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Bed Rails






Step 1: MEASURE YOUR MATTRESS: Take a tape measure and measure the LENGTH and DEPTH of your mattress.

Step 2: HEIGHT: Take the depth of your mattress and MINUS this figure from the height of the bed rail you are looking to order.  The bed rail must be a minimum of 16cm above the mattress.  EXAMPLE: if your mattress measures a depth of 20cm you will need a bed rail that has a minimum height of 36cm.

Step 3: LENGTH: For safety reasons, when you install a bed rail you will need to ensure there is a gap of 25cm between the bed frame and bed rail at each end of the bed.  You will therefore need to order a bed rail that enables you to achieve a total space of 50cm.  EXAMPLE: if you order a bed rail of 100cm in length, you will need to ensure your mattress length is a minimum of 150cm.   




I HAVE A DEEP MATTRESS: if you have a deep mattress, you will need an extra tall bed guard.

I HAVE A LONG MATTRESS: if you have a long mattress, you will need an extra wide bed guard.

I HAVE A LIGHT WEIGHT, THIN MATTRESS: if you have a slim, light weight mattress which is often the case with cot beds and toddler beds, make sure that the mattress is substantial enough to hold a bed rail in place.  Consider a smaller bed rail such as a standard mesh bed rail.




Toddler bed rails are designed to keep infants safe from falling out of bed whilst they sleep, and help young children to progress from a cot to a bed with ease.  Bed rails for toddlers make the transition from a cot to a bed much easier on both parents and children, providing a familiar, secure sleep environment for children and reassurance to parents that their child is unable to fall out of bed.


Choosing the best bed rail and a compatible bed rail for your childs cot bed, toddler bed, double bed etc can be a daunting task! With so many sizes and styles to choose from, making an informed choice will ensure your bed guard fits your mattress and bed perfectly and ultimately is safe for your child to sleep alongside.


To help you choose the best toddler bed rail for your child’s bed, Safetots have put together a list of things to consider before buying a bed rail, plus useful facts on the different types of bed guards available, the pros and cons of each plus the benefits of using a toddler bed rail.




Bed guards for toddlers are recommended between the ages of 18 months to 5 years.  As your baby naturally progresses, the need for moving from a cot to a bed is inevitable and for some parents the sudden lack of ‘cot bars’ can seem a bit frightening.  Suddenly your child can climb out of bed at any time or topple out of bed whilst they sleep.  Installing a bed guard to an infant’s first bed can take away these fears, enabling toddlers to sleep safer without the risk of falling out of bed, yet providing them with their first steps to independent sleeping.


Although the recommended age for use of a bed rail is 18 months to 5 years, as a parent you may instinctively know when your child is ready to progress from a cot to a bed (with a bed rail fitted) and they may be slightly younger or older than the recommended age.  You may also choose to remove your childs bed guard before the age of 5 years or beyond the age of 5 years.




Although many wooden bed rails and mesh bed rails are compatible with double beds, Extra wide bed rails or extra wide and extra tall bed rails are most suitable.  Large bed guards are generally longer, (covering a greater length of the bed), and taller, (reaching a greater height above the mattress).  It is advised that you measure the depth of your mattress and establish the compatibility of a bed guard with your type of bed before ordering.


If you have a deeper mattress, an extra tall bed rail will be the best option.  The additional height of an extra tall bed rail ensures the bed rail covers a greater height above the mattress.  A minimum of 16cm above the mattress is required for your child’s safety.  It is further advised, for safety reasons that a gap of 25cm is left at either end of the bed rail.




Bed guards vary in price and generally range between £20 through to £80.  Wooden bed guards tend to be a higher price than mesh bed guards and can cost between £28 up to £79.  Mesh bed rails start at a slightly lower price of £22 up to £56.  Inflatable bed guards are a great solution to keeping children safely sleeping during holidays and nights away from home and can cost between £21 and £35.




There is no ‘best bed guard’, however some bed rails are more compatible with different styles of beds than others.  For toddler beds and cot beds, make sure you purchase a smaller, lightweight bed rail.  For double beds and king size beds, look for an extra tall and extra wide bed rail. 


Best bed guards for double beds:


The Safetots Extra Tall Extra Wide Mesh Bed Rail of the Safetots Extra Wide Wooden Bed Rail would be most suited for use on a double bed.  Designed with additional height and length to ensure children are safe in adult beds.


Best bed guards for cot beds:


There are several bed guards that will work with a cot bed, however, the depth of the mattress is key to ensuring there is enough weight to hold the cot bed rail in place safely.  Ensure you have a good mattress that will hold the bed rail in place.  Smaller bed rails such as the Safetots bed rail (mesh) is a  small, light-weight bed rail that would be suitable.  The Safetots bed rail is available in a range of colours, blue, pink, white, natural to match home interiors and toddler bedrooms.  The standard size Safetots Wooden Bedrail is also suitable, a heavier option and more suited to a more substantial mattress.


Best bed guards for toddler beds & single beds:


Many bed guards are compatible with toddler beds and single beds.  Before ordering a bed rail it’s important to ensure the mattress will retain the weight of the bed rail.  Often toddler beds have a smaller, light weight mattress and not all bed rails will be suitable.  For toddler beds with a smaller mattress consider Safetots mesh bed rails, they are light weight and smaller in size or choose Safetots wooden bed rails, again smaller in size but heavier than mesh.  For single beds with a standard mattress most mesh bed rails and wooden bed rails will be compatible.


Bed guards for a wooden bed with slatted base and sunken mattress:


Safetots mesh bed rails are suitable for a bed with a mattress sunken in to the frame and for beds with a wooden slatted base.  Safetots wooden bed rails are suitable for wooden beds with a slatted base and also beds with a sunken mattress.  If you have a sunken mattress it’s important to choose a bed rail without bulky hinges which may prevent the bed rail from fitting between the mattress and the bed frame.




Yes! Most mesh bed rails and wooden bed rails are compatible with slatted beds.  Bed rails have a large base frame that simply slips beneath the mattress and the weight of the mattress holds the frame in place.  Some toddler bed guards have additional straps that slide under the mattress to secure the bed rail further.  It’s important to install the base of the bed rail along the wooden slats and not in the gaps, to ensure the bed rail is safe for use.  Always test the bed rail for stability before allowing your child to sleep alongside it.




Bed rails can be wooden, mesh or inflatable available in a range of sizes to suit different beds and a range of colours to match home interiors.  Take a look at our points below for an insight each of the different types of bed rails to help you choose the best bed rail for your child.




Wooden bed rails provide a contemporary look and feel in any home.  They come in a range of great colours in blue, grey, pink, white and natural wood enabling you to match home interiors.   


1. Wooden bed rails for toddlers provide the most solid and sturdy structure for keeping children safe whilst they sleep.

2. Simple to install and there is no lasting damage to your bed once installed.

3. Compatible with divan beds and slatted beds.

4. Wooden bed rails do not fold down, there is no rotation.

5. Wooden bed rails are less suited for travelling, they are heavier than mesh bed rails and not the best option for taking with you on holiday.

6. Wooden bed rails tend to me more expensive than mesh bed rails or inflatable bed rails.




Mesh bed rails are light weight and suitable for home or travel and some come complete with their own travel bag.  Mesh bed rails are made from a metal, outer frame encased with a strong, breathable mesh. 


1. Lightweight and versatile, mesh bedrails are easy to move between rooms or easy to transport for holidays or stop overs with the grandparents.

2. Although unable to fold down fully, mesh bed rails fold down to an angle of 90 degrees enabling you to access the bed with ease.

3. Compatible with divan beds and slatted beds.




Inflatable bed rails are ideal for holidays, for packing with ease in the car or for popping on a plane.  Lightweight and space saving, they are the best bed rail for travelling. 


1. Inflatable bed rails are simple to fit and easy to transport.

2. Versatile, can be used in the home or away.

3. Slim designs that once inflated simply fits under the bedsheet.

4. Comes complete with a carry bag for ease of transportation.




There are several things to consider when choosing a toddler bed rail:


1. The size of your mattress.  Measure the depth of your mattress and ensure the toddler bed rail will reach a minimum of 16cm above the mattress. 

2. Mattress weight: if you have a particularly light weight, slim mattress on your childs bed, the weight of the mattress may not retain the weight of the bed rail.  Check you have a substantial mattress that will hold a bed rail in place safely and securely.

3. Measure the length of your child’s bed and make sure you can achieve a 25cm gap at either end of the bed rail once installed.  Both mesh and wooden bed rails are available in a range of different lengths and heights.

4. Is the bed rail compatible with your style of bed? Not all bed rails are compatible with sunken beds for example.

5. Will you be needing to take the bed rail to the grandparents? If YES you may want to consider a mesh bed rail as apose to a wooden bed rail as they are easier to transport.

6. Is your toddler bed in the middle of the room? If YES you may need to invest in two bed rails.

7. Do you need the bed rail to fold down? If YES you may need to opt for a mesh bed rail that rotates at a 90 degree angle as wooden bed guards do not rotate.




Bed rails can be purchased from most Child Safety retailers.  At Safetots.co.uk we stock a wide range of mesh bed rails, wooden bed rails and inflatable bed rails suitable for children age 18 months to 5 years.  Take a look at our Safetots bedrail finder to narrow down your search.





A toddler bed rail is the ultimate baby safety item for making the progression from a cot to a bed effortless.  Installing a toddler bed rail prevents your child from falling out of bed as they make the transition from a cot to a bed, providing a temporary solution to keeping children safe whilst they sleep during their younger years.  A bed rail creates the security of a cot yet teaches first steps of independence, enabling toddlers to climb in and out of bed independantly whilst sleeping safely in a grown up bed. Toddler bed guards are simple to install and remove and there is no lasting damage to furniture.  They can be used for a short time or for as many years as required depending on the development stage of your child.  Should your child’s bed be positioned in the centre of a room, a bed rail can be used at either side of a bed.




No! It is not advised that you install a bed rail to the foot or head of the bed.  Bed guards should be installed across the sides of a bed only.  




Bed guards are ideal temporary solutions to keeping your child safe whilst they sleep. Installing a bed rail provides no lasting damage to beds or other furniture as no drilling or screwing is necessary. A bed rail folds out to a 90 degree angle and the base frame simply slides beneath the mattress and the weight of the mattress ensures the bed rail is kept securely in place.  Some bed rails have additional straps which slip beneath the mattress for further security.  It is important upon installing a bed rail that you check the stability before allowing you child to sleep alongside it.


Click here to view our full range of toddler bed rails.  Or for more expert advice on buying a toddler bed rail contact the Safetots customer service team on 01438 728888 or email info@safetots.co.uk


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Travelling with an infant this Christmas to visit family and friends? Be sure to pack a few key items to ensure your stay is a relaxing and enjoyable one.  Take some of the stress and worry away and keep your baby safe as you stop with friends and relatives who may not have given a second thought to ‘childproofing’ their home.  Portable baby goods are today more readily available to buy than ever before, innovative products designed to enable your baby or toddler to have a safe night sleep or play safely away from the comfort of their own home.  From mesh bed rails that fold neatly and come complete with their own carry bag to inflatable bed rails and inflatable beds to travel safety gates and other useful packable items for keeping baby safe on your travels.   

Safetots have come up with a few top portable products for keeping you and your family safe, comfortable and rested, away from home this Christmas.





MESH BED RAILS (with carry bag)


If your child has advanced to sleeping in cot to a toddler bed, with a built in bed rail or progressed to having the cot rail lowered at home, providing the same security whilst your child sleeps away from home, without reverting back to a cot can be challenging.

There are many toddler bed rails on the market for keeping children safer whilst they sleep, however it’s not always practical to pack your large wooden bed rail as they may get damaged in transit, add extra weight and take up a great deal of space in the car.

Mesh bed rails are lightweight and come complete with a carry bag for ease of transporting.  Made from a light weight yet strong, durable mesh, built within a metal frame they make for the perfect solution in preventing your child from toppling out of bed whilst staying with the grandparents or for holidays away from home.  Toddler travel bed rails are simple to install and leave no lasting damage to the bed it’s fitted too.  They are versatile, lightweight and easy to pack up and pop in the car.  





Inflatable toddler bed rails are perfect for popping under your child’s mattress and keeping them safe whilst they sleep.  Kids inflatable bed rails pack up small for travelling, are quick to inflate and provide a soft, cushioned guard should your child roll on to it.  Inflatable bed rails are innovative child safety items that make travelling with children less stressful.  These bed rails for toddlers work perfectly with single, double and kingsize beds, they come complete with a handy carry bag and lightweight foot pump for a quick 30 second installation.   





Kids snuggle pods are great travel sleep solutions for infants.  Snuggle pods come in cute designs that appeal to young children, sleeping bags with a built in mattress that provide an instant comfortable base for sleeping, complete with the warmth of the sleeping bag.  Snuggle pods are lightweight and can be packed in the car in minutes.  These innovative travel sleep pods for children are ideal for children age 18months to 4 years.  





Travel safety gates are fold up gates that pop out and pop up quickly, fitting in doorways to keep children safe whilst they play.  Travel baby gates such as the Lindam Flexiguard are generally made of mesh within a metal frame, pressure fitted for simple and quick installation that leaves no lasting damage to the walls and furniture in the homes of friends and families.  Pop up baby gates are ideal for families who enjoy travelling with their children.


Safetots have a wide range of products to make travelling with your baby or toddler simple and stress free.   From travelling in the car to sleeping soundly and playing safely.


Visit www.safetots.co.uk for news and top tips for keeping your baby safe in the home and for a chance to enter our weekly competitions to win great, innovative products’




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Find the Perfect Bed Rail

Bed rails are an important addition to a child’s first bed and are a critical part of the bed’s safety.Toddlers are used to the sides of the crib, which protects them from falling while they are asleep. When you transition them from a crib to a bed, they are still prone to move to the sides and since these beds are unprotected, it can result in your toddler having a fall.Even though your toddler’s bed is low to the ground, it’s best to avoid falls altogether. Falls not only interrupt sleep but are also a safety concern.The best way to prevent a restless sleeper from tumbling out of bed will be to use bed rails. To increase your child’s safety, finding the perfect bed guard is highly essential. If you’re struggling with finding the best one, then turn to Safetots.


Bed Rail Collections


Safetots are leading suppliers of all child safety devices. We source our products from renowned manufacturers, which means you needn’t worry about quality, functionality and durability.Our bed rails are available in a host of different styles, models, materials and finishes. At Safetots you can get both single as well as double bed rails. We even have extra wide bed rail that can cover extra wide beds. All our bed rails are designed to fit most beds. They come in a range of captivating themes and colours so you can be sure your kids will love to be surrounded by these devices feeling happy and comfortable in their new bed. They have excellent locking mechanisms and offer high levels safety and security .Our rails are extremely lightweight and can be installed easily.


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Mar 03 ,2017

Bed Guards from Safetots




Making the transition from a cot to a bed for an older baby or toddler can be daunting for many parents and a stage in a child’s life that can open up many questions and concerns.  Will my toddler now roll out of bed? What if my toddler climbs out of bed in the night? How will my baby adjust to sleeping in a bed? Will I go back to sleepless nights? Are there any safety measures I can take to keep my baby from falling out of their bed?  There are many unknowns when you decide to take that leap from a cot to a bed but there are many solutions and tips available to help you make the transition go smoothly.


Having listened to our customers over the years coupled with our expert knowledge in child safety, Safetots have compiled a list of top tips and bed safety items for getting your child to sleep soundly in the early days of sleeping in their new bed.


Will my baby roll out of bed?


Some babies and toddlers are as active whilst they sleep as when they are awake, wriggling and rolling and being less aware of their sleep space in the early days in the transition from a cot to a bed.  Your baby may well have become accustomed to the security of their cot frame when they roll in the night and suddenly sleeping in a bed with no frame may result in bumps and bruizes from tumbles out of bed.


To make the transition easier and safer many parents fit a bed guard to their child’s first bed.  Installing a bed guard prevents young children from falling out of bed whilst retaining the same safety as a cot guard, a child’s bed guard enables infants to climb in and out of bed independantly.  A bed guard provides safety during sleep whilst introducing them to their first steps to independence.  


What if my toddler climbs out of bed in the night?


If your infant is active and inquisitive and less inclined to sleep through the night, along with fitting a bed guard, if you haven’t done so already, now might be the time to install a child safety gate to their bedroom doorway.  Whilst your child may be ready to sleep in their own bed independantly, as a parent you may not be ready for the challenge of a wandering toddler.  Keep your child safe in their bedroom by removing any potentially harmful items out of reach, fixing wardrobes and drawers securely to walls with furniture straps and installing a child safety gate.


How can I help my baby adjust to sleeping in a bed?


To help your infant make the transition from a cot to a bed consider installing a bed guardBed guards are versatile, simple to install and quick to remove.  There is no need for drilling or screwing to install a bed guard, the base frame simply slips beneath the mattress and the weight of the mattress holds the bed guard in place.  A toddler bed rail can be fitted to both sides of the bed.  If for example your child’s bed is in the centre of a room a bed rail can be fitted to either size of the bed for extra safety.  A bed rail provides the security of a cot, helps older babies and toddlers to feel safe and secure and provides parents with peace of mind that their infant is safe from falling out of bed.  There are many bed rails from which to choose, wooden bed rails, the contemporary bed rail option can be purchased in many colours, designed to blend in with bedroom furniture of today’s modern homes.  Safetots have a great range of wooden bedrails for keeping toddlers safe whilst they sleep.  Mesh bed rails are light weight and ideal for home or away.  Most mesh bed rails come with their own carry bag making the ideal solution to keeping babies and toddlers safe on holiday or simply for visiting grandparents.


Will I go back to sleepless nights?


Introducing ‘new’ things and change of routine in your infant’s life may cause them to be restless at night time and those sleepless nights may well start to creep back in.  When your child moves to their new bed, try continuing with the same bed time routine.  Make bed time exciting and make moving into their new bed an exciting time!  Install a bed rail to make the transition smoother, by installing a bed rail your child will feel less exposed to the open space and still feel the same safety and security provided by a cot frame.  A smooth transition from cot to bed and keeping your child in their bed time routine is less likely to result in sleepless nights.


Are there any safety measures I can take to prevent my baby from falling out of their bed? 


To prevent your baby from falling out of bed, the best solution is to install a bed guard,  Extra tall and extra wide bed guards are recommended for larger beds with a larger mattress and there are many bed rails suited to single beds, cot beds and toddler beds.  Safetots have a wide range of wooden bed rails and mesh bed rails suitable for most beds.  It’s important to check the size and depth of your mattress and bed to ensure the compatibility of the bed rail.  Installing a compatible bed rail that fits well and is securely fitted, is crucial to ensuring your child is safe whilst they sleep.  Bed rails are recommended up to the age of 5 years, however it is completely up to a parents discretion as to how long a bed rail should remain in place.


What to consider when choosing a bed rail?


There are many things to consider when purchasing a bed guard, from the ease of installation, quality and strength through to the compatibility with the bed intended for use.  Consider the size of your bed, the depth of your mattress and ensure your bed rail reaches at least 16cm above the top of your mattress.  It’s important to also ensure a 25cm gap at the foot and head of the bed.  Consider also if you require your bed rail for home or for home and holidays.  A wooden bed rail is heavier than a mesh bed rail and less suitable for transporting with ease.  A mesh bed rails is light weight and designed for packing with ease for travels.  For some parents, the aesthetics of a bed rail is of consideration and wooden bed rails are often the choice for parents wanting their bed rail to blend in with their child’s bedroom furniture.




Your one stop destination for bed rails and bed guards is here at Safetots, leading suppliers of all child safety products. Here at Safetots, we stock the best brands from BabyDan, Lindam, Shrunks and our very own Safetots brand. We are confident you’ll be delighted with the quality, functionality, design and safety of our products. Safetots bed guards come in wood and mesh, in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes, so there are plenty of options from which to choose.


All Safetots bed rails come with excellent child safety locking mechanisms and simple anchor mechanisms. Installing these child safety products is simple and most are versatile in that they can be transferred between beds.


For more information on our safety products contact us at Safetots Unit 7, The Orbital Centre, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2NB United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 (0)1438 728888, email: info@safetots.co.uk

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