Although on the outset, your home may seem like a safe haven for your children, with toddlers being very curious of their surroundings, sometimes it can present an unknown field of danger. With active little children who are often unaware of the potential consequences of their actions, and who don’t always think twice before attempting something, it is best to limit access (once your child is on the move) to more hazardous areas in the home such as the kitchen and stairs.

A simple solution to keeping young children safe in the home is to buy and install safety gates that restrict them from entering more potentially dangerous areas of the home.





Safety gates areavailable in various materials from wood, metal or mesh with varying heights from a standard 75cm gate, to extra tall gates measuring 105cm, there are narrow safety gates and wide walkthrough gates.  Child safety gates for the home can be pressure fitted, screw fitted or retractable and each comes with various functionalities and features from two way opening to auto close to gates that fit a diagonal space or an angled, awkward bannister.  There are a wide range of stair gates and safety gates available so considering their various features you should choose the one that is most appropriate for your home. The types of safety gates are:





1.           PRESSURE FIT STAIR GATES – this type of stair gate does not require any screws for installation and there is no need to drill into the walls.  Pressure fitted stair gates are ready to assemble and provide a very stable and secure barrier once installed correctly.  A pressure fitted gate is installed using exactly that – PRESSURE.  Pressure is applied to all 4 corner spindles of the gate and once all gate gaps have closed sufficiently and the gate feels snug and secure, your gate is then suitable for use.  It is recommended with the installation of any pressure fitted safety gates that once a week you check the pressure is still retained with all 4 spindles as over time pressure can be released and the gate can become loose.  Frequent checks will ensure your child safety gate is suitable and safe at all times.  The benefits of a pressure fitted gate is that you can buy safety gate extensions in various sizes which easily connect to the gate panels, enabling you to create a bespoke size safety gate for your unique space.  


2.            SCREW FIT STAIR GATES – this type of safety gate is mounted directly to the wall (with screws), therefore drilling of the wall or bannister is required.  Screw fit stair gates are recommended for the top of the stairs as they provide a more permanent, stronger barrier that isn’t compromised should a toddler lean against it or attempt to climb over it.  Unlike pressure fitted gates, screw fit safety gates have no base bar, making it a safer option for the top of the stairs as there are no trip hazards.  Screw fitted gates are installed with screws at each corner of the gate into the wall or bannister as required.  As with pressure fitted gates it is vital to ensure the gate is securely tightened in place and installed correctly for the ultimate safety of young children.


3.            RETRACTABLE STAIR GATES – this type of safety gate provides a visual barrier and deters children from entering areas of the home you don’t want them to go.  A retractable safety gate is installed using wall mounted brackets that are screwed into the wall or doorframe.  Retractable safety gates are made from a strong mesh material and although they are great room divides they do not provide quite the same strength as pressure fitted gates and screw fitted gates Roller stair gates are versatile in that they can quickly and easily be rolled back into their bracket when not needed and quickly pulled out when required.  Stair gates that are retractable are screw fitted, for parents looking for a gate that requires no drilling or screwing for installation, a pressure fitted gate is best.



Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly for best installation results.  Here at Safetots we recommend you always test the strength and durability of your child safety gate before allowing your child to come into contact with the gate.


With so many children still getting injured due to the lack of safety measures taken around their home, be sure to always be ten steps ahead of them and invest in simple home child security items to ensure their maximum safety at home.


Safetots security gates are available in different materials and sizes with various features to suit spaces wide, narrow and awkward and each gate can instantly make a difference to your children’s safety.  Contact our Safetots expert advisors who can suggest the best safety gate solution for your doorway or stairwell and help you to keep your young children safer in the comfort of your home.


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