Ensuring protection from the sun has never been so important, particularly for young children as they can often be exposed for long periods while outside playing in the summer months. If the appropriate sun protection is not used the risks to a child can be serious when they are exposed to excessive heat and UV rays. Aside from the visible dangers of sunburn, over exposure from the sun can also affect a child’s eyes and immune system. 

While this can be a worry, ‘prevention’ is the ultimate solution in protecting your children from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the hot summer months. 

There is a wide range of sun and swim protection for children designed to keep them safe in the sun and water. This will enable them to have fun in the sun whilst providing parents with peace of mind as they play in the hot outdoors. Some products to consider in providing the ultimate in sun and swim safety are beach shoes and sun hats as well as UV protection swimwear and wet suits. There are also other sun safety solutions available for keeping children shaded during peak sun hours at the beach or park, including sun tents and sun umbrellas that are ideal for popping up anywhere whilst out and about with children.  

Sun protective hats are also an essential summer item for any child's wardrobe, and are instrumental in preventing sun related illnesses such as sun stroke, which is often caused from overexposure of the sun to the back of the neck and head. Sun hates are the ultimate child safety product when it comes to minimising intense sun exposure.