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Fireguards for keeping babies safe should be exactly this a ‘fireguard’ and not a ‘fire screen’.  Child fireguards enable you to securely fix the fire guard to the surrounding wall or fire surround safely and securely so there is little risk of the fire guard toppling over should an infant come into contact with it.  A fire screen is less secure, it simply stands in front of a fire, on the hearth to protect floors and furnishings from sparks and hot embers.  Fire screens are also often purchased for decorative reasons and not for keeping children safe around fire.


Fire guards for children are heat resistant to ensure little hands don’t burn should they come into contact with the fireguard, keeping them safer around open fires, log burners and even gas fires.  Multi panel fireguards are available in various sizes to enable you to child proof fires large and small.  As multi panel fire guards and flex hearth gates are made up of interconnecting panels, available to purchase in various sizes, your own configuration of fireguard can be achieved.  Flex hearth gates and multi panel fire surrounds provide further versatility in that you can connect the opening door panel to either the front or side of your fireguard configuration as required.  Door openings feature a double locking mechanism, making them ultra safe for young infants.   


If possible, fire safety guards should be installed within a safe distance from your fire.  Although fire guards are designed to be heat resistant, they can still retain some heat if placed too close.  Ensure small arms are safe should they attempt to reach through the bars and all dangerous fire related tools out of reach.  Fireplace safety in the home should never be underestimated and overlooked.  Unaware of the dangers of an open fire, curious crawling babies and toddlers are most at risk from open fires and hot stoves.  Installing and screw fitting a fire guard, complete with an opening door panel with a double locking mechanism is the best solution for keeping children safe around fire.


Safetots have a wide selection of fireplace guards for log burners and fire gards for open fires, safety tested fireplace barriers for babies.  If you need help and advice in choosing the best fire guard for your home, or struggling to find a fireplace gate to fit your own unique space, call Safetots Customer Service on 01438 728888 who will be more than happy to assist or email info@safetots.co.uk.     

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Fire Guards Sep 28 ,2017



Stairways, kitchens, bathrooms, fire hearths to name but a few, are areas of the home that pose potential risks for older babies finding their feet and confident toddlers on the move.   


To keep children safe in the home, installing baby stair gates and child stair gates throughout the home is advised.  It is important that any access to open stairways and rooms in the home that could be hazardous to young children if left alone, are restricted by installing child stair gates. Fitting safety stair gates in doorways and stairwells is one of the best ways to child proof the home.  As infants have an innate curiosity and tend to feel the need to explore their surroundings, stair gates for babies enable you to restrict them to areas considered safe in the home. Installing child stair gates is one of the best and first steps to childproofing the home and the ultimate solution in preventing any potential accidents from occurring throughout the house. 



It is recommended to install screw fit safety stair gates to the top of stairs and pressure fit stair gates at the bottom of the stairs one your baby is showing signs of crawling and toddling.  Pressure fit stair gates are designed within a U frame, posing a potential trip hazard and the pressure fit instillation is less sturdy than screw fit.  Screw fitted safety stair gates have no trip bar and they are screw fitted securely into place, ultimately safer and more secure for the top of the stairs.



Bathrooms and kitchens are also potential dangerous areas in the home less suitable to infants unless supervised by an adult and installing safety stair gates to prevent infants from entering these rooms provides further peace of mind as you go about your day.  Stair gates for babies are the ultimate in baby safety equipment creating room divides which enable your child to play freely, safely and independantly.  Many parents choose to install wall mounted stair gates in hallways, doorways and stairwells throughout the home before their child shows any signs of crawling, in preparation for the day they suddenly, unexpectedly find their feet. 



Most parents make their own judgement based on their own individual child, each child develops differently and some show independence long before others.  Generally a safety stair gate will remain in place until the age of two, when a child is able to climb independantly and safely up and down the stairs with ease.  Retractable stair gates are an ideal solution for creating ‘non-permanent’ room divides, a sliding stair gate that can be opened with ease and retracted back into the bracket when no longer required is a great deterant for inquisitive infants.  


Another important indication on when is the right time to remove stair gates is determined by a child’s abilities. By the age of two some children might climb or even attempt moving the baby stair gates which can be dangerous. It is important to gauge the level of risk based on the child’s level of independence and development.


Most child safety experts like Charles E Schaefer, the author of ‘Ages and Stages’ and other safety gates manufacturers suggest removing baby stair gates when the infant reaches two years old.




If you are not confident in choosing the best stair gate for your home, contact child safety experts ‘Safetots’ who are more than happy to take your measurements and recommend the best child stair gate for your home.  Safetots have a wide range of angled stair gates, wood stair gates, small stair gates, retractable stair gates and stairgates for narrow spaces and wide spaces.

For more information on choosing the best baby stair gate, please feel free to contact Safetots today.  Home to the best child safety equipment for homes and nurseries.

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Stair Gates Sep 25 ,2017

Keeping toddlers safe from hot radiators



As Summer quickly turns to Autumn, winter looms and the cold days and evenings take over, fires are lit, the heating is switched on and child proofing the home for winter begins!  When child proofing the home it’s important to look at all areas of the house that may prove potentially hazardous to young infants.  One potential risk to children that is often overlooked is a ‘hot radiator’. Protecting children from potential burns from open fires and hot stoves by installing a fireguard seems obvious and most parents are quick to install a fireguard, less obvious and frequently overlooked are the potential bumps and burns infants may acquire should they come into contact with a boiling hot radiator.


Fireguards are vastly available to protect children from open fires and hot stoves and radiator covers are also readily available to enable homes to be heated and infants kept safe.  Radiator covers are no longer ugly, solid structures that take up floor space in the home, today there are various, simple, fabric radiator covers available that neatly cover radiators, take up no floor and wall space, radiate heat efficiently and keep cool to the touch.  Padded, fabric radiator covers are the best radiator covers for keeping infants safe from bumps and burns.  


Safetots supply white fabric radiator covers to fit radiators vertical and horizontal.  Size adjustable radiator covers that fit snug to most radiators thanks to the pull tie fastenings in a range of sizes to suit most radiators large and small.  Safetots padded radiator covers, cushion and prevent toddlers from the sharp edges and corners, the 25mm soft padding ensures any harm to infants is vastly reduced should they stumble and fall into a radiator and the heat resistant fabric prevents toddlers from burns. Fabric radiator covers enable 95% of heat to radiate a room, very little heat is lost from covering the radiator and the stretch fabric ensures they are simple to install.


If your baby or infant has just found their feet, take a quick look around the home, asses the radiators in the rooms they play and sleep and cover where possible to prevent and reduce risks of injury.  Fabric radiator covers are the most energy efficient radiator covers, their clean, simple design looks good and blends in almost unnoticed with the furnishings and furniture of todays’ modern home. 


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Childproofing Sep 20 ,2017





A fire screen is an item used to shield and protect a room from sparks and embers from an open fire. Fire screens are generally placed in front of a fire, often used simply for decorative purposes only and not for the safety and security of young children and pets. Unlike a fireguard a fire screen stands free around or within the fire hearth and is not screw fitted securely to the surrounding wall. Fire screens in the uk are not suitable or advised for parents wishing to keep their children safe from an open fire, log burner or gas fire in their home. Should a young child topple into a stand free fire screen there is the danger of the fire screen collapsing and a child falling into a hot fire. If not used for decorative purposes only, a fire screen will prevent sparks and embers from damaging surrounding floors and furniture, but will not prevent a child from coming into contact with fire.



Fireguards that are screw fitted safely and securely in place such as the Safetots flex multi panel fire surround and the Babydan flex hearth gate are the best fireguards for keeping children safe around fire.


Child fire guards in the UK are the best solution to keeping children safe around fire and recommended in homes with open fires and log burners.  Small fireguards for babies are screw fitted and safe and particularly popular in preventing young babies on the move from crawling into an open fire or pulling a hot fireguard on top of themselves.  Baby fireguards are the safest solution in keeping inquisitive babies safe around fire as apose to firescreens.  Should a baby come into contact with a fireguard there is no risk of it toppling over and causing potential harm.  A fire screen stands freely on the hearth and can topple with ease if grabbed by a young tot.


Today there are many contemporary fireguards on the market, designed to not only be functional but to look good in today’s modern home.  Safetots have a wide range of childproof fireguards, flexible white fire guards and black fire guards, fire guards for children and small fire guards for babies.  Multi panel fire surrounds enable you to create a fire surround to fit your own unique space.  Made from separate panels, these versatile fireguards enable you to create an extra large fire guard if needed or a small fireguard.  Multi panel fireguards enable you to create your own fireguard configuration.

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Fire Guards Sep 07 ,2017




One of the most common questions asked once a wood burner is installed in the home is ‘Do I need a fireguard for my wood burner?’  Whilst it is personal choice as to whether or not you choose to install a wood burner guard, we do recommend it in homes with young children.  Although there is less danger of a child coming into contact with open flames that an open fire presents, potential dangers from burns from a hot stove are still present.


If you do choose to install a log burner guard you may be wondering ‘which is the best fireguard for a woodburner’? and ‘What is the most suitable distance to safely install a wood burner guard’? Multi panel fire surrounds and flex hearth gates are popular fire guards for log burners.  The Safetots multi panel surround and the Babydan flex hearth gate are versatile fireguards and one of the best wood burner guards in the uk for log burners.  The multi panel surround and the flex hearth gate are formed of interconnecting fireguard panels enabling you to create a wood burner guard of any size required.  It is therefore possible to install this unique log burner guard at the preferred, safest distance to ensure minimal heat to the steel bars.  The interconnecting log burner panels also enable you to angle each panel to 10 degree increments, enabling you to install a wood burner guard to awkward or unusual log burner hearths or surrounds. 


Fire guards for log burners are becoming increasingly popular in homes with young children, they instantly prevent children from coming into contact with a hot stove. Baby fireguards keep inquisitve babies on the move safer in the home during the winter months.  They securely screw fit to the surrounding wall ensuring if any child comes into contact with the wood burner guard there is no risk of it collapsing.  Safetots multi panel fire surrounds are available in black or white and the simple, steel, industrial structure doesn’t look out of place in today’s modern home.


There is no recommended distance for installing your log burner guard away from the wood burner.  Many companies suggest a range of distances, however log burners vary in size and heat distribution also varies and it is therefore important to judge an installation distance most suited to your requirements.  To prevent the wood burner guard bars from overheating, it is advised to place the wood burner guard at a suitable distance to ensure the bars refrain from getting too hot.  The Flex guard is the best fireguard for a wood burner as the interconnecting bars enable you to achieve the desired distance.  


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Fire Guards Sep 06 ,2017




What are the differences, benefits, pros and cons of a Multi Panel fireguard versus a Steel Mesh fireguard?


Multi panel fire guards are designed to be versatile fireguard solutions for wood burners, open fires and gas fires.  Made from powder coated, heat resistant steel, these fireguards with their contemporary design are popular with many parents due to the clean frame which fits well in today’s modern home.  Mesh fireguards are made from a powder coated steel mesh and provide a less versatile, more traditional option, particularly popular in homes with larger fire hearths and fireplaces.


Multi panel fire guards have many benefits, one being the ability to angle any of the interconnecting panels enabling installation within and around awkward and unusual hearths and fire places.  As the multi panel fire guard is formed of interconnecting panels that can be positioned and angled at 10 degree increments, this unique fireguard can be made to fit spaces large and small simply by removing panels and adding panels.  A multi panel baby fireguard further benefits from having the ability to connect a standard 72cm two way opening door panel or an extra wide door opening panel for ease of access to the fire.  One or more fireguard opening door panels may be installed to the side and/or front of the baby fireguard configuration enabling access to the fire from both the front and side as required.  The multi panel fire guard is a popular choice of fireguard for homes with a wood burner, as the structure is versatile the fireguard can be installed to fit the safest distance for keeping the fireguard to the coolest temperature possible.


Mesh fireguards are a more traditional fireguard, although less versatile than the multi panel fireguard in that the structure is fixed, with no ability to angle the gate, it does provide a great solution in preventing children from accessing the fire.  Although fireguard extensions are available enabling you to increase the size of the fireguard, the shape and structure is standard.  Unlike multi panel fireguards (which have an open top) mesh fire guards benefit from an enclosed mesh top, ideal in preventing toddlers from throwing items into an open fire.  The mesh fireguard is particularly popular in homes with larger more traditional hearths and fire places.  Unlike multi panel fireguards which benefit from access via a two way opening door, access to the fire via a mesh fire guard is made by releasing the multi clip connectors and moving panels away from the fire.  Although access to the fire is possible, it is less straightforward than the multi panel surround.


Both the mesh fireguard and the multi panel fire guard are popular in the uk, they provide the ultimate in safety from contact with open fires and wood burners.  They are the best fireguards for ensuring the ultimate in child safety as they stand stable and secure on the floor or hearth then screw fit securely to the wall or fire surround.  By screw fitting these fireguards to the surrounding wall, the fireguard will not collapse into the fire should a child or pet come into contact with it.


Both the multi panel fireguard and mesh fireguard are tried and tested in the UK and meet todays required child safety standards.  The multi panel fireguard is unique to Safetots, the best selling fireguard, available in a choice of black or white. 

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Fire Guards Sep 06 ,2017

Fireguard safety





A fireguard protects and prevents young children from the dangers of an open fire, wood burner and even a gas fire.  A fire guard is the safest and most secure solution for keeping children safe around fire, particularly babies on the move and toddlers, preventing them from coming into contact with flames and hot stoves.  Fire guards are heat resistant, strong, sturdy, steel structures that should be screw fitted in place to ensure the ultimate safety should a young child come into contact with the fireguard


Here at Safetots we have a range of black and white multi panel fire guards that are versatile and can be adapted to suit most open fires, hearths and log burners.  Fire guard panels in various sizes ranging from 20cm through to 72cm enable you to create a fireguard to suit your own bespoke space. 


Our range of Steel mesh fireguards are particularly popular with parents of young children, the strong and secure metal structure with an encased top not only stops children from making contact with fire but prevents children from throwing items into the fire. 


It only takes a second for a child to fall into or touch a fire and the consequences can be irreversible and unbearable.  A fireguard is the ultimate safety item for keeping children safe in the home during the long winter months when a fire is frequently in use.







It is important when choosing the right fireguard for your home to ensure the fireguard can be safely and securely fixed to the surrounding wall.  A fire guard that is securely screw fitted in place will prevent it from collapsing into the fire should a young child come into contact with the guard. 




There is no ‘best fire guard’, its simply personal choice as to which fireguard is most compatible with your fire and fire surround and which fireguard works best in your home. 


The Safetots multi panel fire surround and the Babydan flex hearth gates are particularly popular with parents.  Flex hearth gates and multi panel surrounds are contemporary, steel fireguards that are designed to be functional yet look clean and minimal in today’s modern home.  Safetots multi panel fire surrounds and Babydan flex hearth gates are the most versatile of fireguards with panels that fit snuggly together in sizes 20cm, 30cm, 46cm and 72cm.  Gate panels measure 72cm and can be positioned to the side or front of any fireguard configuration. Babydan flex hearth gates and Safetots multipanel fire surrounds provide further versatility in that they can be angled to suit most unique spaces and hearths.


Steel mesh fireguards such as the Safetots original fire guard and Safetots designer fire guard are more traditional and more suited to larger fireplaces and hearths.  Mesh, steel fireguards ensure the maximum stability and security and provide the ultimate in fire safety with the additional top casing.  Fireguard extensions are available for both the original and designer fireguards enabling you to extend the fireguard further if required.




To establish which is the most suitable fireguard for your fireplace or hearth it is advised to measure the space intended for use before ordering.  Extensions are available for all Safetots fireguards and fireguard extension panels are available in various sizes.  If you are unsure about whether or not you need a fireguard extension, Safetots can advise and recommend a configuration of fireguard panels that will work for your unique space.  Multi panel fireguard extensions and flex hearth gate extensions are simple to join together and can be fitted to either side of any existing fireguard panel to create the size of configuration required.




Many people have a pre-conception that fireguards are only necessary for open fires however they are recommended and advised for all fires particularly in homes where a young child may come into contact with a fire.  Fireguards for log burners are just as important as a log burner can gain considerable heat inside and out and can be particularly dangerous to the touch.  Fireguards and fire screens are the ultimate solution to keeping children safe around open fires, wood burners and gas fires.




Once your fireguard is installed securely in place, it is a good idea to check the stability of the guard and testing it by applying pressure to all angles to ensure the safety of children and pets should they come into contact with the fireguard.




If storage is an issue in your home and you would prefer to store your fireguard during the summer months, consider a fireguard with panels that fold for ease of storage.  As the Safetots multipanel fireguard and the Babydan flex hearth gate have interconnecting panels that can be easily dismantled when not in use they are ideal space saving fireguards that can be easily put away when not needed.




If you have a particularly large fireplace or fire hearth you may want to consider a steel mesh fire screenSafetots steel mesh fireguards are designed to suit the larger hearth.  If you have an awkward space or unusual shape hearth then a flexi fireguard or a multipanel fireguard would be most suitable.  With the ability to create the size for the space needed, these versatile fireguards are are ideal.


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Fire Guards Sep 05 ,2017