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Essential Baby Safety Equipment For The Car

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Here at Safetots, we offer a wide range of car safety equipment and useful car travel items that will keep children of all ages safe, entertained and comfortable whilst travelling by car.




Here are car travel toddler and baby car safety items and tips you might want to consider to ensure the maximum safety and comfort of your child when travelling by car:


Car Seat Protection Mats – Investing in a car seat protector will help prevent your infant car seat from slipping.  Car protection mats protect your car upholstery from dirt and damage and sometimes have handy storage pockets for your toddler to place treats and toys.


Food & Drinks – Be careful what food and drinks you leave your toddler to eat and drink during journeys.  Food that they might potentially choke on such as grapes and crisps, should be kept for car stop breaks.  Make regular car stops and offer drinks and food at break times to prevent your child from choking whilst travelling.


Baby Back Seat Car MirrorsInfant car mirrors are ideal for being able to see and check on your child in the backseat while driving. Most baby car mirrors fit with a strap around the head rest of back car seat, enabling you to check on your baby whilst they are in a rear facing car seat.  Car mirrors for children enable you to glance behind and see if they are sleeping, or awake and if they are ok and well.  Infant car mirrors provide parents with reassurance whilst driving and are ideal for those long journeys.  Some car mirrors such as The Diono Easy View Backseat Mirror, rotate to 360 degrees and pivot on a ball and socket enabling you to achieve the perfect angle to keep an eye on your child, without having to adjust your rear-view mirror.


Baby On Board Signs – A baby on board sign notifies other drivers that you have a baby or toddler with you in the car.  It encourages other drivers to be more patient and understanding, knowing that you have a baby or toddler on board.





Car Seat Organisers and Car Toy HoldersCar seat organisers and car toy storage boxes enable infants to keep their activities, snacks, drinks and toys in order and carefully stored throughout the journey.


Car seat organisers come in various styles and designs.  Some children’s car seat organisers such as the Diono Stow n Go Backseat Organiser fasten securely to the back of a front car seat and come with plenty of easy to access pockets. The Diono Stow n Go Backseat Organiser is ideal for keeping everything in place and easy to find when you need it.  Alternative designs such as The Babydan Car Caddy Organiser, fits and fastens between seats in the back of the car preventing bottles, cups, toys and other treats from rolling around in the back of your car.  Car tidy organisers are ideal for keeping the car free from clutter, keeping kids entertained as they can access all their favourite things with ease.





Car Sun Shades - You can browse and choose from a variety of car window sun shades. It’s important to protect children from the sun and keep the car at a comfortable temperature. Car sun shades will block most of the heat and glare of the sun and help keep the car cool.  Sunshades for back car windows and car shades for side windows are designed to enable parents to still see through the window taking up only a percentage of the window.


Neck Pillows - For the ultimate comfortable trip, neck supports and neck pillows for toddlers are ideal.  We have all witnessed our child’s head flopping into what appears to be the most uncomfortable position as they fall off to sleep in the car and spend endless minutes trying to find something to prop up their head.  Infant neck supports safely encase and cushion their head enabling them to sleep soundly and comfortably without waking up to a painful neck.  Toddler neck supports also help to keep your child in a more upright, safer position for travelling.


See our colourful and fun range of Infant neck supports by Clevamama, Clippasafe and LittleLife.


Baby body supports Baby body supports are ideal for keeping young babies warm or cool in their baby car seat or pushchair.  Some baby body supports are suitable and compatible with baby car seats and help younger babies to fit safely and snuggly in their seat.  If you have a very young baby, a baby body support will help to keep your baby’s head in place and in a more upright, comfortable position whilst travelling.





Ensure a safe trip for you and your children with car safety equipment for babies and toddlers from Safetots. You can browse many child safety products on our website. If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT US and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also contact us by email at: info@safetots.co.uk or phone: +44 (0)1438 728888


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