When staying away from home with a baby or toddler, be sure to plan ahead for any key child safety items you may need to ensure you are able to relax and enjoy your break.  

There are realistically two options available to parents who require to use a bed guard when staying with friends or family: A mesh bed rail which will come in a handy trave bag no more than 40cm long ad 20cm wide typically. Although easily portable the mesh bed rails will require assembly. As with any product of it's type, the mesh bed rail would typically take approximately 15-20 minutes to assemble the first time, and then down to five minutes when you no longer need to rely on the online assembly video or instructions. The other option is the pre assembled wooden bed guard. This simply needs one point of assembly with a nut and bolt and takes less than a minute to put up and down. However, as it is a wooden bed rail, it will come in one full part and therefore can only be realistically transported in the back of a car or similar. It is not the type of travel item you would take on public transport of any variety.

Take some of the stress and worry away and keep your baby safe as you stop with friends and relatives who may not have given a second thought to ‘childproofing’ their home.  Portable baby goods are today more readily available to buy than ever before, innovative products designed to enable your baby or toddler to have a safe night sleep or play safely away from the comfort of their own home.  From Mesh Bed Rails that fold neatly and come complete with their own carry bag to inflatable bed rails and inflatable beds to travel safety gates and other useful packable items for keeping baby safe on your travels.    

Safetots have come up with a few top portable products for keeping you and your family safe, comfortable and rested, away from home this Christmas. 


MESH BED RAILS (with carry bag) 

If your child has advanced to sleeping in cot to a toddler bed, with a built in bed rail or progressed to having the cot rail lowered at home, providing the same security whilst your child sleeps away from home, without reverting back to a cot can be challenging. 

There are many toddler bed rails on the market for keeping children safer whilst they sleep, however it’s not always practical to pack your large wooden bed rail as they may get damaged in transit, add extra weight and take up a great deal of space in the car. 

Mesh bed rails are lightweight and come complete with a carry bag for ease of transporting.  Made from a light weight yet strong, durable mesh, built within a metal frame they make for the perfect solution in preventing your child from toppling out of bed whilst staying with the grandparents or for holidays away from home.  Toddler travel bed rails are simple to install and leave no lasting damage to the bed it’s fitted too.  They are versatile, lightweight and easy to pack up and pop in the car.   


Inflatable toddler bed rails are perfect for popping under your child’s mattress and keeping them safe whilst they sleep.  Kids inflatable bed rails pack up small for travelling, are quick to inflate and provide a soft, cushioned guard should your child roll on to it.  Inflatable bed rails are innovative child safety items that make travelling with children less stressful.  These bed rails for toddlers work perfectly with single, double and king-size beds, they come complete with a handy carry bag and lightweight foot pump for a quick 30 second installation.    


Kids snuggle pods are great travel sleep solutions for infants.  Snuggle pods come in cute designs that appeal to young children, sleeping bags with a built in mattress that provide an instant comfortable base for sleeping, complete with the warmth of the sleeping bag.  Snuggle pods are lightweight and can be packed in the car in minutes.  These innovative travel sleep pods for children are ideal for children age 18months to 4 years.   


Travel safety gates are fold up gates that pop out and pop up quickly, fitting in doorways to keep children safe whilst they play.  Travel baby gates such as the Lindam Flexiguard are generally made of mesh within a metal frame, pressure fitted for simple and quick installation that leaves no lasting damage to the walls and furniture in the homes of friends and families.  Pop up baby gates are ideal for families who enjoy travelling with their children. 

Safetots have a wide range of products to make travelling with your baby or toddler simple and stress free.   From travelling in the car to sleeping soundly and playing safely.