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Fireguards for keeping babies safe should be exactly this a ‘fireguard’ and not a ‘fire screen’.  Child fireguards enable you to securely fix the fire guard to the surrounding wall or fire surround safely and securely so there is little risk of the fire guard toppling over should an infant come into contact with it.  A fire screen is less secure, it simply stands in front of a fire, on the hearth to protect floors and furnishings from sparks and hot embers.  Fire screens are also often purchased for decorative reasons and not for keeping children safe around fire.


Fire guards for children are heat resistant to ensure little hands don’t burn should they come into contact with the fireguard, keeping them safer around open fires, log burners and even gas fires.  Multi panel fireguards are available in various sizes to enable you to child proof fires large and small.  As multi panel fire guards and flex hearth gates are made up of interconnecting panels, available to purchase in various sizes, your own configuration of fireguard can be achieved.  Flex hearth gates and multi panel fire surrounds provide further versatility in that you can connect the opening door panel to either the front or side of your fireguard configuration as required.  Door openings feature a double locking mechanism, making them ultra safe for young infants.   


If possible, fire safety guards should be installed within a safe distance from your fire.  Although fire guards are designed to be heat resistant, they can still retain some heat if placed too close.  Ensure small arms are safe should they attempt to reach through the bars and all dangerous fire related tools out of reach.  Fireplace safety in the home should never be underestimated and overlooked.  Unaware of the dangers of an open fire, curious crawling babies and toddlers are most at risk from open fires and hot stoves.  Installing and screw fitting a fire guard, complete with an opening door panel with a double locking mechanism is the best solution for keeping children safe around fire.


Safetots have a wide selection of fireplace guards for log burners and fire gards for open fires, safety tested fireplace barriers for babies.  If you need help and advice in choosing the best fire guard for your home, or struggling to find a fireplace gate to fit your own unique space, call Safetots Customer Service on 01438 728888 who will be more than happy to assist or email info@safetots.co.uk.     

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