Going on holiday can be an exciting time for the whole family, a time to experience new things, spend quality time together and escape the daily routine. It is important to enjoy this, whilst still ensuring the safety of your young child or baby. 

Venturing on holiday can create a feeling of freedom and a parents’ guard can quickly be let down.  Whist it’s only natural to relax the minute that seat belts on and the cars fully packed as you prepare to set off on holiday, it's important not to forget those simple, basic steps you can take in the lead up to your holiday and during your holiday to ensure your child’s safety. 

Whilst it’s unlikely your child will come to any harm during your time away, accidents and incidents are more likely to happen in the hot sun, in swimming pools, on balconies and in rooms that are not child friendly. 

By following a few simple steps and packing a few basic items, your holiday can be fun and more relaxing in the comfort of knowing your children are safe. 


Before you leave for your summer holiday, consider packing a few basic items: 


  1. Medical first aid kit – Be prepared at all times for minor injuries whilst out and about with a medical first aid kit, complete with every parents essentials, antiseptic wipes and creams and an abundance of plasters.   
  1. Beach Tents – Ideal for keeping kids shaded from the hot sun during peak hours. UV beach tents provide instant shade on the beach, park or perfect for popping up in the garden. 
  1. UV swimwear – UV swim suits keep babies and children fully protected from the suns harmful rays.  UV suits prevent the need for applying and re-applying sun screen frequently and enable families to relax in the sun knowing their children are playing safely. 
  1. Sun screen – The ultimate in skin protection for the whole family.  Sunscreen should be applied frequently to all parts of the body exposed to the sun.  Keeping skin protected can prevent numerous harmful, sometimes deadly skin conditions. 
  1. ID Bands – Pack ID bands for your children to wear.  Simple, comfortable wrist straps that enable you to add contact details should your child become lost.  Some ID bands come complete with reflective strips, ideal for nights out and about with your child. 
  1. Harness resins & Wrist links – Ideal for keeping toddlers and children prone to wandering, close to you. Harness reins and wrist links for children allow children to walk freely yet limit the distance they can go. 
  1. High visibility jackets – Ideal for popping in your bag for days out that quickly turn into darker evenings.  High visibility clothing enables cars, pedestrians and parents to spot infants quickly on darker evenings. 
  1. Float suits – Keep children safe in the water with float suits and float aids.  Young children learning to swim benefit from float suits and float aids and are kept safer in open waters and swimming pools. 


The sun’s harmful rays can be dangerous and sun damage to the skin could potentially develop into skin cancer.  With the right protection, the source of vitamin D from the sunshine is beneficial, keeping bones strong and skin glowing.  To protect your child from over-exposure to the sun, use child safety products such as UV Sun Tents. A tent is ideal for use in the garden, beach or park.  Water resistant sun cream with a high UV star rating or UV Protective sun wear inclusive of a UV sun hat with side and back flaps are the best solutions in protecting children from over exposure to the sun. 


Guarantee the best child safety whilst your infant plays in the water with Safetots child safety products. Swimming aids enable you to worry less about the dangers water can present to children and child safety products such as float suits and UV sun suits and wet suits for children can take the pressure off parents needing to constantly having to monitor their child's whereabouts and actions playing in the open water. 


  1. Travel safety gates – Versatile and suitable for many doorways of various sizes.  Ideal for preventing children from entering kitchens, bathrooms and unsafe outdoor areas. 
  1. Bed RailsMesh or Wooden bed rails enable you to keep your child from falling out of bed onto hard floors.  Some European countries such as Spain and France are known for having tiled floors throughout their accommodation.  Installing a bed rail can prevent children who wake suddenly in the night from falling out of bed onto a hard, cold, tiled floor.  
  1. Temporary door locks and slam stoppers - Door slam stoppers are ideal for popping in the suitcase and taking with you on holiday.  They prevent little hands and fingers from coming to harm in a doorway if shut suddenly.  Temporary door locks and cupboard locks are ideal for fixing to units without causing any lasting damage and keep children safe in and around the holiday home.