It is important to ensure that water is at the recommended temperature when bathing your baby. Using a water thermometer to indicate if the water temperature is too hot and unsuitable for your baby can provide the ideal solution. Water thermometers will indicate the recommended temperature of the water, which is 37 degrees to 38 degrees C (around body temperature).  It’s important to use a baby bath thermometer at all times prior to bathing your baby or toddler. 

For older babies and toddlers, bath tap covers and tap guards are also useful bathroom safety items.  Tap covers simply pop over the taps, protecting your child should they fall onto the tap from potential head bangs and scalding.  Toilet Locks and Bathroom Cupboard Locks keep toddlers safe from toppling head first into a toilet and potentially drowning.  At such a young age, older babies and young toddlers don’t have the body weight and strength to lift their heads out of the toilet.  Toilet Locks are an invaluable item for keeping little ones safe in the bathroom.  Cabinet Locks and Cupboard Locks are great solutions to keeping toiletries and medicines locked away out of reach of tiny hands. 

Anti-Slip Mats provide a safe non-slip surface for older babies and toddlers to sit safely whilst they bathe.  A non-slip bath mat prevents children from sliding and falling on a slippery bath surface, they help prevent injuries from bumps and falls and even life threatening incidents such as drowning.  Baby bath mats are an invaluable bathroom safety item for families with young children. 

Bath thermometers, toilet locks, Socket Covers, tap covers and Non-Sip Bath Mats provide the basics in bathroom Safety, however a young child should never be left unattended in the bathroom at any time.  Adult supervision at all times is the key prevention to incidents and accidents occurring in the bathroom.  


  1. Never leave your baby unattended in the bathroom, ensure an adult is present and supervising at all times. 
  1. Make sure the water temperature is suitable for your baby.  Bath thermometers and water thermometers are recommended for checking the temperature.  
  1. Ensure the floor area is dry before entering the bathroom.  Slipping whilst holding your baby could prove fatal. 
  1. Invest in toilet locks, Cabinet Locks and a good Baby Bath Mat.  There is a wide range of non-slip baby bath mats to prevent your young baby from slipping whilst you bathe them or for keeping older babies sitting upright safely. 
  1. Ensure any electrical items, cosmetics, medicines and sharp objects such as razors are stored or locked away out of a babies reach.  


Non-Slip Bath Mats, Toilet Locks, Cupboard Locks, bath thermometers and tap covers provide the basics in bathroom safety for toddlers.  In addition to the various bathroom safety items it is strongly advised to never leave a toddler unattended without adult supervision in the bathroom at any time.  When your child reaches the toddler age, they are at their most inquisitive so now is the time to child proof your bathroom to prevent slips and falls and to ensure potential dangerous items are out of reach.  Ensure medical and toiletry items and any sharp objects such as razors are stored or locked carefully away out of reach of your toddler.  Be careful to store them at an inaccessible height to your young child.  Toddlers are inclined to grab and explore any accessible bathroom items the second your back is turned, by keeping dangerous items locked away potential hazards can be prevented.  

Lock up any electrical appliances, from hairdryers and hair straighteners to shaving equipment.  Prevent toddlers from reaching for electrical appliances and finding fun in the water with them.  Whilst bathing your toddler, seat them on a non-slip bath mat to prevent potential slips and falls from occurring and ensure boiling hot taps are out of reach or covered with compatible tap covers.  Fit a toilet lock to prevent your child from lifting the toilet lid and potentially toppling head first into the toilet and drowning, at such a young age a child does not have the strength and capability to lift themselves from out of the toilet.  A toilet lock prevents children from accessing the toilet, from touching areas harbouring germs and keeps them safe from falling in. 


Bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms in the home where most incidents occur amongst children, by installing a few simple bathroom safety and kitchen safety items and following a few simple procedures, a number of potential hazards can be prevented.  The ultimate solution to keeping young children safe in the home is to make the bathroom inaccessible to your child.  If there is no way of making the bathroom inaccessible then ensure you assess and make safe the room before exposing to a baby or toddler.  Bathrooms pose potential dangers to young children, by keeping toiletries, medicines and sharp objects out of reach, cabinets locked, ensuring hot taps are covered, toilet lids locked and floor surfaces dry, the risks of any harm coming to your child are vastly reduced.  


Keeping infants safe in the bathroom is less challenging than babies and toddlers.  However, infants are still at the inquisitive age and still likely to poke fingers in sockets, attempt to open medicines and toiletries, find fun with your razor and grab anything within their reach.  As with bathroom safety with babies and toddlers, bathroom safety for infants is still vital.  Ensure toilet lids are kept closed by fitting a toilet lock, cabinets and cupboards securely locked keeping medicines and toiletries out of reach of tiny hands.  Keep electrical appliances securely stowed away and install socket covers to prevent infants from poking tiny fingers inside.  Keep surfaces dry to prevent slips and falls and supervise young children at all times.  Never leave an infant without adult supervision and unattended in the bathroom at any time.  Adult supervision is the ultimate solution in keeping children safe in the family bathroom.