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Balance Bikes

David Boast Sep 29 ,2016 Read 3049 Times

The art of riding any bike is ultimately learning how to ‘balance’. A balance bike is quite simply a ‘bike without pedals’, it looks very much like a regular bike and sometimes without the breaks. A balance bike is a great first bike for toddlers and young children taking their first steps into learning to ride a bike, where they can learn to not only balance but steer. Balance bikes come in different materials such as wood or metal and in many different designs such as three wheelers and two wheelers. They are ideal first bikes for toddlers as they are designed with young children in mind with simple structures to allow for safe, fun play as they learn to ride their first bike and build the confidence and independence to move onto a bicycle. Children are masters at learning and this is strengthened by letting them ride, move and steer a balance bike by themselves. The Safetots Ultimate Balance Bike trains the sense of balance, stimulates child’s development and gives them confidence and independence. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to the height of the child so they feel as comfortable as possible when riding.   



Adjust the height of the saddle so that your child can easily touch the ground with the complete soles of their feet with slightly angled knees. The handlebar should be at a height that allows the arms to be held roughly horizontally. Check that your child feels comfortable in this position. If not, then adjust accordingly.


As soon as your child is able to pick up the balance bike from the ground, it means they are able to ride it too! Let your child try and ride it and see what happens. Children are masters at learning and you strengthen this by letting them try new things out. Normally, they find out rather quickly how the bike can be moved and steered.


Push forward off the ground with the feet, alternating between left and right. The smoother the feet roll off from toes to heel, the easier and faster your child will go.


The easiest way to steer the balance bike is with back and bottom. The balance bike trains the sense of balance, stimulates the physical and mental development, strengthens the back and makes your child like movements all in all more secure and sportive.


Let your child sit on the balance bike with their hands on the handlebar ends and move the bike’s frame from left to right. Your child will feel the new kind of movement and replicate it independently soon afterwards.


The safetots ramge of balance bikes have all been specifically designed with safety in mind.  

From the ever popular Batman and Superman bikes:

Batman Bike

To the multi colour options from the Safetots Ultimate Balance Bike range:

Balance Bike Red

Safetots have a full range of premium quality balance bikes, ideal for safely developing the skills young children will require to ride pedal bikes.

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