safe in the sun and water, enabling them to have fun in the sun whilst providing parents with peace of mind as they play in the hot outdoors. Safetots are home to a wide range of kids sun and swim products, designed to provide the ultimate in sun and swim safety, from beach shoes, Sun hats and UV protective sun wear to float suits, wet suits and many more swimming aids for children. There are many other sun safety solutions available thanks to Safetots wide range of child Sun Tents for keeping children shaded during peak sun hours at the beach or park and Sun Umbrellas, ideal for popping up anywhere whilst out and about with children. Safetots stock superior quality products that will prevent harmful UV sun rays from penetrating your child’s skin that may potentially cause lasting damage and illness in their adult life.


Some of Safetots leading brands include Konfidence and Jakabel, their great range of wet suits, UV jackets and float suits are specially designed for children to provide the ultimate sun protection and safety during play whilst in and out of the water.


Sun protective hats are an essential summer item of a child’s wardrobe in preventing sun related illnesses such as sun stroke, often caused from overexposure of the sun to the back of the neck and head. Sun hats are the ultimate child safety product when it comes to minimising intense sun exposure. Safetots have a variety of sun hats that are not only protective, but also come in a variety of fun designs, styles and colours aimed at children. Safetots sun hats are made from lightweight and comfortable UV50+ materials that offer a great level of comfort and maximum protection in the sun and water.  Given the potential harm caused by excessive sun exposure, Safetots sunhats are ideal for protecting tender little heads and are an essential part of every child’s summer wardrobe.


To explore our full range of child safety products contact us at Safetots Unit 7, The Orbital Centre, Gunnels Wood Road Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2NB United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 (0)1438 728888, email: info@safetots.co.uk

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Sun Safety Jun 28 ,2017

Protecting babies and toddlers in the sun


Damaging ultraviolet sun rays present a risk of skin cancer (melanoma), sunburn and heatstroke, some of the dangers caused by the hot sun and just a few of the reasons for protecting children as much as possible whilst they play in the sun.  So how can you keep your children safe during those hot summer months?

Avoid the midday sun.  Try to avoid taking your children out when the sun is at its peak, which is generally between 11am and 3pm and completely avoid exposing babies under 6 months to direct sunlight where possible. Should you need to venture out during peak hours, it’s advised that children should wear light-weight loose fitting clothing complete with sun hats that cover their ears and back of their necks.

Attach a buggy sun shade. When taking children out and about in a pushchair, pram or back carrier it’s important to shade and protect them with a suitable parasol or sun shade.  The Safetots Buggy Sun Shade is multifunctional and clips easily to most buggies, pushchairs, playpens and car windows. With a UPF50+ this versatile Safetots sunshade provides the ultimate protection from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

Attach a sunshade to car windows.  If you are travelling by car ensure the car is cool before putting the children in and setting off.  Invest in car sun shades such as the Dino Sun Stoppers 2 Pack Baby Sun Shade and protect both front and rear facing children from sun and glare.  Car sun shades attach in seconds and fit most cars, mini vans and SUVs.

Apply sun screen.  Apply sun screen to young skin, 15 to 30 minutes before heading outdoors and every 2 hours there-after ensuring good coverage of the back of the neck and shoulders.  If your child ventures into water, it is recommended that you apply a water resistant sun screen and re-apply sun lotion once they are out of the water.  For children a sun screen with no less than SPF 15 with UVA and UVB protection is advised.  However a water resistant SPF 50+ provides the ultimate and best protection for young skin, keeping them safer for longer.

Stay hydrated. Most importantly, make sure children stay hydrated, frequently offer them plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.  If it proves challenging getting your infant to drink water, try making homemade fruit juice ice lollies, or offer diluted fruit juice.  If your baby is still breastfeeding they may require shorter and more frequent feeds. Offer bottle fed babies cooled boiled water in addition to their normal milk feeds.

There are many products available, designed to protect children from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays:

The Safetots Kids Sun Shelter – UV Protection Beach And Garden Tent provides the ultimate ultraviolet protection for children at the beach, park or simply in the garden.  With a UPF30, this spacious sun shelter keeps children safe in the sun whilst ensuring space for all the family.  The Safetots Kids Sun Shelter is durable and robust when erected yet folds into a small travel storage bag when packed away, designed for ease of packing for family holidays abroad. 

The Koo-DI Pack-It Sun and Sleep Stroller Cover fits most pushchairs, strollers & buggy's (including 3-Wheeler's) and is a compact "Pack-it Universal Sun and Sleep Shade", the ideal item to keep in the basket of your stroller or in your change bag at all times to protect your little one from the sun. Its blocks 93% of all UVA and UVB rays.

The Diono Solar Eclipse Sun Shade is a 2 in 1 car window shade that can either provide full shade or screen the shade but retain the view.  This two in one roll up window shade provides full shade protection of UPF50+.  The Diono Solar Max Car Window Sun Shade Pack Of 2 provides shade to both back, side windows. The Diono sun shades fix to windows with either suction cups or window hooks and come complete with a button rewind.

The Dreambaby Clip On Stroller Fan features soft foam fins, a flexible neck, on/off switch and an alligator clip. This clip on fan can be attached to most strollers, cribs and playpens and will keep your child cool during the summer months.

The LittleLife Family Beach Shelter is lightweight and simple to erect, provides sun protection for all the family and comes complete with a compact carry case with a shoulder strap for ease of travelling. This Little Life Beach tent is ideal for taking with you on beach holidays or simply to the park.  Providing protection of up to UPF50+ this sun tent provides the perfect shelter for your child during the hot weather. 

The Littlelife Arc 2 Travel Cot And Sunshade provides a safe and comfortable sleep zone for your child, complete with a sunshade this compact cot provides the perfect environment for your child to sleep safely away from home, on holiday or in the garden.  The Littlelife Travel Cot has insect proof mesh on the sides and top, is easy to erect and fold away and packs up into its own carry case when not in use.

The UV Shirt, Shorts and Sun Hat can be worn in and out of the water to provide the ultimate sun protection for your child, ideal for holidays or playing in the park. Fast drying swim and sun wear with protection up to UPF50+, the sun-hat, complete with a back flap further protects the neck as well as providing shade to the face thanks to its flat peak.

The Nsauk 3 In 1 All Weather Protector fits most infant car seats and travel systems. This lightweight and portable multi layered all weather protector provides UV protection from the sun thanks to the UV sunshade.  The splashproof rain cover provides protection in the rain and conveniently zips away when no longer required.  Comes complete with a thick mesh layer for ventilation and provides further protection from insects.

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Sun Safety Jun 20 ,2017



Getting yourself organised and packed to go away on a short weekend trip or holiday can be challenging enough but when there's a baby or toddler in the mix to pack for, the task ahead can seem even more daunting.


To help you plan for your trip away, Safetots have come up with all the top tips and advice you’ll need for travelling safely with your baby or infant.


The Journey

Firstly, think about the journey ahead. Remembering your bags and passports is essential, but what about the endless list of things your infant will need for the journey? Here's a few ‘travelling tips’ to consider before jumping in the car and setting off: -


Check your infant car seats. Is your child safely strapped into a child car seat suited and recommended to their age and weight?  It’s important to continually monitor the growth of your child and invest in a new car seat as and when they outgrow their existing car seat.  Safetots have a wide range of Renolux Serenity Car Seats  and Diono Radian 5 Car Seats suitable from birth to 7 years.  Car seats tried and tested that meet todays recommended safety standards.


Take a carefully packed Changing Bag. Make sure you have all the essentials packed in your baby changing bag. Baby changing bags such as the Diaper Dude Deluxe Messenger have many pockets to ensure all your baby items are organised and easily accessible.  Be sure to pack a travel change mat, baby wipes, nappies, soothers, muslins, milk, food, drink cups, snacks, toys, teethers, a change of clothes and sick bags for infants and keep sun screen handy if the weather is hot.


Pack plenty of toys for travel. Car seat organisers such as the Diono Stow N Go Backseat Organiser and the Babydan Car Caddy Organiser enable you to organise your children’s toys, drinks and snacks making everything easy for them to find and making the journey more exciting.  Plenty of toys and games will keep children entertained during those long hours on the motorway.


Make travelling comfortable.  Car sun shades keep the glare of the sun from shining in your child’s eyes.  Car sun shades are simple to fit and easy to remove, fit to both side and back windows and keep your child comfortable whilst they travel.  Pack a travel pillow for comfort and a travel blanket for keeping children warm.


Before you set off for your travels it’s important to make sure you have packed appropriately for keeping your child safe on holiday at the destination you have planned.


Holiday home child safety

Whether it's the home of a family member you're visiting, a hotel or a villa, don't expect your accommodation to have the same safety features in place as your own home. Wherever you're staying, the likelihood is there'll be a staircase unguarded, doors that can trap little fingers and cupboards that contain sharp or dangerous objects.


Top Tip: Speak to your travel agent or host and seek advice on how child friendly your holiday home is and whether or not they have features in place for keeping infants safe.


Consider packing a portable travel gate such as the Babydan Gate To Go or the Lindam Felxiguard to protect your little one from the dangers of stairs or to restrict their movements to one room.  


Keep inquisitive minds from exploring cupboards by packing a few cabinet locks and cabinet latches. Choose adhesive or non-permanent fixings such as the Clippasafe Mini Multi-Purpose Latches and the Baby Dan Double Cabinet Lock which can be easily fitted and then removed when your stay is over.  Safetots also supply a wide range of packable door stops, that simply fit to the top or side of doors, preventing them from being slammed shut and trapping your tot's fingers. 


Bathing your baby or toddler on holiday

Chances are your accommodation won't have baby bathing facilities that can contain your tot in a safe space while you bathe them. You'll also be less familiar with water temperatures in unfamiliar surroundings and preventing the risk of scolds from hot water is imperative. Here are a couple of products that can overcome these travel problems:


How hot is that water? So many injuries to children are caused by scolds from hot bath water so pack a handy bath thermometer and make sure the temperature is just right.  The Clippasafe Floating Dolphin Bath Temperature Indicator monitors the water temperature indicating via three panels if the water is too hot, cold or just right for your infant.  Alternatively the Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky Temperature Indicator tests the water temperature whilst providing fun at bath time for your infant.


Getting your baby/toddler to sleep on holiday

The key to successfully getting your baby or toddler to sleep when away on holiday is to recreate the home sleeping environment as best you can. Maintain their usual sleep routine and pack their favourite bedtime toy.


Top TipPack a bed sheet from their cot that hasn't been washed. Familiar smells will soothe them to sleep.


If you are travelling by car, you might just have room for a portable travel cot.  Safetots have a wide range of travel cots suitable for babies and infants.  The Safetots Travel Cot features a padded bumper rail and comes complete with mesh sides and a cot mattress to enable your child to sleep or play safely and comfortable on holidays or long weekends away.


Top Tip: Spend a few nights before your trip putting baby down to sleep in their travel cot so they're familiar with sleeping in their new surroundings.


For infants who have progressed from a cot to bed, a travel bed rail such as the Safetots mesh bedrail in White or Natural can be easily packed in the car and provides your infant with protection from rolling out of bed on holiday.  Inflatable bed rails such as the shrunks inflatable bed guards are ideal solutions for travelling with your child.  Shrunks inflatable bed guards conveniently fit beneath any standard sized twin, queen or king bed sheet and are suitable for children from the age of two years up.


If you are travelling abroad with your child, take a look at our blogs on ‘Protecting babies and toddlers in the Sun’ and ‘Holiday sun & swim safety’ and get all the top tips and advice for keeping your children safe in the sun, sea and sand.  


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Holiday Sun & Swim Safety


For a few years now the government has followed the lead of a successful campaign launched in Australia about sun safety. The Slip, Slap, Slop campaign encouraged everyone to Slip on a T-Shirt, Slap on a hat and Slop on the sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays.


For babies and toddlers this is essential as their skin is thin and delicate and more easily damaged than an adults. However, the campaign has now gone three steps further and includes slamming on a pair of sunglasses, sipping water and whenever possible staying in the shade.


To ensure your little one is protected from sunburn while on holiday, in the garden or at the beach, we've put together this great range of products to cover the essentials of Slip, Slap, Slop, Slam, Sip and Stay. 'Slip' – Sun Suits & Socks Slipping on a t-shirt is fine but for a baby or toddler they need some extra protection so we recommend a sun suit which can eliminate 98% of the sun's harmful rays. With less skin exposed the suit also keep nappies in place and stops the sand from getting in.  


For the tot who likes to get in the sea or pool but still needs sun protection, a UV Suit With Floats already built in keeps them in a safe forward tilting position while in the water and has a +50 UPF. Safetots have a wide range of Konfidence Floatsuits for babies and infants to help keep them safe in the sun and water.  And don't forget their tiny toes. The feet have a very thin layer of skin covering them so protector socks or Beach Shoes will prevent sunburn as well as being non-slip.  'Slap' – Sun Hats, serve a variety of functions such as keeping the sun off your little one's head, keeping the sun out of their eyes and keeping them cool when playing out in the sun. Buy a sun hat that has a SPF +50 protection and one that has a brim or peak for shading the eyes. Some sun hats also have side and back flaps for added protection to the ears and neck.   


 'Slop' – Sunscreen / Sun Cream Normal sun cream bought in any chemist can irritate your child's skin because it's so sensitive at this tender age and standard creams can be quite harsh. You'll need something specially formulated that will provide the same level of protection while being kind to your baby and toddler's skin. Sun cream shouldn't be seen as an alternative to Sun Suits and Sun Hats but an addition to the protection you're providing your little ones particularly for those areas of the body that are exposed (i.e. the face, nose, hands etc.).  'Slam' – Sunglasses We don't recommend that you actually 'slam' a pair of sunglasses onto your tot's face but you should provide them with a decent pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays. The UV400 category lenses will block out harmful UV radiation which can damage their vulnerable eyes and the neoprene strap will keep the sunglasses in place as they play. Sizes available for babies (up to 2 years of age) and toddlers (from 2 to 5 years-old).   'Sip' – Drinks bottles and cups of water are essential to prevent your baby or toddler becoming dehydrated in the heat. Safetots have a great range of baby cups and infant cups, the Munchkin click lock trainer cup, Clevamama training cup and the Dreambaby 7oz lose or re-use tumblers, ideal for packing in your bag for days out and about.


Keep their drinks in a neoprene covered bottle which is perfect for travelling and will keep the contents cooler for longer. Make sure your child drinks at regular intervals.  'Stay' – UV tents and sun shade Despite all the great products we've mentioned you should still find plenty of shade in which to set up camp when outdoors in the sun. Make sure your baby or toddler regularly takes time out in the shade. Natural shade is great but also take a UV Tent with you to block out the sun's harmful rays and help to keep your tot cool in the summer sun.   


Parents - don't forget to follow the advice too. Slip on some clothing, slap on a hat, slop on the sunscreen, sip water and stay in the shade. This Sunproof portable UV folding beach umbrella is perfect for adults and kids.  So there you go. Just remember to Slip, Slap, Slop, Slam, Sip and Stay and you'll enjoy the summer.

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Sun Safety Jun 21 ,2017