According to Royal Mail statistics, there were nearly 2000 reported dog attacks on postal workers in the year up to March 2023. Whilst 20% of these were through the letter box, a staggering 47% occurred at the front door. With the busiest months for home deliveries fast approaching, we spoke to our favourite Safetots’ Postie who shared her experiences. 

“I have been a Postie for over 4 years and whilst I have taken great care to avoid contact with dogs when delivering, I have still been bitten three times. I have been lucky that the bites were not serious enough to require more than first aid, but I should be able to carry out my job without fear of being bitten. The first time I was bitten, the dog grabbed the mail through the letter box managing to pull my fingers through. On the second occasion, the customer opened the door to sign for the delivery. As I stretched my arm towards her with the parcel, the dog came from behind her and leapt at me, catching my stomach at parcel height. Had I not moved backwards at the same time, this injury would have been much more severe than the bruising and nip I received. The final time was when the dog jumped up from behind a wooden gate to snatch the post as I handed it to their owner. There have been many more near misses, with dogs even trying to launch themselves through cat flaps at me.   

If I could give any advice to pet owners it would be to not trust your dog around people delivering to your door. Even if your dog is a breed well known for being good with families or is well behaved, they will bite if stressed, anxious or feel threatened. The dog that bit me on the stomach was a dog who had previously always been friendly. I believed his owner when she said, ‘he has never done this before,’ but now he has learnt it’s a great way of removing unwanted people off his doorstep.” 

When asked what would help to reduce the number of attacks, our Postie responded,” To be safe, always put your dog behind a closed door or a pet gate when someone is making a delivery. If your dog likes to chew mail, then get an outside post box or put a cage on the back of your letterbox. Being a responsible dog owner will make a difference.” 

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