Stair railings or bannisters are one of the areas of the home often overlooked when it comes to childproofing the home for a young infant.  Most parents are often aware of the potential hazards a stair case presents and are quick to install child safety gates to the bottom and top of the stairs and in doorways leading to kitchens and bathrooms yet often overlook the potential dangers of bannister railings.

Bannister spindles if widely spaced can be hazardous to slight, small, inquisitive children, particularly at the top of the stairs on an open landing with a sheer drop beneath.  Homes with wooden floors and stairwells provide further potential danger as should a toddler, fall, slip or trip, their landing will be less cushioned.

Stair railings can also quickly become a form of entertainment to children once they discover the fun of throwing toys and other objects through the gaps to see them drop to the floor below, often damaging the floor or furniture or potentially hurting a parent of sibling in passing.

By following a few simple steps, Safetots can help keep your crawling baby or toddler safe around your stairs and landing in the home.


Unfortunately houses are not designed with child safety in mind and as parents of young children it’s our job to ensure the stair case and landing are safe.  Each year tens of thousands of children are hurt from stair related injuries, thankfully many result in treatable bumps and bruises but other injuries are less treatable and sometimes fatal.

Bannister guards are designed to keep infants safe around stair railings with wider gaps between the spindles.  Bannister guards fit across the length of the bannister covering all gaps and spindles and prevent infants from putting their arms through, throwing objects through or even squeezing their tiny bodies through.  If in any doubt about the space between your spindles being safe for your child, install a bannister guard.

The KidKusion Bannister Guard is a clear plastic, simple yet strong solution to closing off the wide gaps of bannister posts along the staircase and landing.  Made from plastic the KidKusion guard is the most robust option to fabric/net alternatives which are more prone to shredding and tearing.  The KidKusion bannister guard comes complete with tie straps enabling you to secure the strong plastic sheeting to the bannister.

The KidKusion bannister guard further benefits from being clear and unobtrusive in the home.  The clear plastic enables you to see through to the bannister as apose to creating a solid block screen that fully covers the bannister railings.

Bannister guards are a safety essential for any households that have wide gaps on bannister posts.  They prevent falls and objects falling from landings to the area below.