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Back Carriers

Baby Carriers let you enjoy summer activities safely



Sometimes it is not always practical to take a pushchair with you when you go out and about with your baby or toddler, which can often lead to aching arms and bad backs from carrying even the lightest child.  Back carriers are ideal for families who enjoy active holidays, they enable families to venture into long rambles where the terrain may not be suitable for a pushchair, for families who enjoy serious trekking or simply for parents who like to take short walks through the fields and country.


More than just a way to transport your child, baby back carriers are safety essentials that can have surprising benefits for your infant.  Not only does a baby carrier encourage emotional and physical strength in your child, but using a baby carrier to hold or transport your baby enables you to be more comfortable while completing everyday activities or enjoying active days out.  Back carriers come in a range of designs, some with minimal features and others with much more extensive features, designed to make carrying your child out and about on terrain unsuitable for pushchairs possible and more comfortable and enjoyable.  


Back carriers enable you to have your arms free, they are a natural transition from a baby front carrier when a child becomes too big to carry in a front carrier safely and comfortably.




There are two types of child back carriers, framed and unframed.  Framed back carriers tend to be made of tougher fabric, bulkier than a non-framed back carrier, yet provide the ultimate support and stability for families serious about days out walking with their toddler.  With framed back carriers such as the Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier a child sits higher in the saddle and they have additional features such as breathable back panels, storage pockets, sunshades, viewing mirrors and stirrups to let your little ones rest their legs.  Features and benefits vary between back carriers.  Non-framed baby carriers tend to be lightweight and more basic in their design.  A child sits lower in a non-framed baby carrier and as their weight is less evenly distributed they can be the less comfortable option and more suited to short walks as oppose to long rambles.  It’s important once you have the carrier fitted properly to ensure the weight is evenly distributed to the lower back and hips and not the shoulders.


Comfort to you and your child is essential, however, it’s also important to consider how you intend to use your back carrier, for days out locally or for weeks away in the country and to establish what you need from your back carrier.  How important are their additional features and is the lightweight, frameless design more suited to your lifestyle than the framed, more expensive designs with all the bells and whistles.  See below features to consider before purchasing a child back carrier.




TYPE: Child back carriers vastly range in style, size and price, more basic child carriers such as the Littlelife Ranger Child Carrier and the Littlelife Ultralight Convertible S3 Carrier are more suited to short walks and trips out with your little one.  More complex child back carriers such as the LittleLife Voyager S3 Carrier and the Thule Sapling Child Carrier are designed for the more serious walker and longer days out.


ANCHOR POINT: A back carrier with an anchor point feature enables you to place your foot onto the base of the carrier as an ‘anchor’ for better stability when placing your child into the backpack.


ADJUSTABLE BACK LENGTH: A back carrier with an adjustable back length is ideal for parents wishing to share the back carrier, adapting to fit parents between 5ft and beyond 6ft.


STORAGE POCKETS: Some people prefer lots of pockets for ease of carrying all the baby/toddler essentials without having to take with them an additional bag.  Others prefer a child carrier with minimal features and few pockets.


WEIGHT: Consider the weight of the back carrier before your child is seated in it.  A lightweight back carrier may be more suitable and easier to transport your child than a heavier back carrier.  Remember your child is only going to get heavier.


SUNSHADES & RAIN COVERS: A child back carrier with built in sunshade is ideal for holidays abroad in hotter climates.  A built in sun shade pops up with ease when needed and can be popped back into the carrier when no longer required.  Back carriers with built in rain covers are also ideal for keeping your child sheltered from the rain at a moments notice.


BREATHABLE: A back carrier with a breathable mesh back is ideal for back ventilation and keeping you cool for long days out when you will be wearing your back carrier for many hours.  


HIP BELT: All back carriers feature hip belts.  A back carrier with a padded, adjustable hip belt will provide additional comfort than others without this feature.  Take a closer look at the hip belt and ensure that it will not dig in to you potentially causing discomfort.


BUILT IN BACKPACK: Some child carriers feature a removable backpack.  A child back carrier with a removable back pack enables you to pack for the day without having to take an additional bag with you and figure out how you can carry it.  When you stop for a break and remove the carrier, you can zip off/remove the attached back pack and go about your day.


There are many questions asked when purchasing a child carrier for the first time.  Many people wonder what age a child carrier goes up to.  There is no age limit to most child carriers, as each child develops differently at different stages, it is more important to consider a child’s weight as apose to their age.  Many back carriers will state the recommended age for use.  Another common question is ‘can I wash my back carrier’? Most back carriers are detachable from their metal frame and can be easily popped in the washing machine for cleaning.  It is advised with back carriers, in order to retain the strength and durability of the fabric, to not use fabric softner during washing.


The most commonly asked question we find here at Safetots is ‘What is the best child back carrier’? We always advise our customers that there is no ‘best child back carrier’, it really is personal choice, what works for one person will not work and be suitable for another.  We do also advise that Safetots have sourced some of the best child carriers from well-known credible brands such as BushBaby, LittleLife, Osprey and Thule, lightweight, durable back carriers designed for comfort and ease of carrying your child.  Safetots have a wide range of back carriers from small back carriers more suited to short walks and days out locally through to large back carriers designed for longer walks and serious trekking.


Take a look at the full range of child safety products including our full range of baby carriers at Safetots.co.uk or call us on 01438 728888.


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Jul 05 ,2017