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Being prepared in the event of an unexpected fire breaking out in your home is key to giving you and your family the best chance of escape and survival should the worst happen. 


What do we do if a fire breaks out in the home? How do we escape? How do we get the children to safety? These are just a few of the questions that many of us mull over yet often put to the backs of our minds thinking ‘it won’t happen to us’ or ‘I’ll think about it later’ or ‘I must buy one of those escape ladders just in case’ but never seem to get round to it.


Every year children of all ages start around 35,000 fires.  A fire can start quickly without warning and progress into an inferno in a matter of minutes.  Being prepared, knowing your escape routes in the home, making all family members familiar with the right steps and actions to take in the event of a fire and investing in a few ‘fire evacuation products’ could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.


So how can you safely evacuate your home in the event of a fire?



For families living in a two storey or three storey home, consider keeping one or more fire escape ladders in accessible locations throughout the home.  Ensure all family members know how they work and where they are kept for ease of access should a fire break out.  Fire escape ladders hook on to window sills and retract for easy and compact storage.  A fire escape ladder will carry weight up to 510kg enabling more than one family member to be on the ladder at any one time.



The baby rescue rapid evacuation carrier, invented by a firefighter provides an easy solution for safe evacuations of infants and small children.  Designed to enable families to lower their baby up to 75lbs from up to 5 stories.  The Baby rescue rapid exacuation device gives parents peace of mind and comfort in knowing in the event of a fire they have a fast and easy way to get their babies to safety.



Ultimately if you find your clothing on fire, you may find your natural reaction is to run.  Running with clothes encased in flames simply encourages flames to spread and not distinguish.  A fire blanket can be used on clothing, a chip pan, waste bin, bbq, and many items in the home to quickly and safely distinguish a fire.  A fire blanket is ideal for keeping close to hand in the kitchen, near an open fire or close to the barbeque.  A fire blanket can be thrown over open flames in an instant and can quickly distinguish small fires or clothing in flames quickly.  



Small 1kg fire extinguishers are ideal for placing around the home.  Although not capable of putting out large fires, the First Alert Multi Purpose 1kg Fire Extinguiser fights small gas, oil and electrical fires, plus wood and paper.  If you do install a fire extinguisher, make sure you read the instructions for use and make yourself familiar about how to operate the extinguisher.


The ultimate fear of any fire breaking out in the home is being trapped and unable to escape, particularly if you are on an upper floor with young children.  Being prepared with fire escape ladders and baby rescue carriers arms you with the best chance of escape should a fire break out on an upper floor.


Install a smoke alarm and frequently check it’s in working order.  If a fire breaks out in your home during the night, a smoke alarm may be the first indication that you are in trouble.  For best use, install an alarm downstairs and upstairs in the home on landings and hallways.


Keep your family safe and install a few fire evacuation items throughout the home.  Visit credible fire safety websites for expert advice on the best actions to take if a fire breaks out in the home, from checking for smoke under the doors (before opening) to crawling as apose to walking to your escape exit to limit the inhalation of smoke.  There is a great deal of expert advice available on what to do in the event of a fire, take the time to familiarise yourself with the best course of action to take should a fire break out in your home and educate all members of the family.


Safetots have a range of fire safety equipment available to purchase with next day delivery available on all items, from fire blankets and baby rescue carriers through to fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.  Providing comfort, safety and peace of mind for all the family.  

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